The Dirty Diaper Games – Chapter 5

Authors note: Sorry for the long wait since the last chapter, this one took a little longer due to the holidays combined with some writers block as what I had in mind didn’t really reach the quality I wanted for the story. I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 5

As the cribs descended to the floor below, the only thing Danny could hear was the sound of the whirring mechanics of the babyish prison that held him captive. Brad’s recent punishment turning himself to a caricature of the man he once was, now being reduced to a helpless humiliated slave, no doubt still filling his padded suit. Three clicks in succession were heard as all the boys returned to the room, their cribs latching to the floor. None of the boys uttered a word, leaving them in silence until Danny’s still bloated stomach began to gurgle and he let out a loud fart into his padding, the sound less muffled due to the hole in the back from the dildo.

“Hey, you’re not gonna take a dump right now are you? I don’t think that padding of yours is gonna hold much in.” Charlie snickered as he teased Danny, trying to lighten the mood. “Nah… well, I hope not at least. Whatever was in that mush isn’t sitting right, I’ve been feeling bloated since.” Danny mustered a small smile at Charlie which the lad returned. It wasn’t much, but having Charlie here was a solace from the rest of the games. Charlie lifted his leg and let out his own three second fart. “I know what you mean, plus I can barely even clench my ass after that last challenge.”

“What, not used to bottoming or something? You looked like you enjoyed it well enough by the end anyways.” Danny laughed as his smile widened. “Got me there, can’t say I’m much of a bottom.” Charlie replied as he gave a slightly naughty look. “I’m usually the one putting smug little guys like you in their place.” Danny’s heart skipped a beat. “I mean I could tell you’re no stranger to sitting on big cocks the way you wore that goofy smile as you slid down. Not sure you could handle the heat I’m packing though.” Charlie whispered under his breath to Danny while rubbing the front of his diaper which was noticeably poking out due to Charlie’s rock-hard member. Danny was at a loss for words watching his crush come on to him, if the cribs weren’t keeping them locked in he would submit to Charlie’s whim on the spot. Charlie’s blue eyes pierced through Danny’s lustful gaze as he made a small thrust in his own diaper to try and pleasure himself. “If you need a little motivation for this next game, just remember that this is waiting for you at the end.” Charlie whispered to Danny as he motioned to his chiseled body. Danny thrust his cock into his padding again to the thought of Charlie being inside him.

James watched the two whisper to each other across the room in a hushed silence. The thought of him getting this far being a fluke wore heavy on his mind, there was no way he could actually take it all the way to the end, could he? The image of Greg sitting in the pile of rancid diapers was still displayed above his old crib, a punishment he’d be forced to endure for who knows how long due to James’s own faults. His stomach gurgled as he let out a small fart of his own, wincing as his gut began to feel heavy. He wasn’t going to keep his diaper clean for much longer either.

His attention was diverted as the monitor above Brad’s crib suddenly lit up, displaying the poor jock in a new, much wider crib. His new onesie was bulging out uncomfortably around his waist and below, no doubt bulging out from the sheer amount of excrement that was being packed into it. James couldn’t see his face very well from behind the humiliating football helmet he was forced into wearing, but it seemed like Mr. Coy’s shit had been dripping down from the padding stuffed in his helmet. A light shone on Brad as a door opened out of view, and a babysitter dressed in full leather walked into frame. He visibly gagged, no doubt from the intense stench that surrounded the fetid jock, but then pulled down his leather chaps and began to stroke himself while slowly approaching the trapped lad. Brad seemed to panic realizing he could barely move in the overloaded onesie, flailing around like a baby in a carrier as the babysitter removed his overinflated pacifier nipple, and turned around. Brad’s eyes widened as his tormentor’s muscular ass began descending over his face, rubbing his stink into Brad’s previously pristine face. James heard the echoed struggles from the low volume monitor as Brad tried to pull away, but the non-flexible suit combined with the sheer amount of muck slathering his body held him firmly down.

The babysitter pressed more weight down until Charlie was flat on his back, the bag of waste containing him now seeping upwards over his chest and back. The Babysitter’s handsome, but rugged face strained for a second, and then Brads hair blew back. The tv static masked the sound, but James knew there was only one source of wind that close to the Babysitter’s ass. The Babysitter smiled with a sadistic laugh while Brad cried out, the stench filling his nostrils with the rotten egg smell, and gagged as the gas invaded his mouth.

