The Dirty Diaper Games – Chapter 6 – The Finale

Authors note: I dunno if many people are still waiting for this chapter, but I hope it was worth the wait. I may still do an Epilogue chapter if people want a little more, but we’ll see 🙂

Chapter 6:

Danny lay there in his crib, his head still wrapped in the diaper packed full with Charlie’s mess from the previous challenge. He felt the soft, squishy poop covering his head and tried his best not to move around, at the very least to stop the mass from smearing his head further. He inhaled through his nose, breathing in his only source of air which filtered through Charlie’s harsh shit stink. As revolting as his position was, being utterly surrounded by his newfound lover’s excrement was somehow… erotic. Danny always knew he was a submissive, but never would’ve experimented with fetishes this extreme, and yet having Charlie be the one to push his limits made all the difference. Erotic or not though, Danny wanted to breathe fresh air again.

Charlie looked at Danny as he laid in his crib, splotches of smeared shit over his toned body, and discolored diapers wrapped around his head and crotch. “Danny? You there?” Charlie asked. A muffled response came from behind the waste packed padding, which was reassuring enough to Charlie for now. Charlie inhaled the stench emanating from Danny as it quickly began to fill the room, he could feel his own cock begin to harden in his padding. He rubbed his crotch as the sour stink filled his nose, and as nauseating as it might be, his lust began to take over his senses. He closed his eyes and imagined how it would feel to be in Danny’s position. Shit smearing and seeping over his head, the sliminess of the load squishing in every crevice, second only to the stench which was permeating every pore. He gripped his hard dick through his padding as he imagined wearing the loaded diaper over his crotch, the feeling of relief as he released his massive dump into the diaper, the mess spreading out over his ass cheeks and towards his cock, seeping upwards until his member was surrounded by shitty padding.

Charlie let out a soft moan and looked up at the tv screens around the room which displayed the previous losers now resigned to their fates. Austin gagging on every breath as the only air he could breathe was from the back of his now heavily leaking diaper. Greg sat in the middle of a growing pile of diapers burying the lower half of his body, thoroughly caked in splattered shit from falling padding. Brad lay in his discolored onesie, ballooning out wards from the nauseating amount of filth he continued to expel into the padding. Charlie rubbed his crotch slightly quicker as he leaked precum into his diaper, his mind wanted to reject the vile nature of the games, but his lust drew him further and further in.

The monitor above James’s old crib lit up, displaying the poor lad bound in his shackles on the table, the old messy diaper still taped over his head as he lay there in defeat. Charlie watched with bated breath as a familiar suited figure entered the frame. Mr. Coy stood above James and caressed his body, causing the shackled boy to shiver. Charlie watched as Mr. Coy walked to James’s head and peeled back the diaper and inspected the damage. James’s face was covered in sloppy brown mess, his red hair now tinted a reddish brown. The shit smeared in the diaper was slightly thinner over James’s mouth, as if he tried to clean it but quickly knew he wouldn’t be able to finish. Mr. Coy wore a disappointed look as he looked down to James who couldn’t match his eye contact and instead lay defeated. Charlie saw Mr. Coy talking to the lad, but the monitor was mute, as he began to pull down his suit trousers.

A puffy white diaper was revealed under his well-tailored pants, though the back was stained a telling shade of brown, and Charlie assumed the front was a matching yellow. James’s eyes lit up and struggled in his bonds to no avail as Mr. Coy began to untape his diaper. A sizable smeared load of poop spread over the diaper seat and Mr. Coy’s ass and crack were coated in the sloppy brown mass. Tried as he might, James was unable to avoid the sloppy diaper being pressed over his face as Mr. Coy kept his word of giving him yet another diaper to practice cleaning. Shit squelched out of the sides and seeped down James’s cheeks and Mr. Coy secured the tapes in place. He then snapped his fingers and a Babysitter proceeded to peel what appeared to be a roll of brown duct tape with yellow letters displaying “OUT OF ORDER”.

The babysitter wrapped the taper around James’s head until the boy was mostly mummified in the Mr. Coy’s shitty diaper and the matching brown and yellow tape. The diaper puffed in and out as James breathed through small cracks in the diaper, though the shit-filtered air was anything but pleasant. It was then that James felt some vibrations in his own diaper, as Mr. Coy pulled down the zipper locking the messy diaper in. Charlie watched and rubbed his diaper as a naked and horny Mr. Coy with a rock-hard cock thrusted into James’s diaper. James struggled into his bonds and moaned into the pile of soft poop which was slowly spreading over his head as Mr. Coy’s cock poked into his hole. Mr. Coy let out his own moan as he slowly entered James and retracted, his cock now smeared brown from the fetid contents inside, though it only served to feed his own lust.

Charlie watched as Mr. Coy’s bare, shit covered ass moved in and out of the bound lad. He looked towards Danny and rubbed the front of his own diaper, imagining the sensation of the slimy shit smearing over his cock as he entered Danny’s hole, soon followed by the pleasure of the tightness pressing on his hard cock as he dove further between Danny’s bubbly ass cheeks. He watched Mr Coy with jealousy as he pumped into James’s hole, shit seeping out of the diaper’s zipper over his large dick and down his balls, Mr. Coy’s handsome face straining as his orgasm built slowly. Shit spurted off of Mr. Coy’s asshole, as Mr. Coy noticeably inhaled the stench of what Charlie assumed was a loud, fetid fart. As he inhaled the mix of rotten smells, Mr. Coy fully inserted himself into James’s asshole, moaning as his cock began to pulse. James’s straining penis could be seen pressing outwards against the top of his diaper, even living life as a service cumdump he couldn’t deny he loved the pleasures of a dominant man’s cock filling his insides. James shuddered in his shackles as the hot, sticky semen coated his insides, each pulse of Mr. Coy’s hard cock sent wave after wave of pleasure through his body.

Charlie watched as a look of ecstasy spread over the professor’s face as he remained inside James. After a minute, a new expression of relief appeared on him as James squirmed in his bonds. Charlie wasn’t sure what was happening until James’s abdomen appeared to bulge out slowly. He then realized Mr. Coy must’ve been emptying his previously full bladder into the lad, possibly to wash him out, but more likely just to add another layer of humiliation to the boy’s submission. Mr. Coy slid out of James and zipped up the plastic pants, his semi-erect cock coated in brown mess matching the rest of his poopy crotch from his used diaper. He pressed James’s plastic pants down into his ass crack, the mess shifting over the rest of his crotch and waist. Satisfied with his work, he snapped his fingers and began to walk away. Charlie watched as the professor stopped, and turned towards the camera with a knowing smile, his eyes locking with Charlies. ‘…Does he know?’ Charlie thought to himself as Mr. Coy continued off screen, the babysitter retrieving his trousers along with a clean diaper and wipes, no doubt to attend to the professors stinky, brown crotch.

