the fart potion

Freddy, carson and lennie were always up to no good. and that wouldn’t be the last time.

but what would be the joke this time? carson thought in his mind when lennie farted and it was one of the stinky farts that his nose had ever smelled.

Man I love you, so freddy says: just don’t kiss in front of me. then they start laughing. after a few seconds lennie asks: Dude what is your newest plan this time?

so carson with a smile worthy of a villain says: we are going to create the most stinky fart of all, it will be so bad that they will have to declare a state of emergency in the whole school.

and how the crazy scientist plans to do that asks freddy in an ironic tone

Well, to start with, Mr. Lennie can say, how did you fart so stinky like that?

hmmm I don’t know, I think the 6 boiled eggs and the cheese paste from last night helped me.

so carson says: it’s a good start i think. freddy you can start google it which foods create a lot of gases and you lennie is going to be our test man.

then lennie lets out another very very very very stinky fart, and they burst out laughing.

Freddy then makes a list of foods rich in gas, such as beans, meat, eggs, processed foods, cheese, vegetables, among others.

so carson says: lennie are you ready to become an indestructible and unstoppable fart machine?

and lennie releasing another fart says: i thought i was already and start laughing a lot. then carson says: i will accept this as a yes. then he runs down the stairs towards the kitchen and lennie and freddy follow him. Carson takes a big pot and puts it on top of the stove and says to freddy: put all kinds of food you find in the pot, everything that can create gases. freddy obeys while lennie watches.

What are you going to do carson asks lennie. I will create the most amazing soup in the world, and it will turn you into a farts machine. the three start laughing a lot.

Time goes by, and freddy says i think it’s ready, they go to the kitchen and carson says: it’s time to test.

he takes a big bowl and puts some of that soup in it, and tells lennie to drink it all.

Lennie says: Man with no chance of me drinking this the smell is horrible. carson replies: man you can do it, i wouldn’t trust you with such an incredible task if you weren’t the best.

Lennie takes a deep breath and drinks the mixture. then time passes and for their sadness nothing happens. so lennie says: man i have to go home it’s late
they say goodbye and lennie and freedy go home.

lennie then decides to take a bus to get home, on the way he starts to feel strange, so he feels he needs to fart. then he lets out a much longer silent fart. people on the bus start to feel sick, the driver even passes out due to the fart. lennie can hardly stand the smell and says: that son of a bitch was right i became the king of farts.

to be continued…………………………………………. ………….

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