The Babysitter kept stroking his cock with Brads nose buried deep in his ass. He took a deep breath and felt his ass release once more as a stream of noxious fumes gassed the poor humiliated jock, as Brad similarly felt his own ass release another coiling log pushing against the confines of his suit. The rumbling followed by the smell of Brad’s fresh load only brought pleasure to the Babysitter as he began to stroke faster and faster until he brought himself to climax, shooting his thick load over Brad’s absorbent suit while forcibly releasing more and more consistent farts down Brads throat. Brad tried screaming out, gasping for air as the Babysitters ass convulsed rapidly as he orgasmed, his face being pulled further into the Babysitters muscular ass crack, his only source of air the smelly gas that he was forced to suck from his hole.

The silver speckles of the babysitter’s semen decorating the nauseatingly brown shade the suit had turned to. Satisfied with his fart cushion, the babysitter stood up and turned towards a now sobbing Brad, though James couldn’t tell if he was crying because he was sad or just from the sheer amount of fumes now permeating his face. With his pants still down, the babysitter turned towards Brad and released his bladder. Dark yellow piss splattered all over Brad’s head, some of it draining down the hollow gag, though most just coated his face and dribbled down his neck. A broken Brad laid down his crib, the neck of his suit now stained a dark piss yellow to mark the Babysitter’s territory and liquid shit from Mr. Coy’s used diaper dripped down his face after mixing with the fresh urine. To add insult to injury, the Babysitter procured Brad’s pacifier nipple and stuck it up his ass, being sure his scent would stick to the rubber. The babysitter removed the now sweaty and stinky nipple reeking of his ass stench and inserted it back into Brad’s mouth, and locked the crib, leaving the monitor’s view soon after. The ex-football star gagged as the bitter flavor of the nipple mirrored the fetid stench of his captor’s ass, the poor lad now reduced to a shit packed fart cushion. James wished he could help him, but knew he was powerless stuck in his own locked crib.

The doors to their dungeon swung open as the Babysitters of the three remaining lads walked in, snapping Danny and Charlie out of their lustful haze. “Boss says that we gotta start getting you ready for the next round of games, so if you don’t want us spinning that wheel, you better not give us trouble. Lay down in your cribs, ass up” Danny’s babysitter shouted as the three entered the room. Danny knew better than to try to rebel now and did was he was told, laying down and looking towards Charlie who looked back.
Danny winced as he felt the Babysitter probing his hole with his finger, a small shock of pleasure coursed through his body as he pressed against his prostate. “Brown… yep, he’s ready for the challenge alright” Danny heard the leathered man say. “Yep, Baby Charming over here’s good too.” Charlie’s Babysitter replied. “This kid’s practically touching padding.” James’s babysitter laughed as he pulled his finger out of James’s loose hole.

Danny gasped as a large object was pressed against his hole, and then shoved in. It felt like another dildo, but it was definitely not made of any sort of rubber, it was slick and felt solid… but also a bit squishy at the same time. Charlie grunted as he felt the same intrusion by the mystery object assaulting his recovering hole. Meanwhile, James cried out as his large dump was packed further inside him by the plug, his bowels stretching to accommodate the room required to fit everything in him.

Danny heard the sound of duct tape being pulled and torn and then felt pressure against his diaper seat. The babysitters repeated the process for the other two as well, recreating a functional seal in their diapers again. Danny doubted Mr. Coy or the babysitters wanted any of the boy’s leaking their messes around if they were forced to shit themselves. ‘But… if we’re plugged up then why would they feel the need to tape the diapers up now?’ Danny thought to himself, but was cut short when he heard a loud click from inside the room as the crib started to rise. Either way, Danny was sure he was going to find out very shortly.

“Welcome boys to our third challenge… I call it: Surdiaper!” Mr. Coy cheered as Charlie rolled his eyes once more. “You know for being a Professor, you’re pretty lacking in wit.” Mr. Coy glared back. “You know for being a college student you’re pretty lacking in toilet training, so you better figure out your place here before I need to take a more direct approach with you.” Charlie knew when to give up a losing battle and held his tongue.

Mr. Coy snapped his fingers as the boys were led out of their cribs by their Babysitters and onto a small circular platform with about a 2-foot radius. As they were walked towards their latest torment Danny felt a tingle in his gut. Not so much an urge, but more of an irritation from the plug left inside of him that made him squirm. Standing in the middle of the platform now Danny took in his surroundings. The Islands on each side of him held Charlie and James respectively, both wearing a look that suggested they too were feeling the irritation in their guts. Looking over the edge Danny saw that they were completely surrounded by another large pit of shit-filled diapers, the smell of them wafting up towards the three boys. This time there was no escape though, as the bridges that the Babysitters used to walk them onto the islands had now retracted, leaving them stranded.