Unnerved by Mr. Coy’s glare, Charlie stopped masturbating, unsure of who was watching the boys in their cribs. Just as soon as he finished his thought, their two babysitters barged into the dungeon carrying two bags of the questionable mush they were forced to consume earlier. “Oh yeah, this baby’s still got his head stuck in his boyfriends dirty pampers.” Danny’s babysitter taunted to the other. “What a little shit pig.” The Charlie’s babysitter laughed. “Maybe he doesn’t want to be let out.”

“Hey, leave him alone, he’s got it bad enough.” Charlie yelled at the two, who returned looks as dirty as Danny’s diapers. “Listen kid, keep talking and we’ll be sure to make it much, MUCH worse for him.” Charlie recoiled, not wanting them to torment poor Danny further. His babysitter used the opportunity to force a hollow gag into his mouth, which was soon flooded with the seeping mush from the large IV bags.

“Tell you what kid, you don’t wanna be huffing your boyfriends shit stink anymore, then better use this key and get yourself out. I sure as hell ain’t changing you.” Danny felt a small metal object fall on his bare body as he barely made out the babysitter’s message. He riled in his crib attempting to find it, rolling around as he felt the metal object near his side. The sloppy mess contained in both diapers, seeped and smeared over his head and crotch, as he rolled onto his side, feeling around with his handcuffed hands. Danny heard muffled laughs coming from the two babysitters as he flailed his arms, barely touching the key and instead pushing it away. Charlie watched with pity as he fumbled around, wishing he could help. Eventually Danny caught the thin metal key between two fingers, and fumbled to find the lock in the handcuffs, blindly sliding the key around the outside until… a click rang around the room and his hands were free.

The babysitters watched as Danny brought his hands to his head, ripping the tapes of the diaper off of him as the filthy used padding fell to the floor with a dull splat. Danny’s face was completed smeared brown, his hair gelled and pressed down with slop, as the mess dripped down his body. “Well, hope you enjoyed your preview of having your head up your ass. If you took much longer I woulda just started pumping this mush into that diaper for you to eat. Wouldn’t let you out til it was clean.” Danny shuddered at the thought. The hollow gag entered his mouth and the mush flowed in. Danny looked towards Charlie in a similar predicament. While Danny was dying of embarrassment and humiliation, Charlie tried to conceal his raging boner at seeing his lover’s cute face utterly degraded with his effluent mess he unceremoniously dumped over him.

Eventually the bags were emptied, and the two boys were bloated with the mush. Their stomachs gurgled as the heavy fiber quickly ran through their bowels, Danny winced at the thought of filling even more diapers, while Charlie instead dripped precum into his padding. Their babysitters removed their gags and patted the two’s diapers, though Danny’s babysitter was sure to make it a spank to spread his mess around. Then, the cribs began to rise once again as the babysitters stood on the platform with them. ‘Whatever this last challenge is, I bet they’re gonna be involved…’ Danny thought to himself.

Lights beat down on the final two contestants as they rose from the floor. Mr. Coy was seated at his throne, with his head resting on his hand as if he was bored of waiting. Next to him was the wheel of punishment… or so Danny thought until he saw the options on the wheel. Though the wheel was still decorated with the nauseating yellow-brown color scheme, the names had all changed. Whatever they were, they were special to this round.

“Welcome boys, to the final round. I hope you’re excited as I am for this.” Mr. Coy announced to the room. “Yeah… thrilled.” Charlie said in sarcastic reply, though Mr. Coy’s sadistic smile didn’t waiver. “The final challenge, will be multiple rapid-fire challenges chosen from this here wheel.” Mr. Coy gestured to the updated Wheel of Punishment. “I call it, The Diapning Round.” Danny rolled his eyes while Charlie groaned. “At least we won’t need to hear another one of these stupid challenge names…” The clean-cut lad muttered under his breath.

“Here’s how this is going to work. From here on forward, we’re going to be counting each of the dirty diapers that each of you boys either fill, or acquire through… other means. At the end of this lightning round, we’ll count the totals, and the one with the least diapers will be declared the winner.” Mr. Coy explained to the two. “However, that also includes any used diapers currently in your possession…” The professor said while gesturing towards Danny. “Get him into a clean one, and be sure to add those two diapers to his pile…” Danny’s babysitter opened the crib and began to rapidly changed him, the massive load now utterly smeared throughout the diaper, the smell making even the Babysitter recoil and gag. Danny lay there, humiliated as the Babysitter used the diaper to contain as much of his poop as possible before taping him into a new one. He then took the diaper, and the diaper previously taped over Danny’s head and placed them into a designated location for his already growing pile. ‘Not off to the best start…’ Danny thought to himself.

“Now without further ado… let’s give this wheel a spin, shall we?” Mr. Coy snapped his fingers and Charlie’s babysitter walked to the wheel and gave it a hefty spin. Though the wheel was smaller than the original, it spun faster, creating a nauseating blend of color as it spun. It began to slow as the ticking of the wheel continued, until it landed on a final word which didn’t leave Danny much to the imagination as to what it entailed.

“Blumpkins. I was quite enthralled with the idea once I saw some kids at the University joking about it.” Mr. Coy joked. “Besides, I think your babysitters could use a little relief after all they’ve done for you.”

Danny looked towards his babysitter who began to unzip his tight leather pants.

“Of course, what would be the fun if we didn’t… up the stakes.” Mr. Coy snapped his fingers, and the two babysitters walked over to two large objects covered in cloth. The Babysitters grabbed hold and unveiled what appeared to be two seats of Porta-potties, without any privacy stall anyways. There was a rubber tube that protruded out of the side of each. “Your task is simple, just have your babysitter cum before they flush their potty.” Danny grimaced at the thought. “And what’s supposed to happen when they flush? There’s no plumbing.” Danny asked a smiling professor. “Observant as always, young Danny. You see, those rubber tubes are connected to an inner pump, and the rubber tube will be placed down the back of the padding of a certain two unlucky boys.”

Danny looked at Charlie who wore a nauseated look, the worst part was there was no way to see what lie in store behind the plastic porta-potty if they were to fail. The boys were led to the front of the vile outhouses and forced to their knees. The stench of human waste wafted up into their noses as the plastic tubes were thread down the backs of their diapers. “Oh, and no hands. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be much of a blumpkin, would it?” Mr. Coy said nonchalantly as the two diapered lads felt their hands cuffed behind their backs. Danny’s babysitter pulled down his leather pants and sat down on the outhouse.

Danny stared up at the man before him, he fit the profile of a skinhead, but had a soft, handsome face. He didn’t seem thrilled to be included in the challenge as his cock was only semi hard, and he wore an annoyed look. “Well, what are you waiting for boy?” He said as he let out a harsh fart. The fart stench mixed with the sewage, causing poor Danny to gag. How was he supposed to pleasure this man while only breathing through his nose? Danny shuffled forward and took the man’s cock into his mouth, but immediately regretted it. The man clearly hadn’t cleaned his dick in a while, as the taste of dried shit mixed into Danny’s mouth. There was no doubt in Danny’s mind he more or less was sucking his dick ‘Ass to Mouth’.

