The friend of Jane

So, as I drank four glasses of tea and one of milk and took a nap – woke up ‘cause I couldn’t really sleep anymore because of my full bladder – I’m taking sometime to write it waiting for it to be really full.. after all it’s full but it can always be a little more, if you know what I mean.




Jane, as previously described here is married to Robert, a very lucky guy, and happens to be a very lucky girl too as he’s ‘as cooperative as he could’ and so he was to introduce her to a new pleasure that then, she’s just found out! She goes with the description that contains nice breasts, slim waist, nice butt, smooth legs, red lips and there you go.


She was finishing her shift for the day… god it was already 6 p.m. She was very happy that she sold that day four travelling routes. She used to think the worst thing was giving attention to the customers while wanting to go to the bathroom, now she just thinks the opposite. This morning she was all having tea with biscuits and chatting with Sarah and it’s always like that, when lunch time approaches everybody seems to take some of lunch break to check the travelling options and she was giving attention to like 8 customers in a row. There was a lady who was pretty objective and that’s one of the routes she got sold that day. The last in that ‘lunch time row’ was a man, very beautiful she couldn’t help noticing – married but not forbidden to look, you know – maybe in his late forties, with some grey hair already but not much, ample shoulders, thick voice and strong speech, in grey suit, maybe a lawyer, she pondered. As she was offering the travelling routes to him, he wasn’t very specific, he wanted to know about almost all of them at first, and being the great attendant she is, she wouldn’t give him half descriptions. As they were standing, one at each side of the counter – high counter, the customers wouldn’t see her from the stomach down – she would occasionally scissor her legs, but nothing major in the half an hour with him. She shared that with Sarah, occasionally chatting that afternoon and Sarah said it was a major problem for her too at times.


So, as it was the end of the shift, Jane really could use some shopping and she decided for the mall. She invited Sarah to join her plans, which she gladly agreed.


“Hurry, let’s get outta here” Jane put like that. “I want to see that coat and…” and they went babbling to Jane’s car. They chatted about the clothes, the beautiful customers, Sarah even mentioned a beautiful woman, and about sales, etc.


“I really could use something to eat”. Jane said as they arrived at the mall.


“Yeah, me too”. Sarah promptly agreed.


“I’m thirsty. I could use a large drink, too”. Before having time for further thoughts of Sarah, Jane quickly went towards the food court.


They picked some food with a big soda, each. Jane’s suggestion.


“So, Sarah, what about the cute guy from the other day?” Jane started the ‘boys subject’.


“Oh, no big deal.” Jane replied.


“So it means you’re not together anymore. Actually that you didn’t work together after that day?”


“Something like that.”


“Why?” Jane got interest. “It’s because he wasn’t your type, not beautiful enough, impolite, broke?….”


“Well, you know…” Sarah blushed some and that didn’t escape to Jane “he was just the mom and dad in bed, if you know what I mean” Jane concluded above a whisper.


“So, no fun action, new stuff…?” Jane pressed “…that’s always good.” she concluded.


“And what about you?” Sarah asked. “I mean, you’re married to Robert.” she concluded.


“Not that he’s not beautiful… not at all.. if you know what I mean” she completed wickedly.


“Oh, we’re more than fine lately”. Jane happily said. So a wicked idea occurred at her.


“For what you tell me so far he’s pretty good, huh?” Sarah completed.


“Lately we’ve been reinventing…” she put it in the air.


“Like what?” Sarah teased for more.


“We got things kinda … intense lately” she completed.


“Like domination and things like that?” she asked faking to put her hands to her mouth in disbelief.


“Something like that.” Sarah completed with a wicked smile.


With that talk, she realized she could use a restroom, after that large drink, but nothing major, she didn’t even needed to squeeze her thighs together inside her tight red skirt which went along with her white shirt, three buttons opened (no more than that not to look vulgar, you know).


Sarah was executive like too due to work with a white blouse, tight enough to define well her ample breats (nothing major but not small, you know), flat abs along with her very tight blue skirt, high waist, so that, to her stomach along with black high heels. Jane also had red high heels to go along with the skirt.