“As the name of this challenge suggests, all you need to do is survive. I don’t think I need to tell you that you don’t want to be forced off your island, so I hope you boys are feeling sharp!” Mr. Coy explained with his signature grin. “Although, I don’t think standing on a platform is very challenging for you boys, so what do you say we spice things up.” Mr. Coy fiddled with his keypad and a loud mechanical whirring came from behind the boys. Danny turned around to see a large oversized baby rattle protruding out of a center console. The Rattle began to rotate slowly in a loop, extending far enough that it’s handle would pass over each of the islands the Boys were standing on, no doubt trying to trip them up. At the present though, it spun so slowly that they could simply step over it.

“If this challenge was a spice, it would be salt.” Charlie retorted to Mr. Coy. “Quite the astute observation, although falling off isn’t the only way you boys will lose this challenge. Do you three recall the plugs the Babysitters inserted into all of you?” Danny’s eyes widened as he began to fit the pieces together. The waxy texture of the plug plus the irritation they were feeling… “Those weren’t ordinary rubber plugs, but large glycerin suppositories fashioned for this challenge. I’m sure by now you boys are starting to feel a little irritation as they begin to melt, it won’t be long now until the pressure really starts building…” A drop of sweat beaded down Charlie’s face as he felt a small cramp, his asshole was barely able to clench after the last challenge as it is. “The first boy who is either knocked off into the filthy padding or fills his diapers like a baby will be eliminated. Don’t worry though you three, I’m sure one will lead to another anyways.” Mr. Coy finished his explanation with a dark tone. Danny knew he wasn’t lying, the irritation in his bowels was undeniable. Not to mention if he was brought to a point where he was forced to put all his attention his holding in his poop, he would certainly be tripped up and sent into the pit of filth below, only to load his diapers anyways. Danny could only hope he and Charlie’s stamina held out.

The Rattle came for its first rotation, Charlie stepped over it, followed by Danny and then James. Danny could really feel the irritation now, the plug undoubtedly starting to turn into liquid. Charlie took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves, wishing he could calm the nerve endings firing in his abdomen. James took a large step over the Rattle, unclenching for just a second. He gasped and quickly tightened his muscles again, if he were to lose his control for even just 5 seconds, he wasn’t sure he would be able to hold anything in, plug or not.

The Rattle came around for another rotation and the boys all made it over once again. Although their bowels were aching, simply hopping a slowly moving bar wasn’t particularly challenging. Mr. Coy watching from his throne with his face resting on his hand. “You know, I expected this contest to be a little bit more… exciting somehow.” He said off-handedly to a babysitter standing by his side. “Understood sir, we’ll ramp up the difficulty.” The babysitter replied, knowing full well what the professor was subtly implying. Mr. Coy smiled knowing that one of the boys’ time was limited.

Danny hopped over the Rattle once more, it was hard to tell, but it seemed to be speeding up. His eyes fixated on the large beam circling the room. Charlie was prepared for the next circle, but noticed that the Rattle suddenly lurched upwards. Quick on his feet, Charlie ducked under the now undulating rattle, but regretted his sudden jerk as the pressure once again assaulted his hole due to his squat. The plugs had melted more feeling less like a solid object and more like a squishy mush. Danny wasn’t as fazed when the rattle swung his way, but noticed that he needed to hop over it as it swung back down. Danny looked at the rattle as it passed under him, wincing at his building need to shit, but still felt in control. At least he was until a blunt used diaper stuck his shoulder at a fast speed. Shit splattered on his arm as the diaper fell to the island floor. Danny kicked the padding off and into the pit of other used diapers, and locked eyes with a babysitter watching from above the arena. He had some sort of gun in his arms, though Danny vaguely remembered the shape from one of Brads football games. It was a T-shirt cannon that he was loading with similarly loaded diapers from a pail next to him.

The babysitter fired another diaper at Charlie, who narrowly dodged the speeding padding. “The fuck…?” He exclaimed as a small fart squeaked out of him. He quickly clenched again, realizing that he was running out of time, the plug barely resembling a solid object anymore. James ducked under the Rattle as a diaper struck his knee. He let out a fart as well, though notably longer than Charlie’s. He strained but regained control. A drop of sweat dripped down Danny’s face. No doubt all three of them were feeling the effects now. Danny could barely think straight with the three aspects of the challenge stretching his focus thin. He squatted under the Rattle as a cramp struck him. His ass tried its hardest to open, but Danny kept it locked with sheer will, as the urge subsided slightly for the moment. He heard wet splash sound from James’s island as Danny wondered if the small lad had fallen into the pit. Instead, he saw rubber shreds from what looked like a water balloon that soaked James’s skin. James tried to remain unfazed, noticing other babysitters above them pissing inside condoms, stretching them out like balloons. A urine filled condom burst over Danny’s chest, causing him to keel over from the intense sting that was now wracking his skin, matching the stinging he felt inside him.