Charlie’s Babysitter sat on his porta-potty. He was a burlier man and filled out his leather uniform well. He was relatively clean cut and wore an innocent, shaved face with his short brown hair. He unzipped his leather chaps and struggled to pull them down over his thick ass, which had a four-leaf clover tattooed on one cheek. ‘Hopefully that means I’m in for good luck…” Charlie thought, though if his luck were better he likely wouldn’t be in this position to begin with. His babysitter let out a trumpeting fart, the fumes making Charlie cough, as he took the clean-cut lad and forced his head down on his rock-hard dick. He moaned as he let out a few more farts as a first crackling log dropped into the sewage below. Charlie wasn’t much of a submissive, but he knew what a man liked as he teased his tongue over the large cock in his mouth, which made the Babysitter shudder with pleasure.

Danny tried his best to grow the cock in his mouth, but the Babysitter was stuck with just a semi. The shitty taste just couldn’t get him into any sort of mood, and his Babysitter could tell. The gruff babysitter let out a fart as a log pushed its way out. To his surprise, Danny felt the cock in his mouth grow, clearly the Babysitter was more turned on by taking his dump than by Danny’s sucking. Danny tried his best, but was distracted by the moaning of Charlie’s babysitter. His moaning became more intense until he forced Charlie’s head down hard onto his cock. Charlie winced as he felt the mans cock pulse and shoot down his throat. He gagged, but that only gave the Babysitter more pleasure as he came forcefully in his mouth. Charlie heard a plopping sound as he realized the Babysitter must’ve been dumping his other load at the same time.

Danny heard more plops from in front of him as shit stink wafted from the plastic toilet. He looked into a displeased Babysitters eyes as he pulled the handle on the side of the toilet. Danny heard a sputtering sound as the pump whirred to life, soon followed by a splatter in the back of his diaper. Danny winced as chunks of mystery men’s dumps filled his diaper, his diaper ballooning out as the large mass of sewage spread over his ass and seeped towards the front of the diaper, covering his taint. He felt the cold shit slide and seep up his cock as his entire diaper reached max capacity, though the sewage kept pumping into his padding. Eventually Danny felt the diaper give, as he experienced a blowout, cold semi-liquid shit seeped down the sides of his legs, and the nauseating stink surrounded the defeated lad. His Babysitter inhaled the stench with pleasure and pulled his hard cock out of Danny’s mouth. Danny felt hot cum splattering over his face as his Babysitter moaned. “I shoulda just done that from the start.” His babysitter mused as he finished his orgasm.

Charlie was led back to his crib by his now satisfied babysitter. “Good job kid” His babysitter said as he began the process of fitting his tight pants over his large ass. Danny’s babysitter instead led him over to a changing table. Danny winced as he was eased into the cold waste covering his ass as more shit splattered out of the sides. Cum dripped off his face as Danny was changed into a clean diaper, though the Babysitter did the bare minimum of wiping him before moving him into a new diaper. Danny still felt his crotch coated in the mess, even in the clean diaper. “If you wanted me to clean you better than you shoulda cleaned ME better.” His babysitter growled. Danny was pushed back into his crib as the pile of diapers in front grew one larger with a particularly vile smelling diaper.

“Well now that was quite fun. Time for round two!” Mr Coy smiled as the wheel spun again. The ticking slowly came to a halt and Mr Coy snapped his fingers. “Get these two boys into those high chairs, its time for ‘High Chair Roulette!’

Danny and Charlie were led to two oversized locking high chairs. Danny was sat into the chair as the table in front of him locked him into place. There were two shackles attached to the table which Danny’s wrists were locked into. “The game is simple, there are 6 filled diapers in front of you, one of you. One of them is a poopy diaper from a pail, while the rest are filled with some sort of food. Your babysitters will spin the wheel holding the diapers and pick a diaper for you to eat from.” Danny felt his babysitter forcibly putting four hooks into his mouth, forcing it open. He looked to Charlie who found himself in a similar predicament with the bondage and gag. “Since babies are notoriously messy eaters, we took the liberty of making sure your both finish your meals.” My Coy taunted as he tugged on one of the hooks in Danny’s mouth.

In front of the two boys was a spinning table, with 6 discolored diapers in front of them with varying shades of brown. The stink of a messy diaper was in the air, but at a glance Danny couldn’t quite tell which one was the bullet in the barrel. Danny’s babysitter spun the table and picked a balled diaper, he walked to Danny’s highchair and unwrapped it. Danny could tell from the smell it at least wasn’t the poopy diaper, as he leaned forward and slurped from the diaper seat. It tasted like chocolate, but the taste was somehow… stale. ‘Maybe its just old chocolate?’ Danny thought to himself, but the smile Mr. Coy wore made him a tad anxious.

Charlie’s babysitter followed suit and spun the table. He untaped a diaper and a gross brownish yellow mess with small chunks was smeared inside. Charlie seemed unfazed as he licked up the diaper’s seat. He was relieved to taste some splattered chunky peanut butter instead of someone’s ass stink. Another spin and another diaper was opened in front of Danny. Danny wasn’t quite sure what he was looking at, but it seemed like yet another diaper filled with chocolate. He licked it up and realized the taste was much richer, much more what he expected the first diaper to be, in fact the first diaper tasted almost… medicinal in comparison.

Charlie looked at the remaining three diapers and a beat of sweat dripped down his cheek. The odds for getting the poopy diaper weren’t quite unlikely anymore, as the table spun around for the fourth time. While he didn’t want Danny being forced to eat from it either, the last thing he wanted to see was a mound of shit in his next diaper. The table spun and a ball of padding was placed in front of him with a squelch. His babysitter untaped it and revealed a discolored green brown mush. While the smell wasn’t particularly pleasant, it wasn’t the stink of poop at least. Sensing his hesitation, Charlie’s babysitter pushed his head forward into the diaper seat for a few seconds and let him come up for air. Much like a one-year-old, Charlie’s face was covered in the mush. ‘Baby food…’ Charlie thought to himself as the taste of mashed peas and prunes filled his mouth.

“Well now, how about we do the final two at the same time, the suspense is killing me.” Mr Coy ordered, watching the two helplessly sitting in the high chairs with food smeared over their faces. The two babysitters nodded and gave the table a hefty swing, until a balled diaper was in front of the two bound lads. Danny looked at the diaper with a sense of dread and knew the odds didn’t fall in his favor. His babysitter untaping the mess only confirmed it as a massive squished load sat in the diaper, the smell hitting Danny instantly.

“Uh oh, looks like someone has a stinky diaper to attend to.” Mr Coy taunted. “Why don’t we give Danny his consolation prize for his misfortune.” Mr Coy snapped his fingers and Dannys babysitter walked out of view. He returned with a large bib, no doubt to add to the humiliation. It was white with a brown border and it featured a little cartoon of a boy who looked similar to Danny in a high chair with his face pressed down into a poopy diaper. The words “DIAPER MUNCHER” were written on it in a matching dark brown font. “We had these custom made for you two, though only one of you truly deserves theirs, isn’t that right Danny?” Danny looked down at the mess in front of him as the bib was taped tightly around his neck. There was no white visible on the padding, as it just appeared fully smeared with the mess.