So that, of course, Jane got up and said “let’s go, I so want to see that coat”.


“Let’s get one more soda to go drinking while we window shop some too, shall we?”


“No, I’m fine.” Sarah replied.


“Ok, so I’ll buy one and we share.” was Jane’s final answer.


Jane knew she shouldn’t have bought, actually that she shouldn’t be drinking soda again because she could use a restroom, nothing major yet but surely the soda would help. She hadn’t used to restroom before leaving the agency, not deliberatedly but she hasn’t (now it is!) nor has Sarah as far as she remembered, so probably she could use a restroom by now as well. So, she would only take a sip and pass the glass to Sarah.


Jane didn’t lose the opportunity and started babbling and having a blast at each clothes window and cooed Sarah inside the ‘coat’s store’. After all, the coat didn’t get all that good, but now she had other priorities to her evening. So, she decided to stretch things a little and go trying some clothes on at other stores. To her delight, soon, the drink was empty, and she knew it was mostly due to Sarah.


Luckily, Sarah just got amazed with some lingerie, very small. Surely she would look very sexy in that, Jane thought to herself. Before, she wouldn’t even consider, but now, she just found it could be very sexy some panties with that extra mega big and tight waistband to one of she and Robert’s section. That plus a full bladder would mean antecipated party. But she left that purchase to another opportunity. To stretch her fun – along with her bladder, she thought mending that thought with waistbands, hers by the way, starting to get a bit tighter than a couple hours ago – she decided to try some clothes.


As she got to the dresser she really considered peeing there – she had already read about that in her ‘new researches’ – and after taking her skirt off and being only in panties with her bare feet she really considered it. She considered it so much she had to check if there wasn’t any wet spot in her painties. No, it was too psychological. Each time she tried a tight pant from those she got she had to cross her legs and hold herself ‘there’ for a second. It was getting better and better.


So, not to lose her ‘final fun’ she deliberately walked fastly towards the parking lot access and as she was babbling along with Sarah she said:


“Ah (almost a shout)… I know. You are going to come over for dinner… we’re already here, you know.” And we could have some wine, she thought but didn’t say to alarm Sarah’s bladder, she knew just that thought had alarmed hers. If she was going towards a full bladder, as Sarah got more soda than her, in her accounting, that should be more than fine.


They got to Jane’s talking about guys and then gossiping about job – that was always very distracting – she almost didn’t remember her bladder, but it seems the ‘I’m getting home’ sensation hit her when she was close to her block. With some force of will, she crossed her legs really tight not to move her hands, this way Sarah would keep oblivious.


As they entered, Jane went with Sarah to the living room and poured some wine for both of them. Gave a glass to Sarah.


“I reeeally have to unbutton my skirt if I want to hold on.” She admitted to herself. Now she was to the point she really could use a restroom. Maybe the point she would ask to go in the middle of an exam. Her waistband could assure her that.


As she sat on the sofa, she took her high heels off and put her feet on the coffee table (and excuse to keep her legs crossed), unbuttoned her skirt, which relieved the pressure a little and to make things more interesting decided to unbutton her blouse too.


“Unbutton all of that, feel home.” Jane said. To her delight Sarah did it (no surprise as it was some relief to her stretching bladder) showing part of her bra, that covered a white skin with some freckles, very few, which started making Jane horny of seeing that. Jane never thought before, of enjoying such a predictment as a full bladder and now was enjoying her girl friend. That really brought her some freedom in that department.


“Take it all, one gulp. Let’s drink.” Jane said and took hers… almost regretting it, as the feeling was like instantaneous. Sarah did the same and almost automatically Jane refilled the glasses.


Sarah was more than needing a bathroom. As she followed Jane’s example and took her high heels off. She was on the oppposite sofa, sitting on her heel… oh yeah, that was like heaven… that she even forgot for one moment her dire need.. the moment Jane took advantage to make her get more that wine. After the gulp she almost automatically rocked her legs together and squeezed for a mere second, big time. Jane didn’t lose any of it. Actually for things not to get unfair, Jane also adopted the sitting on her heel techinique.


