The Enema and Her – Part 3

As the nozzle slowly entered her anus, no water yet, he rubbed her back and around her asshole with his free hand. He stroked the brown wrinkles that were clamped around the nozzle, first one direction, and then the other. She winked her shitter at him again, only this time on purpose to let him know she was ready by God for this and let’s get on with it! She remembered what she had seen in the shit porn. She was finally going to experience an enema! And she knew he knew how to do it.

He kept pulling the nozzle back a little bit and then pushing it back in, fucking her ass with it. She said “Oh God that feels so good”. “Well then wait until I start the water flowing, which I am ready to do. Now you hold on, I’m going to start slow, and then gradually open the pinch valve until you tell me to stop.” He told her. By not letting it charge in there at full flow it made it easier for her to take, not as crampy, and lessened the risk of a blowout. He opened the valve about 2 of the 6 or so clicks.

She gasped, and then moaned as the water flowed into her. She could already feel it up on her right side, slowly filling that part of her bowels. Surprisingly there was no cramping yet. He opened the valve one more click. More water flowed. Now there was some cramping and she told him to stop for a minute while the water made it’s way into her. He changed hands with the bag, and rubbed her soaking pussy, inserting a finger, then 2, fucking her with those fingers. He watched her asshole start to soften some more and become sort of engorged. Oh yeah she was liking this. “Are you ready for some more?”, he asked her.

“Oh God yes” she said to him seemingly out of breath. He clocked the valve back to the third click. She moaned a little, now realizing what he had been telling her about enemas. The warm water flowing into her belly, the nozzle penetrating her asshole. She for the first time felt warm inside, and she could feel the water working it’s way down towards her diaphragm. There was a sudden little cramp where she almost told him to stop, but it passed. The water had passed the angle point just under her stomach and was filling the transverse part. She gasped again as this seemed to be filling up faster than earlier. (She didn’t know he’d open the valve to the fourth click.)

The bag was about half-full now, flowing into her belly, warming her belly, gurgling as it moved ever further into her. He asked her “Do you feel full on your left side and under your ribcage yet?” She replied with a “No” and he opened the valve one more click, almost wide open. She immediately said close it back a bit; 5 clicks was too much right now and she was cramping pretty badly. He did so, and she said that was OK. The water continued to flow.

“Now,” he said to her, “The purpose of this is to clean you out. You have chunks of shit all the way from your asshole back to your lower right side. We have to get water into that part of your colon that starts where your appendix is and comes up to where the water is filling under your ribcage now. That way we fill your whole large intestine for a super – good flush. You will shit like you’ve never shit before. You’ll be so clean I’d eat off of your insides.” And he laughed.

To get the water through her entire intestine, he told her to lay on her right side, and pull her legs up to her a little bit, him holding the nozzle in until she got situated. She immediately felt the gurgling of the water passing down in that part of her and told him to close the valve. He did as such, and even he could hear the water gurgling. She started to cramp up, this one pretty bad, her arms held over her stomach, slightly moaning. They waited until that cramp eased somewhat, and she told him to let the rest of the water in. There was only about a quarter of the bag left, so he went to 3 clicks. She said that’s good, leave it there.

As the rest of the water was flowing out of the bag, the bag went flat. He unhooked it and showed it to her as she lay on the floor “See? Empty! It’s all in there.” as he pointed to her belly. Now I’ll just slide the nozzle out of your ass very slowly, and he did, sliding it out and pushing it back in, again fucking her with it as he took it out.

“How do you feel?” he asked her. She said she was definitely full and would be shitting very soon. He told her just to stay there until the pressure was almost uncontrollable. He took this time to play with her little brown hole (it wasn’t so little any more, and he could tell she was straining to hold it in). He spread an ass cheek aside and put his pointer finger in to the first knuckle and held it there. She squirmed and a was bit more vocal now about needing to shit.

“It’s almost time” he said to her. “Goddamn good” she said back to him, He pushed his finger in up to the second knuckle, and decided it was indeed time to go. As he pulled it out a very small squirt of yellow water came with it. “Oh hell” she said, “I’m going to shit right here right now”. “No you’re not, but we are going to get you where you can release it all. And baby you’ve never felt anything like it.”

He had a sly grin on his face as he helped her up. She moved towards the toilet but he took her arm gently and led her away from it towards the bathtub.

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