Before Danny even had time to think, he felt a heavy hand on the back of his head pushing his face into the mess. He felt himself sink into the thick load as shit pressed into his mouth. Danny wanted to vomit and tried his best to swallow and clear his mouth so he would be able to breathe. The hand kept him pressed down for 20 seconds, until he was able to raise his head. Danny’s face was a sight, similar to the diaper in front of him, it was hard to find any uncoated skin on him, as clumps of the load slowly slid down his face. Charlie looked up after finishing his meal of much more appetizing hazelnut spread. He felt bad but knew there was little he could do for Danny. ‘At least his face was already covered when we started…’ he thought to himself.

The boys were let out of the high chair and were returned back to the cribs. Danny used the bib to wipe off the smeared meal from his face, and watched as another messy diaper with a vague imprint of his head fell into the pile in front of him. “Now, isn’t this fun? Let’s give that wheel another spin.” Mr. Coy said as he snapped his fingers.

The wheel spun once again, Danny watched in a haze, sick to his stomach after his recent meal. His stomach lurched as the thought of the diaper mess digesting in his gut. Danny doubled over as a cramp built up in his bowels, the fiber mush he was forced into consuming before hand no doubt was running right through his system. The stench of the leftover shit on his bib hardly helped his nausea, as the previously white bib was now emitting a rancid stench. Finally, the wheel stopped and Danny snapped out of his head to read the words “Changing Table.”

“Oh good timing, some of the other boys here are quite overdue for changes, and you two boys are to assist.” Mr. Coy explained. “And how do you expect us to do that?” Danny asked. “I’m quite glad you asked, Daniel.” Mr. Coy snapped his fingers and the Babysitters brought the two boys to two large rectangular boxes, large enough to fit the two of them inside. There was a noticeable cut out for their faces to barely fit through. The babysitters opened the boxes and stuffed the two inside. Charlie and Danny looked upwards from the small holes, unable to move the rest of their bodies. “How the fuck are we supposed to do anything like this.” Charlie yelled out.

From the corner of Danny’s eye, two diaper slaves were led out to the stage. The slaves were both naked other than their diapers and slave collars, and were noticeably out of shape and borderline obese, no doubt from the lack of exercise from their fate here. The two had clearly been here a while as their extra-large diapers were practically overflowing and were badly stained by their matching extra-large loads.

“You see boys, here at the games, we’re currently in a shortage of baby wipes to clean our slaves… and that’s where you come in.” Mr. Coy slyly replied. Charlie’s eyes widened as one slave’s loaded diaper butt descended square onto his face, Danny looked up to see the other’s smelly diaper positioned above him. “Better do a good job cleaning, or I’ll assume you want to keep those diapers for your piles.” Mr. Coy chided.

Danny barely made out Mr. Coy’s instructions behind the utterly filed diaper, he could feel his face slowly press deeper into the padding. He could feel vibrations above him from the tapes of the diaper being removed, and then a bright light cut through the darkness. Danny could see his babysitter holding the massive wad of padding as clumps of overflowing poop plopped down onto him. Danny took a deep breath and braced for the inevitable, as he saw the two massive ass cheeks fully slathered in shit waiting to fall onto him, as soon as his babysitter dropped his legs. His reprieve was quickly over as the two globes dropped over his face, his nose driven deep into his dirty ass crack. Danny knew he couldn’t stomach any more shit eating after the last challenge and accepted his fate as the slave’s shitty ass-wipe.

Charlie struggled against his bonds as the shit smeared ass hung above him. He saw his Babysitter wearing a sadistic smile as he lifted the Slaves legs while he removed the first diaper. Charlie scowled in response, but was quickly punished by the smeared ass checks spreading over his face. The stench in the ass crack was horrendous, and Charlie was gasping for air. The view in his ass crack was complete darkness, and all he could feel was the smelly load smearing over his face. Charlie was beginning to feel desperate, as the lack of air was all too apparent between the sweaty, shitty ass cheeks of the slave. He tried to breathe in through his nose and mouth, but only inhaled mushy shit. It was then that Charlie felt a morbid gurgle from above him as he accidentally inhaled the entirety of the slave’s raunchy fart. Charlie couldn’t tell if he was relieved or horrified as he coughed from the intensity of the raw stink. The gurgles had yet to cease as small farts bubbled over Charlie’s nose, as Mr Coy watched on, smiling at the blinking light on the slave’s collar. It was then that a warm rush of shit poured over Charlie’s face, he could feel the shit press into every crack and every crevice on his face. He struggled against his bonds and the Slave emptied his bowels more and more. Soon, Charlie couldn’t even feel the ass cheeks over his face, as he felt as if he was dunked head first into a septic tank. Despite the utter depravity of his situation, Charlie couldn’t calm his raging boner in his own diaper. He was just glad it was hidden behind a box for nobody to see.

After two minutes of being trapped under the shit covered asses of the slaves, the Babysitters lifted the legs and surveyed the damage. Danny was relieved to be able to see again, and breathe any sort of air. His face was smeared with shit, and the slave’s ass cheeks were only slightly cleaner from wiping off the mess onto Danny. However, as the Slave above Charlie had his legs lifted, only a large pile of soft serve poop was visible on the table as Charlie’s face was hidden under the spreading pile, and the Slave’s butt was utterly caked by it.

“Well, I’m not quite sure how he managed it, but Charlie managed to make his Slave messier after his time with him. Perhaps now he’s regretting that potty mouth of his.” Mr. Coy taunted, quite satisfied with the Slaves reaction to the collar. Charlie lay in a daze as the Slave was taped into a diaper just as messy as the first, and another diaper was used just to wipe the rest of his load off the table and Charlie’s defiled face.

The boys were returned to their cribs. Danny looked as another diaper was added to the pile, though Charlie had two added to his, one from the slave, and another from cleaning his face off. “So is that what it felt like? …You know, having my diaper taped on your head?” Charlie asked Danny. “Yeah, more or less… and man did your diaper reek.” Danny replied with a smile causing Charlie to blush behind the shit still smeared on his face. “Well… I just wanted to say sorry.” Danny blushed and looked down. “Don’t worry… besides at this point I’m starting to get used to it.”

“And you’ll only be getting more used to it from here, Danny boy.” Mr. Coy said with a smirk. While the two were talking, the wheel had already been spun for the next challenge. ‘Messlight’ read the words on the wheel. Danny wasn’t quite sure what that meant, but Charlie wore a look of worry as he tried to hide the boner behind his padding. The boys were led towards two large wooden stocks, and the boys were locked inside, unable to see anything below their neck. Danny suddenly felt his diaper get ripped off, and a second tearing sound meant that Charlie’s had also been ripped off of him.

“Well, well, already standing at attention, eh Charlie? I suppose that might be your military upbringing shining through.” Mr. Coy said with a smirk as he teased Charlie’s hard cock with his hand. ‘Is he… enjoying this?’ Danny thought to himself. “This challenge is quite simple; all you have to do is not orgasm. You see we have two very messy diapers here, and they’re taped in such a way that they perform quite well as a sort of fleshlight. It’s quite nice actually, and they’re already pre-lubed.” Charlie and Danny watched as their babysitters took hold of the two diapers and slowly walked behind their stocks. It was then that Danny felt a heat course through his body and felt his cock sprung to life, as Mr. Coy fiddled with the remote that controlled his collar. “We can’t have Danny missing out on all the fun, can we?”

