The Furious Five versus the Super Squadron – Part Two

It was easy work to get Captain Capitol’s attention. When the red, white, and blue costumed hero arrived, summoned by a bogus alert broadcast by The Assembler, he found a supervillain of massive proportions seemingly on a mindless rampage.

The supervillain who raged so imposingly was Threadcount. He had used his abilities to manipulate materials to create an exoskeleton that disguised his true form and afforded him protection for the battle to come. On the rooftop above them Size Queen and Psynapse joined hands (with some evident distaste on Queen’s part).

I’m not sure which I find more abhorrent; what I’m about to apply my power to, or the fact that I have to be mentally linked to you to do it?” She stated flatly.

Psynapse pretended to be affronted but in truth he barely heard her words – he was looking forward to taking down the man who had beaten him so often in the past and relishing his enemy’s coming humiliation.

“Remember, steady and slow at first. Then we ramp it up” He focused on the burly hero below them who raised his shield in time to deflect a heavy blow from Threadcount. Size Queen felt her mind slip and suddenly she was inside the body of Captain Capitol, moving around the neural pathways and slipping between muscle, bone and sinew until they found what they were searching for. She concentrated her own power.

The Captain ducked a wide swing by his unknown assailant and brought his fist up to connect with the man’s jaw. The big man in the colourful suit rocked back but ultimately seemed unfazed by the blow. The leader of the Super Squadron dropped low and scythed his leg around to topple his foe. As he did so he became aware of a lurch deep within him and sensed the weight of a bowel movement beginning to assert itself. His kick did not take the bigger man down as hoped and he narrowly avoided being pummelled into the pavement by a massive haymaker, missing his head by inches. 

Back-flipping nimbly out of range the Captain felt another spasm in his guts and gritted his teeth, realising that he would have to wrap this battle up quickly. He lunged at his combatant, bringing his shield up to bash him in the head but the big man simply absorbed the blow, grabbed the Captain’s wrist and threw him across the street where he hit a car heavily. 

Rising to his feet the Captain had to stop and take a breath, partly to shake off the pain of his recent impact but mainly to assert himself over his need to void. He could feel the heaviness in his innards and maintaining control of his sphincter was proving a most distracting effort. His opponent was approaching him. The Captain adopted a defensive stance, vaguely aware that he was puffing and blowing as he tried to restrain what was quickly becoming an inevitable evacuation. He had never before felt so utterly full and he was aware that his desperation was affecting his fighting skills and judgement. 

Captain Capitol threw himself back into the fight, planting his right foot forward and launching a punch at his attacker’s chin. He did not notice that he was verbalising his urgent need and that every move was accompanied by a grunt or groan of effort as he tried to hold back his awful burden.

“Can’t be happening – ohhh!” The mystery man swung at him and, as the Captain jerked backwards to avoid the blow, his hips swivelled and he suddenly realised he had begun to shit himself in his tight lycra suit. 

“Unnghh!” He succeeded in gaining control and focused to pinch off the log that had made its way into his uniform, hoping against hope that he hadn’t soiled himself to the extent that his misfortune was visible to any onlookers. He raised his shield just in time to block another heavy blow but the stance he had to adopt to take the brunt of the hit left him vulnerable and he felt his anal muscles weaken and more poop, fast and dense, piled into his uniform. He regained mastery of himself but unconsciously his hand went back to his butt to explore the damage and he cursed under his breath as he felt the warm, substantial lump in his shorts.

Embarrassed and disgusted with himself the Captain was in a quandary. He had never run away from a fight in his life and took his sworn duties as protector of people very seriously. He had never been in a situation like this before either however and his guts felt so, so full. Every move was an effort; his thinking was muddled by the unrelenting pressure, his every movement subtly rendered less effective by the heaviness of his bowel and the physical sensation of the shit in his shorts moving around warmly at his butt. The Captain’s strength was legendary but his own body was a foe he could not fight, not while his strength was diverted by the actual foe in front of him.

