The Enema and Her – Part 4

Leading her away from the toilet and towards the bathtub, she asked him “What are we going to do? I have got to go NOW!” He said “OK, it’s almost time.” The look on her face started to be pained and she let another small jet of yellow water out, this time with a small piece of shit. “I’m shitting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” But she held it as he climbed into the bathtub, a deep wide one, and motioned for her to step in with him. He sat down with his back towards the faucets and the drain. She was standing there hopping from one leg to the other and back. He told her to turn around, ass facing him. He put his hands on her waist and pulled her down into a crouching position, her asscheeks firmly against his chest.

He lovingly kissed her cheeks and rubbed her back, and when she could not hold it any more, he said “OK. Let ‘er rip.”

She had no choice. She had seen this on the shit porn and now knew what it was. He whole body shuddered, her belly cramping one last time, as her asshole let go.

He was right – she’d NEVER shit like this before. Oh there were the bouts of diarrhea with food poisoning and such, but nothing like this.

With him pinning her ass to his chest, she could feel the shit-filled water go up and down her ass crack. And this was SHIT-FILLED water. Clumps of shit, brown-yellow water, soft pieces of shit. The shit-water going up boiled over her ass and his chest, running off his side down into the bathtub. The shit-water going down over her pussy and onto his lap she could see. No stopping it now. The shit-water was still running out of her, slower now, but the cramps were increasing. Presently the flow stopped. She exhaled and told him “You were right – I have NEVER shit like this before.”

In the meantime he had taken a hand off her hips and worked it down on onto his cock, which was at full attention. He started stroking it with her sweet shit on it. Before then next wave hit her, she reached down and they stroked it together. But then, her belly seemed to contort itself inside and she moaned “Oh shit here comes some more.”

This release had some shit in it, but was mostly brown stinky water. And it seemed to go on and on and on. He had pulled her ass back against his chest again, so the shit-water was going every which way now. Spurting out up his chest, down her pussy, out from the sides of her ass cheeks he held so tightly to. One squirt, 2 squirts, then a third squirt all in the space of about 5 minutes. She took a deep breath and asked him “Is that it?” “No sweety it ain’t over until you shit chunks from way deep in your belly. That should be the next thing we get” he told her, still holding her hips close to him, her hands only now on his cock, stroking it through the shit-water that was collecting in the bathtub.

She said to him, “This does feel really good. Even though there are cramps at times, when that water filled with shit pours out it is such a relief. Such a relief.” She was getting a little tired from the semi-squatting, so she stood up just for a few seconds and twisted her lovely body around back and forth a couple of time.

No sooner than she had done that a huge spurt of yellowy water squirted out of her. She was completely unaware that was going to happen. Since she was standing the water hit him straight in the face; he had just enough time to close his eyes and cover his face up. “Oh my God I am so sorry,” she pleaded to him. But he was OK with it, telling her “It happens.” She got back into the semi-squat and rested her ass on his chest again. Their breathing became one as both now again started stoking his cock.

He told her to lean forward a bit, which she did. He could get to her asshole this way, and knowing the last chunks had not passed yet, he was going to maybe surprise her by making her again shit uncontrollably. So he started with one knuckle into her swollen and slightly gaping asshole. She sighed “That feels so good now that I’m loosened up. I see what you’ve been saying now about how to get my asshole loose.” “Yes” he said, “and gaped a little bit.” He kept fucking her with that one knuckle, in and out of her shit and shit-water covered hole, then he pushed up to the second knuckle, then the third. All the while she was breathing heavily, her hand still stoking his cock.

This was perfect he thought to himself. He’d now introduced her to enemas, and they got to do shit-play which they’d talked about for months.

“Well babe what do you think of the enema and shit-play?” he asked her.

“It’s wonderful. New and exciting. I wasn’t sure but I see that done right, and you do know how to do them, they can be cause so much pleasure. They also open up a whole new world of exploring ourselves,” she said. She loved anal, he loved anal, and now here she’s into the enema, and the shit-play that he had suggested to her.

She loved him, and he loved her, more than anything in the world.

He worked a second finger into her ass as it was beginning to tighten back up. He spread those fingers and rotated them around just inside her inner sphincter. This was the one that needed worked on to get a complete gape going. And eventually both of them would get it.

Suddenly a rumble came from her tummy. She grabbed it and told me to sit back, here it comes again. He still had his fingers in her asshole, and like having a baby everything in her was pushing down, trying to push his fingers out, her asshole became softer than he’d ever felt it and it started to open, her anal rings sliding down his fingers.

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