Charlie dodged a condom that burst on his island floor, stepping over the rattle that once again rotated his way. He felt his foot slide slightly from the now soaked floor as he began to feel his load enter his colon, pushing against the exit. His exhausted anus now reaching its limits. ‘They’re trying to get us to slip on their piss…’ Danny thought to himself as he blocked an airborne diaper with his arm, once again leaving a sizable shit smear. James hopped over the Rattle once again. He watched the plastic arm rotate around once again as the wind was knocked out of him. The Babysitter fired a pinpoint shot at his gut. James was paralyzed, his control over his load fading fast. If he moved now without regaining control, he knew it would be futile. A condom splashed over his feet, the Babysitters taking advantage of their easy target. James felt a load of shit sliding towards his hole while trying to ignore the stinging pain at his feet. He had to hold it, just a little bit longer. A tear fell from his eye as he began to touch cloth, barely holding on with the little willpower he had left. It was then that a shit-packed diaper nailed him in his face, causing him to lose his footing after sliding on the fresh piss at his feet. Time slowed as he landed square on his back, staring up at the lights that bore down on the boys as the diaper slid off his face, leaving behind a small splatter. James lay in a daze as his body and his mind both gave in, he wanted to keep going, but just didn’t have the strength to hold out any longer.

The rumbling coming from James’s diaper was unmistakable, as the glycerin splattered out into the diaper seat, followed by what felt like a load of shit that was two feet long. The pile poured out of his exhausted hole and began to spread up the back of his crack and down his taint, smearing over his ass cheeks as the soft load looked for any room left in his diaper to spread. James was lost in the ecstasy of the relief of finally letting out his load, so much in fact that he didn’t notice the Rattle swinging down towards him, sweeping into the pit of diapers below. James belly flopped into the fetid pool of padding, the force of the impact shooting out even more of his load into his sagging diaper. James couldn’t move as the load seeped towards the front, smearing over his cock and balls. Mr. Coy smiled in glee as he motioned to his Babysitters to stop the challenge. He looked over at the young boy low lying face down in the pile of diapers, his own diaper still pressing outwards from his body expelling every bit of mass in his bowels. The front of Mr. Coy’s suit pants bulged out tellingly watching James roll himself on his back, like a pig in his stye, smearing the messy diapers over his body.

Danny and Charlie breathed a sigh of relief, they made it to the final two. With a gleeful smile, Danny looked over at Charlie who had his own proud look on his face as he turned towards Danny. Their touching moment of relief was cut short by Mr. Coy who began slowly clapping. “Congratulations you two on your victory in the challenge, but we’re not done here just yet. Last I checked you boys aren’t quite out of the woods yet.” Danny felt another cramp strike him as Mr. Coy’s words sunk in, they were still going to be forced to befoul themselves anyways for his enjoyment. “But how about we make this interesting, we’re going to do a sudden death challenge. The loser still moves on to the finals, but the winner will be able to spare himself some dignity and use the toilet like a big boy.” Mr. Coy snapped his fingers as a small arena rose from the pit below, carrying a decent sized pile of the fetid diapers with it. The Babysitters led Danny and Charlie off their platforms and into the caged arena. “This is just a simple challenge of wrestling, whoever gets pinned down first will be the loser, likewise anyone who poops their pampers loses their toilet privileges. Other than that, anything goes.”

Danny looked at Charlie who stood on the other side of the small arena with open used diapers covering the floor. He was breaking a sweat, as he glistened in the hot lights above, his pecs and abs flexing as he strained his muscles to keep holding his mess in. Danny had to admit Charlie was damn attractive standing there in just his diaper, as emasculating as it was, Charlie could wear anything and look sexy.

“Win or lose, no grudges okay?” Charlie said to Danny, still entranced by Charlie’s body. “Uh.. yeah sure…” Danny replied clearly lost in his little world. Charlie wasn’t one to wait around as he grappled Danny and knocked him backwards to the floor. Danny snapped back to attention, as Charlie quickly tried to pin him down he rolled to the side, slipping out from under him. The smell from the used diapers quickly became harder to ignore, especially for Danny, whose back and arms were now smeared by foul smelling shit. Charlie, still on his knees attempted to stand back up, but lost his footing slightly as a diaper slid under his foot. Danny knew an opportunity when he saw one so he stood up and pressed his body weight into Charlie’s backside. Without a steady grip, Charlie fell to the ground on his stomach, wincing as shitty diapers stuck to his bare skin and pressed against his gut. He let out a fart as his bowels contracted in response to the new pressure. Danny still pressing his weight into Charlie’s diaper ass, felt a rumbling from behind the padding followed soon by a rotten stench that cut through the smell of the diapers. Charlie growled and shook Danny off, standing up once again.