He barely dodged his opponent’s next swing by ducking under the arc of the blow but his movements were slower and less refined and he was caught with a smashing body blow to his back that drove him to the ground. Catching his breath he pushed himself shakily to his feet, this act causing further loss of control and soiling. From the corner of his eye he could see that the small crowd that were watching the battle had noticed his embarrassing predicament – people pointing and whispering to one another as they took in his loaded uniform. He was losing strength to maintain himself and he felt the weighty load flow into his shorts, dragging the fabric and creating a substantial bulge. He knew that he would lose the fight and that he had no choice but to run, although he felt that waddling might be the only mode of movement available to him right at this moment. He managed to manoeuvre himself so that a car was between him and the silent attacker,

“Run people!! I can’t hold it – er, him!!” He had one hand on his gut as wave after wave of excrement packed his suit.

Oddly the big man in front of him was no longer attacking, merely standing and watching silently as the Captain fouled himself helplessly and ceaselessly. For all that he was emptying his bowels he was gaining no sense of relief – the mass inside him felt endless. The Captain tried to stop himself from shitting, biting down hard as he willed his sphincter to close, but he was too weakened and still the torrent came, packing his suit and beginning to move down inside the tight confines of his legs and around his thighs. He shuddered as his balls were enveloped with the hot squishy mess and knew that he looked utterly debased.

“Well done Captain! That was an excellent fight under really quite demanding circumstances!” Captain Capitol turned awkwardly towards the voice that had just rung out and saw his old nemesis Psynapse approaching with a woman in a very suggestive black outfit. Psynapse was clapping enthusiastically even as he approached his hapless quarry. 

“You! Uhhhn…” was all the Captain could manage as yet another surge of poop piled into his shorts. Still there was no let-up in his situation and he realised that somehow Psynapse had used his power in a new way to make this torment never-ending. By now the Captain was steadying himself on the car next to him as he semi-crouched to gain relief from his ordeal and he was acutely aware that he presented a humiliated spectacle to the crowd and, worse, to his oldest foe. The rear of his shorts had reached their capacity and he could feel his mess working its way both up and down his uniform as he relentlessly pumped more and more of the fetid mass into his suit.

“You’ll never get away with this!” The Captain grunted.

“Oh but we have dear Captain. Let’s wrap this up though shall we? We’ve got other members of your Squadron to visit and we are on the clock my good fellow. Now, hands on knees Captain there’s a good chap.” The Captain was unable to resist and, dropping his shield to the ground he placed his hands on his knees, leaving him braced in a standing squat that enhanced the bulge at his rear and facilitated even faster evacuation of his overstuffed bowels.

“Threadcount, Queen, – if you will…”

The big man who had been his target throughout this suddenly seemed to shimmer and, as the Captain watched, a blur of dark fabric whirled around his assailant and vanished, leaving a tall slim man in a shiny, colourful suit. The man smiled and gestured and Captain Capitol felt the fabric of his mask start to move and creep down his face. He opened his mouth to protest and immediately a bunch of material filled it, effectively gagging him even as the hole in his mask through which his nose and mouth were visible closed over. He could still breathe through the material but he was effectively silenced and could only groan and grunt intelligibly.

The woman narrowed her eyes and suddenly the Captain cried out in pain as the bulk in his innards grew larger and he helplessly shat and shat into his suit. He huffed and puffed as he pushed an enormous flood of shit into his uniform. The flow was endless and the three villains watched gleefully for five minutes as the Captain’s shaking form slowly distorted and the excrement packed the suit from ankle to chest with nowhere to go in the form-fitting outfit. Their enjoyment and the crowd’s fascinated horror was eventually brought to an end when the Captain passed out from his efforts. 

“I think that went jolly well don’t you?” said Psynapse. 

“Assembler. We’ve got one for you” said Threadcount. A large drone vehicle descended to the street and they loaded the squidgy form of Captain Capitol into it and got on board, ready to ferry him to the lair and set off for their next target…

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