Danny gasped as he felt the tip of his cock slip into the diaper, the squishy load sending pleasure through his body from his sheer horniness. He felt the smeared padding descending down his shaft, he moaned as he felt the padding touch the bottom of his pubic area, his cock engulfed in the shit. Danny wanted to resist but his entire penis was stimulated from the squishy sensations. Charlie was in a similar position, his cock twitching as the diaper slid down his dick and waves of pleasure wracked him. He panted as his cock glided in and out of the mess, the stench of the load wafting into his nose only turned him on further. Charlie couldn’t think straight anymore, the only thing on his mind was pleasuring himself.

Danny tried to focus on his breathing, even if he found the diaper disgusting, there was no denying that the sensations were incredible. Danny had topped before with a condom, but that couldn’t compare to the heavy grip of his babysitter jacking him off with the slick messy diaper. Each pump drove him further and further towards orgasm, even the stink of the diaper didn’t faze him in his lustful haze. ‘Is this… the collar…?’ Danny thought to himself. Then, an unmistakable moan snapped Danny back to reality.

Charlie buckled in his bonds, his body quivering with excitement. “Please stop this, man… I’m begging you…” Charlie pleaded with his babysitter, though that only served to make the babysitter pump the diaper even faster. Charlie’s head was spinning, the sensations clouding anything else. The slimy, stinky shit, the smell, the dirty padding, the utter humiliation and depravity of jacking off with someone else’s shit filled diaper, and worst of all how much he loved it. How much he wanted to slather his crotch with the diaper, the feeling of the vile shit defiling his clean cut persona, how much he wanted a slave with an overflowing diaper to sit on his crotch, the shit leaking out over his hard cock as he mindlessly fucked him, having the slave dump a load on his crotch after he pulled out.

“Unngghhhhhh…” Charlie moaned intensely as his cock pulsed and fired out wave after wave of semen in the diaper, his body shivered in his bonds and his legs were giving out under his weight. He was overstimulated and his orgasm wouldn’t stop, he wanted to be disgusted but deep down he knew he had never had a better orgasm. Charlie slumped in his bonds, utterly spent as the stench from the diaper finally cut through his haze. Mr Coy walked over to the lad and lifted his head by his chin. “I guess our little clean cut frat boy really just wants to play in the mud.” He said with a grin. Charlie wanted to retort, but was at a loss for words; He wasn’t wrong.

Danny struggled in his bonds as he tried to stave off his building orgasm. “Okay that’s enough, I got what I wanted.” Mr. Coy ordered sternly as he walked back to his throne. Danny breathed a sigh of relief as his babysitter slid the vile “fleshlight” off his cock. He began to think clearly again, coming out of his own haze. ‘What the hell kind of collar can do… that… to me?’ Danny thought, wincing at the thought of the vile diaper that fueled his lust. “Get these boys back into their padding before they make more of a mess of themselves.” Danny was let out of the stocks and laid down on a changing pad and he heard the ticking of the wheel already spinning and deciding their fate.

“Plug and Key it is. Don’t diaper those boys up too quickly now.” Mr Coy ordered the babysitters as the wheel stopped ticking. Danny laid on the pad patiently until he felt the babysitter probing his hole with something rubbery, no doubt another butt plug. Danny let out a moan as he felt it slide in, but realized there was no base to the plug. Suddenly the babysitter lifted Danny legs and handcuffed his hands through his crotch, and then taped the diaper up. Danny sat up both arms reaching into the front and back of the diaper.

“This is a fun little game, the key to victory is inside you both, literally! All you need to do is unlock your handcuffs, but you need to expel the key inside your bowels into your awaiting hands to do so. Just be careful not to expel more than you want to.” Mr. Coy said with a wink. Charlie pulled at his handcuffs and let out an irritated grunt. Danny’s stomach gurgled as he struggled with the thought of their latest ordeal. Even now he could feel a large turd pressing against the plug in his ass.

Danny lightly pushed his bowels trying to get any movement in the plug, but couldn’t seem to get it to move. Instead, all he felt was pressure in his bowels building, the growing load in his ass was pressing against the plug. Danny looked over at Charlie who wore a similar look of stress on his face. Charlie took a deep breath and pushed. he felt the plug move closer to the exit slowly but surely. He pressed a little harder and the tip of the plug exited his ass, though the wider body of the rubber object meant he would need to force even harder to expel it.

Danny pushed again and felt the plug slide slightly outwards, but then his gut began to feel incredibly heavy. A cramp struck Danny as the desperate need to shit wracked his body. Danny tried to subdue it, but before he knew it, he felt the plug begin to move. His bowels begged for release as Danny tried to tighten up and regain control, but the urge to dump was so strong. Danny felt the rubber plug drop fall out of him and onto his diaper seat. “Uggghhh…” Danny audibly moaned as he tried to close his ass, but deep down knew it was futile. His load began to emerge from his ass, and as quickly as the urge came, another shot through his abdomen. Danny grimaced as he waited for the inevitable. Shit spurted from his ass and into his diaper seat, Danny’s hands catching the pile as he dumped even more into his diaper. The mess squished and spread over his handcuffed hands as the plug holding the key was buried in more smelly mush. Danny shifted through his load to try and find the plug, the stink of the moving pile quickly filling his nose. Danny gagged as he slowly regained control, the stinking pile of shit seeping over his arms and wrists, it was as if he was sifting through a portapotty trying to find the plug, though the reality wasn’t far off.

“Uh oh, looks like one of our babies couldn’t quite control himself could he?” Mr Coy taunted. “Looks like that chocolate laxative diaper kicked in after all.” Danny blushed as he attempted to navigate the pile of shit in his diaper, realizing his extra misfortune from the High Chair Roulette challenge. He felt the plug near his left hand, but as he tried to grip it, the rubber plug slid out of his hand, lubed by the sheer amount of semisolid poop. Danny tried to grab it once again with both hands, and attempted to twist it to reveal the key, but he couldn’t get enough traction for the plug to unlock. Danny looked at the ground and slumped over, left only with the stink of failure wafting up from his loaded diaper.

Charlie let out his own moan as he felt the plug slide out of his ass. He caught it and twisted the plug open, revealing a small metal key in the middle. He struggled with the handcuffs for a minute but eventually he felt a click as one of the cuffs unlocked and set him free. Charlie struggled with the urge of needing to shit, but breathed a sigh of relief as only some gas escaped him. He turned towards Danny and quickly realized the stench he smelled was not from his own farts, but Danny’s failed to control himself.

“Well, well, looks like only our stinky little Danny boy couldn’t quite keep his pants clean. Don’t cry Danny, we’ll get you into a nice clean diaper soon enough.” Mr Coy cooed to Danny, stinking heavily of his own shit. “But I don’t think we can let those hands out of your pants covered in poop like that can we?” He whispered as Danny jerked upwards. “If you cant keep your hands out of dirty diapers, then I think we’ll just keep them in them instead.”