Danny kneeled in the diapers, not yet able to get his footing with the shit lubing up the floor and the two boys. He looked up at Charlie who’s chiseled body stood above him, slightly shit splattered yet still undeniably attractive. Danny couldn’t help but notice that Charlie’s diaper was sporting quite the tent as Charlie couldn’t help popping a boner. Danny blushed and felt himself getting hard in his own diaper. Charlie bent down and pressed the two of them to the ground again. Danny felt a wave of pleasure course through him as he felt Charlie’s body pressing against his, but felt a wave of pressure to match. His bowels were packed, and he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. Charlie tried to get a grip on Danny, but the shit that smeared onto his body made his skin too slimy to hold onto. Danny grabbed a used diaper in his hand and pressed it against Charlie’s face. He felt the shit in the diaper-seat squish over his right cheek and nose, forcing him to loosen his grip on Danny. Before he could get free though, Charlie used his arm and wrapped Danny’s head tight. Danny struggled, but couldn’t quite escape his grip, his head forced into Charlie’s sweaty armpit. The stink of his armpit close up wafted into Danny’s nose, but Charlie’s body odor only served to turn Danny on even more. It didn’t even smell bad to the smaller lad, it just smelled like Charlie which Danny couldn’t get enough of. He took a big whiff, inhaling the manly scent of the clean-cut man holding him, thrusting his rock-hard dick into his padding.

Charlie felt Danny fighting back less and less as he suddenly felt Danny’s diapered crotch press into his side and thrust upwards. Taken off guard, his grip loosened, as he looked at Danny’s blushing face. Charlie knew he wanted to win this contest, but Danny’s cute expression made his heart melt, instead scooping the boy into a large hug and rolled into the diapers with him, the used diapers sticking to their bodies and smearing them further. Danny felt Charlie’s cock pressed into his as the two rubbed their diapers together. The stench from their challenge was an afterthought and the two were locked into a sensual bliss. Even though the larger boy was abhorrently covered in shit, now smeared all over his body and onto his face, Danny felt that Charlie was perfect, his bear hug making him feel so warm.

Danny laid back in the pile of diapers with Charlie’s arms wrapped around him. He looked into Charlie’s eyes as the two managed to share a moment despite the vile circumstances. Charlie’s face still had shit smeared onto it from the diaper that Danny had pressed into it. Danny used his hand and caressed his face, gently wiping off some of the mess he had made while looking into his deep blue eyes. Charlie had a slightly serious look as he leaned into Danny, the distance between their faces closing slowly as Charlie then pressed his lips against Danny’s.

Time slowed as Danny felt pleasure wrack his body as Charlie continued to passionately kiss him. Danny felt his whole body relax, he had never felt more right as he did in this moment. However, the feeling was cut short as Danny felt his bowels open as glycerin and shit began to load his diaper. The mess poured out of him as Danny tried to regain control, but it was futile as the suppository finally did its job. Charlie continued to press his lips against Danny’s as lumps and bulges pressed outwards into Danny’s padding, Charlie’s dick twitch intensely clearly enjoying the sensations and the vibrations. Danny felt the sticky mess smear over his ass cheeks, and slowly crept up the back of his diaper and his taint. Still hard as a rock, the warm, squishy load smooshed upwards and covered his testicles as Danny still thrust forward in his diaper, smearing shit more and more over his cock. Although the sensation was absolutely disgusting, Danny couldn’t help but be turned on by Charlie’s own enjoyment of his dirty accident. Charlie moved his hand down over Danny’s thoroughly loaded diaper and pressed down. Danny felt his shit rush and seep throughout his diaper, his ass cheeks were caked in his soft mess and his cock twitched as he felt the warm poop rush up the front of his diaper. Charlie’s tongue pressed through Danny’s lips and Danny continued to hump his filthy, messy diaper against Charlie’s crotch, the soft squishy feeling rivaling a fleshlight.

Their sensual moment was cut short as Charlie’s Babysitter pulled Charlie off of Danny, just as he was close to climax in his messy diaper. Mr. Coy stood above him with Danny’s Babysitter to his right.

“Well, that was certainly not what I had in mind for that sort of challenge. Although I suppose I did say that anything goes…” Mr. Coy looked down at Danny sadistically. “Anyways, it seems we found out who our other stinky, filthy little baby is. I didn’t know you were such a fan of your messy diapers, Danny, but I couldn’t help but notice how much you wanted to hump your shit-filled padding.” Danny turned bright red as his cock twitched from his humiliation. Mr. Coy then turned to Charlie, gripping his stomach, no doubt barely keeping his own diapers clean. “Enough about the loser though, I believe we promised our winner a prize…” Danny’s babysitter picked him up and set him down on a side section of the filthy arena. Danny groaned as he was eased back down in his pile of shit, the mess spreading over his ass cheeks once again. His still rock-hard cock was buried in his smeared load in the front of his diaper, twitching at any stimulation he was feeling in his diaper area. Danny’s babysitter then locked his wrists into two shackles on the floor near his head which was nearly against a wall.

