the fart potion ( part 2)

the bus crashes into a car, and lennie looks around the driver and 5 other people had passed out.

he could hardly believe he had done that with a fart, when he gets home he calls carson and says: hasta la vista school then they start laughing, lennie tells everything that happened and carson says: tomorrow will be the final test.

the next morning lennie wakes up early as usual, he goes down the stairs towards the kitchen, every step he takes, he fartes.

his mother then asks if he had taken the garbage out, because the smell was horrible in that kitchen. he says yes and laughs. (his mother was lucky the biggest effect was over).

Carson arrives at school. Freddie and Lennie were talking and laughing about everything that had happened. carson says: good morning girls, ready for the big show.
 lennie replies: did you bring our secret potion?
carson says: yes and you better drink now.

Lennie drinks the soup and lets out another fart this time much more stinky than the one he had for breakfast. a passing girl started to vomit saying that the school smelled like rotten sewage.

they laugh and carson says: it took effect faster than i expected.

the bell rings and they go to the classroom, on the way lennie lets out another fart, 10 people around them start to feel sick.

freddie says: man you are my hero, and they laugh.

already in the classroom it doesn’t take long for the show to start, lennie lets out 50 silent and lethal farts. the teacher starts to feel sick and asks to open the windows. Lennie looks at Carson and Freddie and lets out another fart. this time the teacher Miss Martinez can’t take it and ends up fainting.

on the way to the basketball court, lennie lets out another fart (this time it was very louder, and it took almost 53 seconds)
they looked at each other and carson said: dude another one like this and you will stop at the Guinness Book. Lennie starts to laugh and Freddie says: I’m going to be sick now.

they start laughing again.

lennie farted again and this time it was almost 2 minutes farting.

freddie starts to laugh a lot and carson says: man how did you do that?

Lennie says: I don’t know, it’s starting to get out of hand.

on the basketball court, he breaks his record for 15 minutes farting non-stop (I said 15 minutes, a fart so unique, so silent and so lethal) the teacher tells everyone to leave, because he believes that some sewer pipe must have broken.

lennie then decides to release another fart (but it wasn’t a fart this time)

continue ……………………………

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