“W-wait… what?” Danny tried to protest but was met with a harsh gaze from his babysitter, followed by a pacifier being shoved in his mouth. Danny struggled in his handcuffs, but only served to smear the effluent mush more and more in his diaper. He was forced onto his back onto a changing pad, the harsh stink filling the air as his babysitter untaped the diaper. He unlocked the handcuffs now coated in brown and held Danny’s hands by his wrists. Danny knew better than to protest as he watched as the babysitter pulled out two heavily used diapers from a nearby pail, and untaped them revealing the vile contents inside. Danny closed his eyes and winced as one by one, his hands were wrapped and tightly taped into the diapers, his babysitter wrapping the outside wrists with duct tape. His hands were now unusable, only able to squish and smear the sloppy loads contained inside the messy diapers, and Danny knew they weren’t coming out of them for a while. Charlie watched from the sidelines as his boner sprung back to life watching his newfound lover wearing a shit-smeared bib and oversized dirty diapers as baby mittens, all while a brown mess of poop coated him. To most it would be a nauseating sight, but to him, Danny was the most attractive man-child he’d ever seen.

The two boys were led back to their cribs and forced inside. Danny lay helplessly, bound in his new mittens he was unable to grip anything. ‘Hopefully that’s the last of the dexterity challenges…’ He thought to himself, as another filthy diaper plopped into his heap of soiled padding. He grew even more worried at the fact that the two diapers he now wore as mittens would likely also count to his total. Charlie sat in his crib with an irritated scowl. “How long are you just gonna toy with us, old man?” He yelled out to Mr. Coy. “That’s for the wheel to decide my dear boy.”

On that note, Danny and Charlie realized the wheel had been once again turning, and already slowing. The ticking came to a stop and revealed the name… or rather number of their next challenge: 96. “What the fuck is 96, does your wheel have a typo or something?” Charlie berated while sitting in his crib. “Of course not, its simply a backwards sixty-nine.” Danny raised his eyebrow. “and what exactly is a backwards sixty-nine mean?”

“I’m glad you asked, Danny.” Mr. Coy smiled with an evil look as he snapped his fingers. The two babysitters forced the two boys back into handcuffs and pinned them to the ground back-to-back. The babysitters pulled back the back of the two boy’s diapers and shoved the other’s head into them, effectively forcing them both into the other’s crotch, the backs of their heads pressing against the other’s ass. Charlie’s nose wrinkled at the stench of Danny’s dirty butt, left quite coated in leftover poop from his earlier diaper changes. On the other hand, Danny huffed the stench of Charlie’s sweaty ass musk, the odor a much-appreciated reprieve from the harsh stench of dirty diapers. Mr. Coy smiled as he watched as each boy’s cocks quickly began to harden at their newfound position.

“The challenge is simple, just don’t mess your diapers. I’m sure your other half will be much more thankful if you keep your pants clean.” Mr. Coy told the boys with a laugh as he brought out the remote that controller their collars. He pressed a few buttons on the remote and the boys quickly turned to distress. Danny felt his gut get heavy once again, as the telltale signs of needing a dump all began to flare. A heavy fart gassing over Danny’s head told him that Charlie was feeling the same effects.

“Uh boss? What’s the point of having a challenge if they’re both forced to lose?” One of the babysitters asked Mr. Coy, who began rubbing his crotch at the sound of the boy’s flatulence. “Not every challenge is made to be fair, in fact, they’re mainly for my enjoyment. Now shut up and let me enjoy it, will you?” Mr. Coy angrily replied to the babysitter who quickly withdrew.

Danny was beginning to feel déjà vu to his state before the challenge, under Charlie’s ass helplessly waiting his inevitable dump. ‘He must’ve activated these damn collars again…’ Danny thought to himself as he tried to get loose. He let loose a small fart onto Charlie, who he could feel struggling against his ass. Was he really going to unload his guts onto his longtime crush? Danny couldn’t imagine a quicker way to get a rejection… though Charlie had already done the same to him. A feeling of desperation gurgled inside him, quickly building intensity. Danny heard Charlie let out a heavy moan as his ass quivered, trying desperately to hold back his load from dumping over Danny once again. Instead, another wet fart blasted over Danny who coughed in the harsh fumes.

Then, a desperate pang stuck Danny. ‘No no… god… fuck!’ Danny thought to himself as he felt the contents of his bowels rushing towards his feeble hole. His load assaulted the final line of defense before he unloaded all over Charlie’s head. Danny struggled, trying anything to save Charlie from the degrading punishment. A sudden deep rumble from behind Danny’s head snapped him out of it as a Charlie cried out into Danny’s diaper seat. Charlie’s sloppy load began to spill over the back of Dannys head. Danny felt the warm semisoft poop seep over the back of his head as Charlie continued to grunt and dump more and more into his diaper. At the same time, a matching cramp wracked Danny’s gut as his own load began to flow out of him over Charlie’s head. Through the sound of the crackling log and small farts, Danny could hear Charlie cry out in disgust as he felt Charlie’s head struggle in his diaper, soon to be covered in shit as Danny pooped out another hot wave of mess over his head.

Danny lay there like a pig in his stye, his face slathered in Charlie’s hot mush, the stink now ingrained into his skin and hair, and he felt Charlie’s caked ass press down against his head in exhaustion. Charlie’s situation wasn’t much better, as his face was sandwiched between Danny’s shitty ass and poopy padding, though his rock-hard cock told a different tale about how he felt about his current state. He thrust forward into his diaper as Danny felt the load of shit over him shift and Charlie’s ass rocked back and forth over his head. Danny’s cock was rock hard once again, submitting once again to Charlie and his shitty ass, and he thrust into his own diaper. Mr. Coy watched the two boys trying to pleasure themselves in their mess, delighted that the two boys in his care were submitting to their piggy desires. His rubbed the front of his suit pants, hiding his own hard cock, and a growing wet spot of precum was visible on the front.

Mr. Coy snapped his fingers and his goons pulled the two boys out of the other’s diaper. The two were a sight, the other’s shit caked each of their heads and no bare skin on either of them was visible. The stench quickly stunk up the arena, even as large as it was. Danny looked into Charlie’s blue eyes and felt guilty for dumping his massive load on him… but then looked down to his diaper and saw the unmistakable outline of a hard cock. ‘He really is enjoying this…’ Danny thought to himself, while trying to hide his own erect cock.

“Well, it seems like we have two piglets here rather than babies.” My Coy said with a smile as he caressed the front of the two boy’s diapers, causing them both to stifle a moan. “Get them back to their cribs. Its time for our last event: The Diaper Scale.

The boys were led back to the cribs and forcibly thrown to their floors. Poop still dripped from the two’s heads as they heard a mechanical noise from above them. What looked like a plexiglass tube with an upside down Y opening descended from the ceiling. At the same time a large two-sided scale appeared between the two boys. A morbid rumbling came from above as putrid used diapers began to fill the large plexiglass tube, as messy diapers smeared the clear plexiglass with a signature brown.