“Hey, what’s going on? I thought you said the loser wouldn’t get any punishment.” Danny yelled to Mr. Coy. “I believe there may be a misunderstanding, I never said there would be no punishment, I just said there would be no elimination for the challenge finale.” Mr. Coy snapped his fingers and Danny’s babysitter slid out a metal oval object over Danny’s head, locking him in place with his face ever so slightly under the rim.
“I also said the winner would get to use a toilet.”

Danny’s eyes widened. He lifted his head and saw Charlie standing above him with his Babysitter. Charlie’s Babysitter tore off his diaper, leaving him standing naked in front of Danny. Danny’s cock begged for release as Charlie’s Babysitter led his stark-naked crush towards him, Charlie’s 8-inch member was rock hard as he looked down at Danny under the chair.

“Please don’t make me do this to him…” Charlie pleaded with Mr. Coy, who simply brushed him off and looked on as Charlie’s Babysitter forced him down on the rim seat. Danny’s face was less than an inch from Charlie’s muscular ass. Danny inhaled his ass musk as he thrust in his diaper, his body begging for any sort of release, the scent of Charlies ass sweat driving him into a haze. Danny noticed Charlie’s ass shaking, as he tried hard not to let out his load over Danny’s face, it continued to quiver until he let out a loud fart. The smell hit Danny like a brick, it was much worse then just a fart as the smell of the huge load he was holding back mixed in with it.

“Ughh… I can’t… hold it…” Charlie moaned as he convulsed, his stomach grumbling as his bowels kept forcibly contracting. Mr. Coy smiled. “I’d be sure to close my mouth if I were you Danny… Unless you’re into that of course.” Danny saw Charlie’s hole open, as liquid glycerin splatter out over his face. Worse still, he saw the tip of the massive log that he had been desperately holding in for the entirety of the challenge. It was over an inch wide and it stretched Charlie’s hole painfully, Danny wasn’t sure if having his eyes open or closed was worse. It quickly poured out of him like soft-serve, piling up and squishing over his face. It spread out over his cheeks, and down slowly leaked down the sides of his face. Danny dared not open his mouth to breathe, but the stench assaulting his nostrils was hardly bearable. He struggled in his bonds, but only served to spread the shit over his head further as Charlie continued to expel more and more, helpless to stop his newfound lover’s punishment. Mr. Coy watched with a raging boner, but couldn’t help but notice that Charlie had one to match.

Mr. Coy walked over as another harsh cramp forced Charlie to poop even more. Danny moaned from below, but Charlie’s cock twitched as the stimulation in his colon pressed against his prostate. Mr. Coy grabbed Charlie’s hard dick and began to rub up and down. From all the stimulation from the wrestling with Danny, it hardly took any time at all before Charlie was climaxing and firing his load over Danny’s body. Danny felt his large ass cheeks tense over his face, squishing and smearing the load that was piling up, followed soon by drops of cum dripping over his body. Danny might not have been able to see past the load of shit over his face, but he knew that Charlie had just orgasmed while riding his face, the thought of his crush orgasming over him was enough to send Danny over the edge as he exploded in his diaper. Cum gushed into the front of his diaper, mixing in with the poop that had squished its way to the front from his constant thrusts. Danny lay there as his orgasm rode on for what felt like ages, even though Charlie continued to dump over his head he was in orgasmic bliss.

Eventually Charlie’s bowel cramps subsided and the lad slumped over on the rim chair, completely spent from his combined dump and orgasm. Danny’s orgasm also faded and he was left to endure the massive load of shit that remained on his face, seeping over him in every direction, slicking his hair backwards and seeping down in a small pool underneath his head. Charlie was then snapped awake by the feeling of drips splattering over his head, he turned and saw Mr. Coy reaching climax and firing his load on his face.