Sarah wouldn’t ask Jane where was the bathroom because it was Jane’s house and she had to offer it. Besides, if Jane didn’t need to go to the bathroom, actually if Jane didn’t go to the bathroom since they arrived… well she couldn’t because they were together all the time, so that was it Jane didn’t go. So, she assured to herself as a big girl that she would join Jane when Jane made such move… Except if… if Jane went after she did. Well, they didn’t go at the shopping mall, she considered; she didn’t go before leaving work… well, nor did Jane… ow, just thinking how long it had been, she felt a spasm in her bladder, but with great force of will just pressed her labia really tight… yup, that should help… at least this time… that was really tight, even her butt pressed together.


Jane now thought the suffering part was ok with her… actually way more than ok, she was feeling ‘the waves’ now. So, she went to the encouraging part of her plan and put her hand in her waistband to hold there… ooow, putting her finger there, even if only over her panties.. it was heaven for one moment. But, not to lose focus nor let the talk die she kept going.


“And what about Derrick, that boy… ahem, sorry guy… that could be your younger brother… she continued and laughed…” yup, the wine was getting its effects really quick, it was always like that with Jane. “… the one with the big cock?” she continued.


“Nah, that’s past.” Sarah casually replied but couldn’t take her eyes off of Jane’s crotch, with Jane’s bladder so well supported for her helping hand, there.


Sarah thought as to go to the bathroom it would be on Jane’s time, she maybe could ‘accept the offer’ and touch herself. She didn’t have time to think, once considered her hand automatically reached her waistband and was just like Jane’s. Jane didn’t want the game to end, so she contined the talk, as weird (horny) as it seems, both touching themselves.


“Ya know, I was talking about me and Robert, our new adventures.” She casually continued.


“Oh! I asked about that.” Sarah replied, full of curiosity (and piss) now.


Jane left it at that and continuned. “I never did that (don’t worry, she and Robert will have other opportunities), but I wonder… it must be so hot.. it would make me horny holding a man’s cock while he pissed, you know?”


As the words slipped from Jane’s lips also a little drop slipped on her panties. She could feel it. She imagined by now that Sarah was leaking.


She wasn’t wrong. Sarah just bit her lower lip because as she was paying attention to Jane’s horny considerations, two spasms hit her. She kept a straight face but that costed her a coin sized spot, even with three finger placed there now.


Jane now was deliberatedly contorting her body on the sofa, scissoring, crossing and recrossing her legs as the talk subsided, only for one second. It was too much for Sarah.


“Do you really have to go to the bathroom? Don’t you?” Sarah plainly asked. She so hoped it would lead to some yes that would finish her predictment… but… hey, at the same time just thinking about that end made her so horny, she knew she wasn’t only wet, she could feel it with her fingers there, it was something else too.


“I do. But you do too.” Jane replied, eyes fixed on Sarah’s hand (crotch).


Jane just reached closer to Sarah, who was sitting, and squatted beside her. Oh, it was too much. Jane just stood in a reflex with the body arched to the front, holding it. She renewed her decision. Took her panties off as she was already standing in front of a jaw-dropped Sarah.


As Sarah was actionless she took her skirt and panties off in one motion to see that trembling pussy now even reddish now that Sarah took her hands out of it. Each tremble lead to two or three running drops.


Jane squatted and the gush start was inevitable. She separated Sarah’s tense labia and said “Let it go” as she watched amazed at first and then even tried putting her face there… she thought that gross at first, but as she’s seen it at internet she would give a try.


As Sarah was moaning on the couch and Jane licking her there, Robert was opening the door…


… to be continued.



..ow, glad I finished. It’s been only 3h30 but with 800 ml tea, 200 ml milk and a glass of water.. *I* am trembling by now


(I guess the other story that I planned has to be for another day…)

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