the experience

One evening, I had a date with a hot wife. We wanted to go to the cinema, but unfortunately I was transferred. I did not want to go to the movies alone either. Opposite was a small bar that somehow attracted me magically. The evening was still young and what should I do at home. Why had I been so dressed up? I even bought a sexy turquoise colored panties online that came in the mail this morning. Who knows what would have happened after the cinema, but all in vain.
In the bar at the back was a dark cuddly corner with a reddish shimmering table lighting. Actually very romantic for two people. I sat down, ordered a cup of tea and left some messages on my phone. It was not long before a cocktail with a little umbrella came in and a nice greeting from someone sitting at the bar. To my surprise it was a man. For a man, though, he was pretty handsome, I thought. He was clean-shaven, wore a muscle shirt and tight knee-length shorts, much like cycling shorts. Since I had never had anything with someone of the same gender and I called myself heterosexual, I just smiled at the glass and turned around again. The smile was then probably the first mistake, because it was not long and he sat down with the words “may I, my name is David” next to me. Although he came across a very pleasant voice and also something feminine, he was a man after all. I wondered how I would get out of this situation.
But honestly, we got along immediately as if we knew each other. We talked and talked, there was a certain familiarity between us. He did that very skillfully. I knew that he was interested in me, which I could not reciprocate. And that was just the fact that he was a man.
But with the cocktails, I relaxed, and we came a little closer. It was also a very hidden corner with dim light and romantic music. Actually a perfect situation, only he was not a woman. Was not I flexible enough? Others would say that is a reason but not an obstacle.
Suddenly in the middle of a conversation he gave me a kiss. First on the cheek, then on the mouth. I was irritated and just grinned. That was probably the second mistake. He repeated it, only longer and put his tongue in my mouth. I could not help it somehow. The bad thing was, I had never kissed so well. I did not expect that, but who as a man can understand another man better!
It tingled like my first kiss, but with a girl in my youth. Although I would almost have experienced something similar to a long time ago, but that’s another story. He did not stop and even put his hand on my thigh. Something stirred with me, my tight panties stretched something. Since I always carried him down my best friend, it was not obvious.
But I was irritated and pushed his hand away. We had already had some cocktails, but I have not been there yet. He switched back a gear. We really took our time. We talked about so many things. He was open and even told me of his penchant for peeing one. He was probably not afraid of rejection. The hammer was, I found that interesting, but I did not dare to tell him. Time passed and we whispered nice things in our ear. I told him that I had never done that before and that I definitely would not go anywhere with him. But he relaxed the situation, smiled and said “we are not going anywhere”.

With every cocktail, it seemed to be less and less important to me that he was a man. I think he knew that too and kept trying on it in a certain shaman way. Whenever he got closer, I got hot. What was going on! At some point he put his arm around me, made sure that we were still alone and we smooched again. He was stroking my inner thigh. His hand moved into my crotch. No sooner had he touched me there, I felt like it was wet in my panties.
Through my short shorts he felt that and smiled. I was really embarrassed. But his words gave me confidence again. Damn yes, I wanted it, but I was scared too. What if I get wet right here and now? I already felt this feeling very easily before it was unstoppable. I was about to break off. But he was always one step ahead of me and defused the situation. He got up and went to the bar. I took the opportunity and went to the toilet to dry myself a bit;)
When I came back he was already waiting with two new cocktails and grinned at me as if he knew why I was there. I sat down to him and we took a sip. He took my hand and put it on his thigh. He winked and shoved her between his legs. Hops, I thought. I felt his cock. He carried his friend down like me. Therefore, you saw no erection before. Another commonality as I noticed. And he was a bit wet too. So he was just like me. Now it was no longer embarrassing for me.
Oh god that had to be the alcohol. I even started to massage him easily there. He groaned in my ear as he nibbled on it. “Keep going,” he said, stroking my inner thigh. I replied, “Do you really want that?” Yes, I’ve got handkerchiefs, he said, nibbling on my ear. Obviously he loved the thrill and wet panties.
His breathing became faster and his grip on my thighs tighter. I think nobody got what happened with us under the table. He was close to it, smiled and said “I’ll be right” Stop if you do not want that, he added. But I wanted that and just kept going. I did not care what I had in my hand now. He came with a soft moan. His pants were suddenly wet in my hand. He ran his hand over mine to keep her still. I felt like a little kid what the world discovered. He, on the other hand, was Kuhl as if that was normal. He gave me a handkerchief for my hand and put two others in his pants. He took a sip of his cocktail and grinned at me for a while.
I said nothing at all. But finally he put his hand between my legs. I really wanted it in this moment. I wanted to do that experience as well. Before, I was embarrassed, and now I could not wait. How he touched me was awesome. He really had that kind of massage. It tingled and I remembered the first tongue kiss in my youth. At that time I came while she kissed me. I was surprised that he did not try to go into my pants, but that was good. I would have stopped then. I became hot and this feeling which one has shortly before the organism became stronger and stronger. When I was close to it, I got nervous. He noticed it, of course, and stuck his tongue in my mouth. I just let myself be tempted. It was like ecstasy. I came with his hand in my step. I forgot everything around me right now.
The first splash, then the second and now there was nothing left to change. It pulsed in my new turquoise colored panties. It started when I came in and my pants got wet. He took his hand away at the right moment, it was fantastic. An experience that I never imagined and that I do not regret. And it should not be the last one.
Now I was sitting there wet and slippery. He just put a few handkerchiefs in my pants and dried his hand. We returned to the cocktails and just kept talking as if nothing had happened. About an hour later, we said goodbye with a passionate kiss. We exchanged our numbers. Our pants were almost dry again. I lay awake half the night thinking about this experience. I was not drunk so I knew what I was doing. It was nice, but I had to digest it first.

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