“Well, now THAT was a show. You boys definitely know how to get me going.” Charlie wanted to retort but his brain was in a fog. “You know we’ll definitely have to do something like this again, though maybe we’ll switch positions next time, wouldn’t that be fun?” Mr. Coy stared directly into Charlie’s eyes with a devilish smile as the lad dealt with the guilt of what he just did to poor Danny. “Put them back in their cribs please, and feel free to let the shit-pig down there clean off with this.” Mr. Coy said as he handed Charlies unused diaper to Danny’s Babysitter “We still have to attend to the punishment wheel after all, I have to admit I was quite unpleased with Baby James’s performance with this challenge…”
Charlie’s Babysitter lifted him up as droplets of poop fell onto Danny’s body off of his dirty ass and handcuffed him, walking him back to his crib. “Dude, I’m sorry… I tried to hold it.” Charlie yelled back to Danny, though Danny found it slightly hard to hear while buried in his massive pile of shit. Danny suddenly felt something wrap around his head, locking all of Charlie’s shit in, and pressing it down further. His Babysitter tightly taped Charlie’s old diaper over his head. Danny gagged as he struggled to breathe, the only source of air was tightly filtered with the stink of Charlie’s dump. Danny felt his shackles release, but quickly replaced by handcuffs as the Babysitter pulled him up, leading him to what he assumed was his own crib. Shit dripped down from his diaper hood down his body, but for the most part his babysitter had taped it tight enough that it mostly held the mess in. Suddenly, Danny felt a kick in his back forcing him to fall forward, faceplanting into the mess, coating his head further. Danny lay there in his diaper completely disoriented, barely able to breathe as a small source of air came in through the cracks of the diaper’s padding.

“Danny, are you okay? Can you hear me?’ Charlie asked from his crib, wishing he could untape his disgustingly filthy hood. Danny could barely hear what he was saying, all the sound from outside was muffled. He moaned from behind his closed mouth, but didn’t dare open it lest some of the mess leaked inside. “Alright… well… for what’s its worth, I uh, enjoyed our wrestling match.” Danny roughly made out the words, giving him some solace. Although he ended up in this vile position, he had to admit, he had worse orgasms before. Having such an intimate moment with Charlie, even stuck under the rim chair as his toilet was a wet dream of his come true. Charlie, now freshly diapered in his crib, looked on at the little guy in the crib next to him, covered in god knows how many loads of shit, wearing two extremely used diapers covering both of his heads, and yet… the image turned him on. He inhaled the mixed stench of his and Danny’s loaded diapers coming from Danny’s crib and rubbed his padded crotch. He’d never admit it, but Mr. Coy wasn’t the only one getting sexual pleasure from these sick games.

Charlie’s attention was diverted as a defeated, handcuffed James was forced to his knees in front of Mr. Coy’s throne. A few diapers from the pit clung to his skin, as his own smelly and loaded diaper forced his legs apart. James moaned as his Babysitter forced him even further down onto his ass, James feeling his shit squelch and spread over and up his ass and crack. His Babysitter took the opportunity to force the loser’s pacifier into James’s mouth, tying it behind his head. James looked up at Mr. Coy with helpless puppy dog eyes, but it only added to the Professors enjoyment.

“Ah yes, Baby James… I had high hopes for you, your intellect was clearly superior to the rest but your athleticism hardly compared to it. Truth be told, I think you’ll enjoy it here as a Baby, you’ll never have to do any physical activity ever again outside of pushing your stinky messes into your diapers.” James looked down at the floor as his eyes began to water, overwhelmed with humiliation and despair. Mr. Coy snapped his fingers as James’s Babysitter moved to the punishment wheel, and gave it a hard spin. The wheel spun and spun, the color matching the only thing that Danny could see inside his diaper hood. It continued to tick until the yellow letters spelled out his punishment. Charlie wasn’t sure what ‘Loveseat’ meant, it sounded tame compared to the other punishments, but he was sure it was worse than it sounded.

“And it looks like the wheel chose Loveseat. Quite the perfect punishment for a submissive baby like yourself, James. You see our poor Babysitters work quite tirelessly taking care of the babies here, and after a long day they want nothing more than to get some pleasure…” James Babysitter left and returned with opaque brown plastic pants. He peeled the duct tape that sealed the hole behind his diaper from the previous challenge, and slid the brown plastic pants up. The front was labelled “POOPY SERVICE BABY” in large yellow letters with “NO DIAPER CHANGING” written underneath. The back had a zipper placed intentionally over the hole in his diaper with “INSERT COCK HERE” with matching yellow arrows pointing towards the seam and “LUBE PROVIDED IN DIAPER” written underneath. The font appeared upside down, as if James needed to be on his back in order to read the writing. Charlie imagined that was a given in his new duty. “Quite the fitting outfit for our little size-baby, though let me warn you, some of our Babysitters are much bigger than those dildos you seemed to enjoy so much.” James shed a tear as he saw the words on his new outfit displayed on a monitor for all to see. He knew he wasn’t going to be receiving a new diaper for a long time. “Now I think its about time we show Baby James his new post.” Mr. Coy clapped his hands and his Babysitter yanked him through a door on the side of the room. A large monitor descended from the ceiling and lit up, showing a low-lit room that appeared to be some sort of mix between a sex dungeon and a bathroom. There were toilets on the sides of the room, a diaper pail that was overflowing with diapers, and a few unfortunate bound men wearing leaking diapers in shackles and stocks, no doubt also there as some sort of service punishment.