“I hope you two boys did a good job of not collecting too many stinky diapers today. If not, don’t you worry, we’ll give you more dirty, filthy and stinky diapers than you’ll ever need.” Mr. Coy said as he sat back down on his throne. He snapped his fingers and the two babysitters sprung into action picking up the diapers in the piles before them and weighing them on the scale. Danny watched with worry as the weight kept even for a while, but dread filled the boy, as he knew this was a lost cause for him. Soon enough Charlie’s pile was empty while Danny’s was still piling up on his side of the scale.

“Be sure to add two more for those lovely little mittens Baby Danny is wearing, he seems so attached to them it feels a shame to take them off now.” Mr. Coy taunted. ‘Baby Danny…’ Danny thought to himself. The word stung with humiliation, and even worse he knew that he had lost, relegated to a life of sexual depravity and filling up diapers for the sick pleasures of his ex-professor. The scale tipped even further as diapers piled up, and he saw Charlie looking at him with a face of pity.

“Well, I know school-smarts aren’t exactly Baby Danny’s strong suit, but the math seems to say that he quite enjoys all of his stinky diapers. Well, without further ado, lets give the boy what he craves, shall we?”

Danny gulped as Mr. Coy pressed a button on his chair. A metal hinge creaked as the plexiglass pipe above him slowly opened. A few diapers fell into his locked crib, as Danny felt a cold splat on his back from one landing messy-side down. The trickle then turned into a stream, and then into a downpour as putrid diapers rained into his crib. Danny felt his entire body pelted with the diapers, shit began to clump on his skin as he fought the growing sea of diapers in his crib rising upwards. He felt his feet squish into piles of poop as he tried to stand upwards, as poopy diaper after diaper fell over his head, and back. Danny tried to breathe but was only met with the vile stench of fermented shitty diapers. Eventually Danny gave in, falling down into the growing pile of diapers as the weight of used padding pressed down on his as he quickly became buried in the effluent stink of the used diapers of other slaves. Eventually the flow stopped as his crib began to overflow with diapers. Danny’s babysitter then flipped over a latch over his crib, locking Danny into a cage of depraved filth. He felt liquid shit and piss leak out over him as the padding compressed into the cage, and Danny began to dig his way to the bars of his crib. Eventually Danny felt cold air touch his skin as light from outside lit up his shit-splattered face, looking out from inside his compacted diaper pail. He looked outwards to see Mr. Coy standing in front of his crib.

“Well, I have to admit Baby Danny, you seem quite at home in your stinky little diaper prison now.” Mr. Coy taunted as he playfully pinched his nose. Danny saw him reach into his pocket and pull out a pacifier, which he then stuck into Danny’s mouth through the bars. Danny wanted to spit it out but was too exhausted from digging his way to fresh air, and instead lay there in his mess of diapers, the liquid piss and shit seeping over him as the padding secured his entire body in place, and the only air he could breathe was tainted by the utterly repulsive miasma of stink that emanated from his crib. He weakly looked out as Charlie was let out of his crib, and knelt in front of Mr. Coy’s throne.

“Well congratulations Charlie, you appear to be the last man standing, although I use that term lightly.” Mr. Coy said to Charlie who scoffed. “Yeah whatever. Look I’m leaving this hellhole, and I’m taking him with me.” He replied, gesturing towards Danny. “You want to take Danny? Well, I’m sorry but I’m not sure Danny could ever quite acclimate back to a normal life anymore. He needs his diapers and someone to watch over him, and at this point I’m not sure he’ll ever get the stench of shit off him.” Mr. Coy taunted to a helpless Danny, stuck in his reeking heap of filth. “Besides… I’m not sure you want to leave here yourself.”

Charlie froze and slowly looked up to his captor. Danny watched as Charlie, the outspoken and stalwart man he knew, suddenly looked meek and exposed. “That’s a lie…!” He yelled, though Mr. Coy saw through his fake confidence. “Is it? Is that why your little prick keeps hardening throughout every challenge, every punishment, every little whiff of dirty diapers. You couldn’t even stop yourself from orgasming all over your friend there as you dumped all over his head.” Charlie turned towards Danny; he wore a look that Danny had never seen before. He appeared unsure, as if his whole persona was locked in an inner conflict. “You know Charlie, you were picked for these games for a reason. Not only did we scout you on apps like the rest, but we found you on fetish websites still struggling to find your identity.” My Coy said with a mentoring tone Danny hadn’t heard since he was at the University. Charlie knelt and looked at the ground, staring into the floor as thoughts flew through his head. “I was like you once, struggling with myself and my dirty desires. I want to make you an offer.” Charlie looked up at the propositioning man. “Stay here and become a Babysitter. You would never need to lie to yourself ever again, and nobody would ever judge you for your filthy needs.”

Charlie was at a loss for words. Mr. Coy tossed a key down at Charlie’s feet. “Tell you what Charlie. If you prove to me right here and now that you can put a baby here in their place, then I’ll let you have the position. If not, well, I suppose you can go free… but I wouldn’t envision Baby Danny ever getting that cage unlocked. They choice is yours.” Danny watched as Charlie picked up the key and turned towards his cage, slowly walking to him. He fit the key into the lock and the heavy padlock fell to the ground. Charlie took a deep breath, inhaling the raw stink of the loaded filthy diapers, and felt a rush course through him. “Charlie, you don’t need to do this…” Danny said meekly as Charlie began to dig through the pile. Before he knew it, Danny felt Charlies strong hands lifting him from the crib. Charlie admired Danny as he pulled him out, he was covered in a sickly shade of brown, and wore a stench to match, his outfit of a shit splattered bib and poopy diapers covering his hands and crotch made him look so innocent, so… babyish. “Yes, I do.”

Charlie felt the blood rushing to his cock as he carried Danny to the stocks where the two boys were jacked off earlier and locked the mess covered lad into them once more. Charlie exhaled as he tore off his own diaper, revealing his fully engorged cock which he hovered in front of Danny’s face. Danny looked at the hard cock and then up at Charlie as he opened his mouth, letting him slide inside. Danny tasted a mix of sweat, piss and shit as the cock slid in and out of his mouth, but deep down he didn’t care. His own cock was growing inside his diaper, as he looked up at the man in front of him, his defined muscles streaked and stinking with sweat and shit, and he looked deep into his blue eyes piercing through the drying mess caked over his head. Charlie let out a moan as he felt Danny’s tongue slurping up and down his shaft, each stroke sending shivers through his body. He looked down at Danny wearing his lustful eyes as he slid his cock out and rubbed it with his hand. Charlie turned around and had Danny face his filthy ass. Danny had little choice but to hold his breath as Charlie’s plump ass engulfed his face, rubbing up and down smearing his shit over every little wrinkle and crevice on his face. “Better clean me good, boy” Charlie commanded, as Danny took a few licks and quickly regretted the decision, beginning to cough and gag. Charlie stepped forward and let Danny breathe. He turned and knelt down to Danny and caressed his shit-covered cheek. “Guess we’ll have to work up to that…” Charlie said with a disappointed tone that made Danny squirm, he didn’t want to displease Charlie.

