The Enema and Her – Part 5

Part 5

As her tummy rumbled, making gurgling sounds like none she had made that night, her asshole had stretched and distended around the 2 fingers he had in there. She had clutched her belly and told him to sit back down in the bathtub QUICKLY, there was more to come out.

And holy shit did it ever. He pulled his fingers out just in time to see her asshole open up as wide as his cock was, pushed down and distended, a giant rush of nasty-ass gas came out, and then…………………………

Then he was covered in shit from the neck down. It all happened so fast. This was the last chunks that were in there. One, two, three waves of nothing but pure liquid shit was exploding out of her onto his chest, down his belly, and pooling right at his cock. The first one he missed, but he saw the next two. God did these stink. He suppressed a gag, and after the second one she did gag, almost to the point of throwing up. “It’s something we’ll have to get used to “ she said. He nodded and agreed with her. Shit does stink after all.

After those 3 magnificent waves of pure liquid shit, she stood up and bent over from her waist, bracing herself with her hands on the sides of the bathtub. A long wet bubbly fart escaped her, along with a bit of brown water. She stood up and announced “I think I’m done.” She knew she was done. She had just now learned what it feels like to be filled with warm water, to expel it and the phases of expelling (water and maybe some shit first, gushes of water next, and lastly gushes of liquid shit from way back in her bowels). She was cleaned out. He told her that sometimes it takes 2 or 3 enemas to get everything out of there, but he’d never had much trouble before.

He was still stroking his rock-hard, and now throbbing, cock with her shit. She was breathing heavily as she bent back over, reached down and put her hand on his cock. She took his hand off of it, and squeezed its base telling him “No you are NOT going to come yet. I will tell you when to come.”

With that she told him to turn around in the tub and face away from the faucets, and lay down in the tub. (Remember this was a big tub.) He did so while she stood over him grinning. “You know I love you very much” she said, “so since you have cleaned me out, I think I’m going to give you a reward.

A reward! What could it be? He smiled up at her as she was turning around and getting on her knees with her horny ass over his crotch. Whatever it was, he knew he was going to like it.

She stroked his cock back to life and without any cleaning up for either of them, slowly settled her ass down over it, finding her asshole with it, and started to slide down over it. Since her asshole was stretched and loose, his cock went in so much easier than any of the times before. She sat down on it all the way to the hilt. A deep gutteral groan came from her as she started rocking forward and backward on his cock buried in her ass. As she was rocking she was making the little sex sound she made when she was pleased with what they were doing, and it usually meant she was going to come at some point.

Then she started to raise her body up, revealing some of his shaft in her ass, and sat back down. She fucked him this way for a few minutes, then stopped and rocked forward and backward, and then started up and down again.

She had kept a hand on his cock; his hands were covering her back with the shit that was all around them in the tub, lovingly stroking her back. He knew how much she loved that anyway, not just during this new sex experience they were having. She pumped her body on his cock harder now. She was using her asshole like doing kegel exercises! Gripping him and letting him go slightly, then gripping and letting go. His head began to swim. He didn’t think he had ever known such sexual thrill. He was sure of that.

He was now aware of small moans coming from HIM, not her. It was happening. She held his cock at the base a little longer, her asshole pulsing, when he came with a force that almost made his contracting asshole turn inside out. His body locked down, and all he could get out was little squeaks. Wave after wave of jizz filled her ass. She stopped and pushed down on his cock until it was buried to the hilt in her magnificent asshole. “Do you like that?” she asked. He could just get out a weak “Yes” as his body was still locked, but beginning to loosen now since he had that huge orgasm.

“After this little bit of play I’m going to do to you, I’m hungry and I want to get something to eat. You know, something to celebrate a new world of sex,” she said Perversions but neither cared. For they were indeed perverted, and who gave a fuck what they did in their own home.

Her last act was to raise her ass off his still-hard cock, about 6 “ above it, and shoot out his come and more water. This time the water was just yellow with no bits in it. He grabbed his cock with the jizz-shit-water all over it and proceeded to start jacking it again. “NO,” she said, “tonight you come when I tell you to. And you will not come right now.”

As they took a shower and cleaned and bleached the bathtub, it was clear this night had more surprises.

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