the first pantypoop experience

As a teen, I tried sexually a lot to find myself. I gained my experience with the female sex, but I also enjoy playing with myself. I noticed very early that I had a preference for underwear. I loved to pee, or to bring myself in a panty to orgasm. Being wet in panties was erotic and sexy. Later, I even sewed my underwear out of beautiful fabrics just to get them wet. Even female lingerie was interesting for me for some time. If it went I persuaded a friend to pee in the pants but very rarely worked. At some point I also wondered what it’s like to put the big business in my pants. I thought about it for a while and decided to give it a try.

When I lay in bed in the evening, I introduced it. My pants are not wet, but have a bump in the back of the pants. I even put a pair of socks in my panties. It felt kind of cool and looked really sexy in the mirror. When I was home alone, I left the socks in my panties and pulled tight jeans over them. It was kind of exciting. Now I wanted to know for sure.

One fine morning, as luck would have it, I was alone at home. My parents were working, the siblings in the school. After breakfast, it was the time where I used to go to the bathroom. I still know it today, I had a yellow panties on. I sat on the floor in front of the big mirror in my parents room. I spread my legs and leaned back on my elbows. Like the first time I peed in my pants, my heart was pounding. I looked exactly in the crack of my butt.

At first I held it back, but at some point the pressure was too strong. Under my panties grew a bump. There was a soft smacking sound. The bump was getting bigger. It was a little warm on my butt. The yellow color of my panties became dark yellow. The cuffs on the panties lifted and the brown came out. Oh yes, I did it. I was done, more would not have fit. I looked at my panties and stroked my hand over them. It was nice and warm and in some places the color brown came through a bit. I had shit in my pants. I got up and looked at my panties again in the mirror exactly. It felt really good and it excited me.

Then I went to the bathroom to clean myself up. Honestly, that’s the only thing I did not like. The clean up was very expensive. Unlike peeing, it was very dirty. That’s why I did not do it that often. But it was a nice first experience.

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