Charlie stood up and walked out of Danny’s sight, hearing his footsteps move slowly behind him. Danny felt a tug in front of his belly, and felt the tapes on his diapers rip one by one. “You really are a pathetic little boy aren’t you.” Charlie whispered into Danny’s ear. “Needing a real man like me take care of you and your shitty diapers.” Danny’s cock sprung to life as Charlie gently caressed it, causing the bound boy to quiver with lust. “Now I’m going to show you what little boys like you do in return for making me clean up all your filthy messes.” Danny had never seen this side of Charlie before. He was commanding, strong, and masculine. Even just his presence behind him made Danny’s knees weak.

It was then that Danny felt a pressure from his behind, the tip of Charlie’s cock slid up and down his ass crack, slathering his shaft with his mess. Soon, Charlie pressed his cock against Danny’s hole, slowly inserting it in. Danny let out a gasp, and then a moan of pleasure as he felt Charlie slide inside of him. Charlie felt no resistance from Danny and smiled to himself. ‘He wants this just as badly…’ he thought. Danny trembled as Charlie thrust hard inside his body, feeling him penetrate deeper than any man had ever fucked him before. Charlie slid in and out at a steady rhythm as Danny squirmed in his bonds, barely able to contain the sheer pleasure he was experiencing. It was then that Danny noticed a harsh smell in front of him. He looked down and saw a horridly used diaper with a large pile of shit smeared over the crotch held by Charlie’s hands. Danny closed his eyes in anticipation of the inevitable, as Charlie pulled the diaper seat back into Danny’s face as he thrust hard into him. Danny trembled as his intense fucking continued, feeling his face sink deeper and deeper into the vile load from his own diaper. Shit seeped over his face as Charlie began to thrust faster and faster. Danny could hear Charlie’s manly grunts as the dominant man brought himself closer to orgasm.

For a split second, Danny felt the grip on the diaper over his face loosen, only to be forcibly pulled back into him as Charlie penetrated deep into Danny. His cock twitched as waves of cum spurted into the boy’s hole, making Danny quiver in pleasure. Charlie moaned as his orgasm continued for what felt like ages. Danny felt the diaper fall to the floor, as Charlie slid out of his well-used hole. Charlie walked in front of the stocks and embraced Danny in a passionate kiss, causing Danny to orgasm onto the floor below him. Danny and Charlie continued their kiss, neither wanting to interrupt the long overdue moment. Charlie slowly pulled away as he gazed into Danny’s dark brown eyes. “I love you, Danny.” He whispered, as Danny gazed back into his clear blue eyes. “I love you too, Charlie.”

The boys were broken out of their trance by a slow clapping. The two turned towards a smiling Mr. Coy with a clearly raging hard-on underneath his suit pants. “Quite a show you boys put on for me. I dare say we might have found an aspiring new babysitter.” Mr. Coy said while patting Charlie on the back. “and I think I’ve also found the perfect little boy-toy for myself.”

“What? I thought you said I’d be able to take care of him, this wasn’t the deal…” Charlie shot back with fire in his eyes. “Relax, I’ll uphold my side of the bargain; you and you alone are going to be Danny’s babysitter. That’s what you win from getting first place…” Mr Coy retorted, then turned his attention to a shit-stained Danny still locked in the stocks. “But, Baby Danny here also wins a prize. You see, I’m in the market for a new personal baby slave, and these games are the perfect way to weed out the boys from the babies. Besides, I’ve always been a fan of number twos.” Mr Coy taunted while caressing Danny’s smothered face.

Mr Coy snapped his fingers at Danny’s old babysitter. “Take these two boys to the back and get young Charlie here situated with his new duties. I want my new baby boy to be nice and clean for what I have in store for him later…” Danny looked up at a suited Mr Coy who walked up to him, and turned around. Danny couldn’t look away from his large suited ass as his professor began to strain. Small farts caused his pants to vibrate, soon followed by a long, crackling log being pushed into the padding hidden behind his tailored garments. His trousers bulged outwards, as his massive load of shit squelched into every crevice over his ass. Danny gagged as the rancid stench assaulted his nostrils, it smelled so much harsher than Charlie’s shit. Mr. Coy turned back around and knelt down to Danny’s eye level. “Don’t worry Danny, I’ll have you well acquainted with your new Daddy’s dumps by the time I’m through with you.”

Mr. Coy ruffled Danny’s hair as Danny’s babysitter unlocked the stocks. Danny fell to the floor exhausted, the stench of shitty diapers clung to him, wrinkling his nose at the thought of what lies in store for him as Mr. Coy’s personal slave. He looked up to Charlie’s hand, extended to help him up. Danny grabbed his hand as Charlie pulled him into a tender embrace. “I’ve got you…” Charlie whispered in Danny’s ear as their bodies pressed together. “You could’ve just left… why didn’t you?” Danny replied as he melted into his arms. Charlie paused for a moment and blushed. “Look, I’m gonna take care of you here… and I dunno… maybe he’s right. Maybe I didn’t really want to leave.” Danny didn’t know how to respond. “You saying you’d prefer to be locked in with that pile of diapers?” Charlie had a point, even if the alternative still wasn’t much better.

“Hey lover boys, get a move on.” The babysitter growled at the two. “The baby needs a bath and a clean diaper, and then he needs to drink all his formula to be nice and full for the professor.” Danny shuddered at the thought. “We also need to get you fitted in a leather uniform, and then I’ll show you the nursery where you two will be staying.” Charlie scoffed. “Yeah, we’re pretty well acquainted with the dungeons.” The babysitter laughed. “Actually, the professor likes to take very good care of his prizes. Your new room will be much more comfortable than the dungeons, though the baby will be mostly kept in his crib and playpen unless he wants that collar to turn on. The professor will likely come in to use the boy whenever the whim strikes him, but outside of that you’re free to handle him as you see fit.” The Babysitter told Charlie with a wink. Charlie wore a sympathetic look as he looked towards Danny. “Alright, let’s get going then.”

Danny stood there as reality slowly set in. This was his life now, stuck in dirty diapers and baby cribs for the pleasure of his college professor. Forced to fulfill the whims of his sadistic master or be subject to whatever degrading punishments he’s cooked up today. Not to mention the pungent stink of shit that he’d never be able to wash away. “Come on Buddy, lets go clean you up.” Charlie wrapped his arm around him and walked him forwards, following the babysitter.

Despite it all, Danny felt at ease in his arms. Charlie was now in charge of everything about him, feeding him, changing his diapers, even pleasuring him. In a way, he got what he wanted too, the man of his dreams. Danny walked to his new life wearing an unsure smile, which the tall chiseled man leading him reciprocated. “Hey hurry up, we don’t have all day.” The Babysitter scowled. Charlie swooped Danny off his feet and cradled the smaller lad in his arms, their eyes locking in a loving gaze. ‘Maybe things won’t be so bad after all.’ Danny thought to himself as he melted into his lover’s grasp.

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