The Enema and Her – Part 2

As he stepped into the house and took off his coat to hang it up, she jumped out from behind the door startling him. Then she jumped into his arms kissing him like when they had sex. Well he did have something for her, didn’t he? She looked down at the bag in his hand and said “What is it?” while she grabbed at it. He swung it around his back and told her “Calm your tits; you’ll see it soon enough.” Thinking maybe she could convince to show it to her NOW because she wanted to see it NOW, she stood on the floor and drew him into her, her hands on his ass, tongues flicking in battle.

This worked. He said “OK, follow me” as he led her by the hand into the upstairs bathroom. She thought “the bathroom?”, he sat her down on the toilet, undid her robe so she was left with nothing but panties. Jesus Christ she had such a curvy, full-figured body. She wasn’t very tall so she had all the right curves. 38DD’s. He said “Now you stay right here, don’t move off this toilet. I’m going to go change and I will be right back.” “Ohhhhhh” she playfully moaned as he locked back at her, seated on the toilet, knowing what was coming.

He took his clothes off and left them off, he was fully nude when he went back into the bathroom with the back. He handed her the bag and told her she could open it now. She eagerly pulled a box out of the bag and read out loud “Hot Water Bottle”. Puzzled she looked at the box more closely. Not only was it a hot water bottle, it was an enema kit too! Oh fuck! Her pussy began to seep just at the sight of this new toy and what was going to be done with it. She hopped up off the toilet and in one move stripped her panties off and they embraced, both knowing that this should be a really good night!

“Remember we’ve talked about enemas? For cleaner ass play? This way we don’t have to wait until one of us shits to do it. It feels SO GOOD”, he told her, “it can be used for pleasure even if there’s no ass-fucking after it. I will be teaching you, and class starts right now.”

“The best way to do this is either you lay on your left side and let me control the flow, you tell me when it cramps and I’ll stop and let it settle in you. Once you are full on that side you can turn over on your right side and let the water go into that part of you bowels.” She was looking at the apparatus and listening to him, and said “But most of the enemas we see in porn they are on their hands and knees with their ass way up in the air.”

“Yes you are right” he told her, “and that’s the position I want to start you off in. With your asscheeks wide open, your asshole and cunt right there for easy access. That’s how we’re going to do this. “OK, when do we start” she said eagerly.

“The first thing we have to do is get the water temperature right. Too cold and you’ll cramp like you’ve never cramped before. Too hot it can burn you inside. Either way you won’t be able to hold it and you’ll squirt it out wherever you are. (Deep inside he knew what he was going to have her do with the expulsion, but she didn’t know that yet. They’d seen it and talked about it and he figured she’d go along with it).
“Oh, and this will be just warm water for now, until you learn how much you can take and how to hold it in. Later on we can add soap – that’ll REALLY clean you out” he said, laughing. He started the water in the bathtub to get it just right, which took a few tries, but he did get it there and told her to get some towels from the linen closet while he placed the bag under the faucet and started to fill it. It was a 2 quart bag, and he figured he’d start her with just one quart.

She came back with the towels and they spread them on the floor. “For leakage and to catch any accidents.” He laughed when he said that while filling the bag. She looked a bit alarmed, but he said “It’s OK, it happens all the time. We just need to be ready for it.” And what he had planned for her it didn’t matter if there was an accident or not. “Now, get down in the floor on your hands and knees, put your forehead on the floor, and stick your ass waaaaay up in the air.” With that he turned the water off, bled the excess air out of the bag, and capped it tightly with the enema cap. This cap had a small spout on it to slide the enema hose onto.

He asked her “OK which nozzle do you want? He showed them to her, one just a short straight tube; the other a longer tube, fluted with small holes in each of the flutes. “This fluted one gives better control of the flow and gets it deeper up inside you” he said. She laughed and said “Gets it deeper up inside me.” He looked down on her arched back, her wide open pussy, and her brown, wrinkled asshole where all the fun was going to come from.

He reached for a small jar of Vaseline and dug out a bit and put it on a piece of toilet paper on the counter. He looked down on her beauty again. When this was over she was going to get the rimming and the fucking of a lifetime. Hell he wanted to rim her now, but the water in the bag would start to get cold. There’s time for rimming later.

He rolled the end of the nozzle in the Vaseline and told her “Now relax. It’s just like if I was fingering you. You see the nozzle isn’t even as big as my cock”. He knelt down beside her and he placed the nozzle with the tip just touching her asshole. It winked at him, and he told her again to relax. This time he could see her anus soften, and then he started to slide the nozzle in very slowly. This was going to be one of the most stupendous nights of sex they’d ever had.

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