The first time I peed in my pants..

So when I was probably about 12 years old I was at my Nana’s home.  She has a big house with expensive carpets and furniture.  She never let me stay alone so I always had to do errands with her.  

Well one day I somehow convinced her to let me stay alone for a little bit while she was at the store.  I just wanted to watch t.v. and have some time to watch MTV or something that was cool at the time.  Anyways I used to sit on the floor in front of the couch in between that and the foot rest.  I would have a magazine or book open on the footstool while kneeling and watching t.v. Soooo….for whatever reason I spread why legs while I was kneeling and I kept thinking how interesting it would be to just pee on the carpet.  I had jeans on though and they were skin tight.  I kind of started to think I’d rather try it that way anyway. So as I was kneeling with my legs spread and me sitting up watching t.v,, I began to relax my muscles.  It took a second but it happened faster than I thought it would. I peed so there were a few drops on the floor and my underwear and jeans were wet in the crotch area. I made myself stop because I knew better than to make a mess,  I thought the whole experience was just thrilling and my mound throbbed and my belly felt all warm,
So I got up and walked into the bathroom…I grabbed one of my mom’s pads out of the cabinet (don’t know what possessed me to try that) and I put it on my already wet underwear.  Then I decided I liked kneeling and spreading my legs and peeing that way so I did just that. I let a little gush out and it soaked right through the pad and my jeans again.  I got in the bathtub and squatted and peed the rest of what I had left.   
True story….ahhh makes me horny just thinking about it. I am now 23 and have never tried it again, 

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