The Every day accidents!!

As I told u in the last story I was going to have big accidents the whole year and I will share some interesting ones with u guys .
It was 5 o clock in the morning and I woke up in a huge puddle ( a huge one ) . I am not saying that I’m a bed wetter but I peed by accidents. Many times in that bed . I wake up around 4 -5 times in the night bursting to pee . I used to hold my pee in the start which resulted in huge pain and discomfort. After some days I started peeing myself in the bed as there was no other option. The bathroom is too far away from the bed and till I get there I usually start peeing myself and without changing pants 2-3 times in the night I decide to just waste 1 pant.
Soo let’s continue I woke up in a huge puddle bursting to pee and just peed there again as it was too late to get up. However after peeing . I got up kept that bed for drying and went to drink water ( 4 glass ) for the poop. I drank water and went to the jog after wearing 3-4 shorts after the underwear as I know that I am going to pee myself many times . I started the jog and instead of feeling the urge to pee I felt an urge to poop . I usually complete my jog and then return home . On the way the pain became strong with every step and soon I started to lose control. I stopped for a sec to check if I pooped but I didn’t. It was just immense pain and agony . However I carried on my jog . As soon as I took my first step a huge part of the poop fell down in my underwear. I again stopped to check and this time the pain was so strong that I just let it a bit go. This bit costed me a great deal as I was in the park half pooped and still to go. The house was a long way back soo it was sure that I couldn’t make it .
I just looked around if anybody was there with me and there were many people there I just couldn’t hold it anyway soo I just popped completely and my 2 shorts which I wore were completely filled with poop instead a little poop fell down in the track pants .
Without further smelling I went straight to home and half way back I felt the urge to pee and it was soo bad that I couldn’t run anymore. I stopped and started walking in pain . I don’t know how short my bladder became after that football hit but this was too much . I continued walking with people around me starting at what I was Trying to do . At last I fell down in my knees with everyone watching and peed in all of my pants . The piss was soo long and relieving that my whole pants were wet I mean every single pants that I wore were wet. All the people in the park were astonished. They had no idea why I pooped or how I peed . They just knew that I did .
This was just a day in the whole year.if you guys want to read more of my stories with pictures you can comment down below with w yes!! And if you don’t want me to post then you can comment no!!

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