The first time

i remember i was in freshman year, and i had been interested in this for a while and decided to man up and see how the ladies felt.

i was really nervous, but i was left home alone and i knew it was time.
i was wearing tightey whiteys and had a could paper towel squares in the back to save the briefs. it felt like a diaper.
i went down on the toilet, reverse, and peed. it was warm, and it wasn’t really what i was looking for. 
i didn’t think i had to go, so i quickly went downstairs and made some oatmeal. i went back upstairs, into the bathtub, and put the oatmeal back down my pants. it was really warm, so i decided to get into squat position; to pretend.
but, suddenly, i got this feeling; i believe it was a combination of the pose and the heated oatmeal, and suddenly this gigantic mass of soft shit flooded into the back of my briefs. 
it was so nice, i was shocked and pleased at the same time. i used to stick socks down my pants to make a fake poo, but this was a great the heat of the moment, i sat down, HARD. before i could get  the feeling of amazingness, though i realized my problem.
the shit has completely overridden my papaer towel defense. i was gonna have to throw out the briefs. then i had to take a shower, and completely cover my trail.
i will never forget that feeling, and i guess that’s how i got here now! i’ve decided, from as early as i can remember, to keep a document of my expierences. maybe someday i’ll share it.
for now, 

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  1. All’s you need is some balls, a shower and washing machine and your good to go. There’s no need to throw underwear away, just wash them.

  2. une belle histoire qui aurait pu rester dans les mémoires est sortie au grand jour … Tu as bien fait de faire ce caca dans ce slip … C’est resté un moment inoubliable que tu as bien fait de raconter !!!

  3. Mr. Gardener!!
    How about the next one, after you had learned from this experience, was it More Satisfying or Less Satisfying?? This was a Good recount of your experiences vividly recalled and written!!

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