James was pushed into view by his babysitter and forced to lay back onto a strange table near the toilets. Four shackles hung above the table, the Babysitter locking James’s legs into the two on one side, and then his arms shortly after removing his handcuffs. James wanted to overpower his babysitter and make a break for it, but knew he stood no chance. James felt the nipple of the pacifier being pulled out of his mouth, leaving him with just the hollow gag in his mouth. The Babysitter then walked in between his legs and unzipped the zipper. He made a show of reacting to the stench, holding his nose and waving the air, but then pulled down his pants revealing a throbbing 9-inch cock. James cried out as the handsome muscular man invaded his hole with his rock-hard member, feeling his mess churn around in his diaper from his thrusts. James moaned in pain as he pressed fully inwards, the entire 9 inches filling out his insides. It was then that James heard a toilet flush as another, much chubbier Babysitter stood over James’s head.

“Did I forget to mention, Baby James, that we’ve recently decided to cut our waste production here and no longer allow the use of toilet paper. Its hard for them I’m sure, but we were able to come up with a compromise that we were both happy with.” Mr. Coy’s voice echoed into the bathroom from a speaker. James wasn’t sure what he meant as the chubby Babysitter stood over his head and squatted his dirty ass over James’s face. “Be sure to do a good job cleaning our diligent workers, you hear me? They’re not going to let you have fresh air until they’re satisfied.” The stench of a fresh dump assaulted James’s nostrils as his face was forced into the Babysitters large, smelly ass. James wretched at the smell, knowing there was only one way to end his foul torture. He stuck out his tongue and licked the man’s ass-crack, the harshly bitter taste of his unwiped ass stained James’s mouth. The larger babysitter moaned and jacked off as he received his rim job, as he leaned forward and began to make out with the Babysitter who was balls deep in James’s other hole. His thrusts became more frequent and powerful, causing James to yell out into the other Babysitters ass, the two men only getting more turned on at James’s pain.
James struggled against his chains, as he continued his vile rim-job. He felt a rumbling from inside the Babysitters body that didn’t bode well for him. He felt the man’s hole start to twitch as he felt the other Babysitters cock thrust hard and fast into his hole. James’s mouth was wide open as he yelped in pain, as the other Babysitter let out a large shart over James’s face. Shit splattered inside his mouth as the poor lad gagged. The man laughed as he approached climax, passionately kissing the other babysitter who was nearing it as well. He burst his load over James’s still-smeared body, as James felt the cock inside of him throb and shoot the other load deep into his guts. The Babysitter on James’s face afterglowed for a while and then stepped off of him, soon replaced by the shitty cock of the man who had just penetrated him, no doubt also wanting a cleaning. The vile taste of James’s own shit filled his mouth, as he tried his best to not get sick. Eventually the man pulled his dick out and pulled up his pants.

“I hope you hard workers enjoyed your experience with our new Loveseat, would you rate Baby James here as a positive experience?” Mr. Coy asked through the speakers. The two men discussed to themselves for a little bit, the larger Babysitter running a finger through his ass crack and then taking a sniff, wrinkling his nose at the lingering stench, while the other wiped some shit off of his still dirty penis. They looked to the camera and showed a thumbs down from the both of them.

“Oh dear… well it seems that Baby James is not off to too great a start, although I suppose it is my fault for not giving him proper training first.” Mr. Coy snapped his fingers as the two babysitters grinned. The larger one walked over to the overflowing diaper pail and pulled out an untaped diaper that reeked of the large dump inside. He walked over to James who vigorously shook his head in horror as he pressed the shit-covered diaper seat over his gag and taped it into place, the harsh smell of a week-old load pressed into his nose, soon followed by the taste leaking into the hollow gag. “I expect that diaper to be completely clean of any sort of mess by the time we check up on you. If you do another unsatisfactory job, then I suppose we’ll need to give you another training diaper until you seem to get it right.” Mr. Coy smiled as James struggled against his bonds, trying to shake the diaper off of his head, but was unable to get it off. James cried out into the padding as he felt another hard cock invade his asshole and began to fuck him roughly.

Charlie watched the monitor in pity as Mr. Coy turned his attention to the final two. “Well Boys, this is it. The next challenge will decide who is the winner of this season of The Dirty Diaper Games. I recommend you get your lover’s head out of the diaper pail, or he might end up leaning how to give proper rim jobs with it.” Mr. Coy said directly at Charlie. The cribs began to descend as Charlie looked towards a handcuffed Danny whose head was still trapped in his shitty diaper hood.

“I’m going to get you out of here.” Charlie said under his breath. “I promise.”

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