The Dirty Diaper Games – Chapter 4

Authors Note: I might’ve gotten a tad carried away when writing this chapter up as it somehow ended up longer than the last one, my bad! I’ve been really blown away by the positive reception though, and I just wanted to say thanks!

Chapter 4

Danny looked around at the other three remaining boys, the memory of Greg’s degradation still fresh in his mind. Charlie didn’t seem fazed, probably more focused on the next humiliating challenge which was in store for them. James and Brad on the other hand weren’t quite as stoic. Brad couldn’t even look at the other contestants in the eyes, his packed diaper stinking up the rest of the dungeon, the smell getting more intense as he shifted around in the disgusting load. James seemed almost traumatized on the other hand. The guilt of Greg’s fate falling heavily on his shoulders. “That should’ve been me…”

“How’re you holding up?” Charlie asked from the next-door crib. “…I dunno, that was… a lot. I thought Austin’s was bad, but that was torture.” Danny replied, trying to process recent events. “That’s why I said we gotta stick together, I have a plan. All we gotta do is reach the finals together and then we’re gonna bargain with him.” Danny wasn’t thrilled with the idea. “You think that’s gonna work? Bargain with what exactly, our freedom? If you’re not careful you’re gonna get us both stuck here…”

Charlie looked down at his crib. “Yeah but, I can’t just leave you here… and I know you don’t want to leave me either.” Danny blushed as Charlie continued “Look I know we barely know each other, but I meant what I said earlier. When we’re out of here, I want to go on a real date with you. You’re cute, you’re kind, a bit feisty, and… man your ass really fills out that diaper of yours.” Danny rolled his eyes. “I told you that I didn’t use that last diaper.” Charlie laughed nervously, realizing what he had just said. “I just mean, uh, you know… you’re kinda hot, okay?” Danny smiled with a laugh. “You know, you seemed a lot smoother at that rush event. But fine, you win. Let’s get top two and try our luck.”

A door on the other side of the room opened and interrupted their conversation as the boy’s babysitters came in with large bags of some purple-brownish mush. “The boss wants to make sure all his boys are well fed going into the next challenges. Anything in this bag that you don’t finish is gonna be poured down the back of those diapers, so chop chop.” Gags with holes in them were forced into the mouths of the boys, soon connected with a large tube that the mush would flow through. It began to flow down into Danny’s mouth, the bitter taste making him shudder. He recognized the taste as something like prunes with oats, but there was some flavor mixed in that he couldn’t place which added to the bitterness. Regardless, Danny knew that Mr. Coy was trying to fill them up with fiber, no doubt so it could all be forced out later into their padding.

On the other side of the room, above Greg’s old crib, a TV monitor lit up. It displayed Greg, wallowing in the ‘Diaper Pail’, still nauseatingly covered in smeared shit from the surrounding diapers. Then, a light was seen streaming in the room as a door out of view opened. A figure walked into the frame, although the quality of the feed wasn’t great, it was clear who it was: Mr. Coy. The boys watched while still swallowing the never-ending stream of mush as the Professor taunted the bound lad, holding his nose and pulling back Greg’s shit filled diaper. Mr. Coy walked up to the front of the boy and pulled down his suit pants, revealing a diaper of his own. He reached for the large pacifier in Greg’s mouth and pulled out the middle part of it, effectively turning it into a hollow gag. Mr. Coy pulled the front of his diaper down, and unveiled his large 8-inch cock, the bottom of which appeared to be covered in Mr. Coy’s own waste. ‘I guess if you’re sick enough to create games like this, you’d be turned on by wearing your own shitty diapers too…’ Danny thought while swallowing another load of fiber mush.

Greg tried to protest, but soon Mr. Coy’s shitty cock was forced down the hollow gag. The Professor grabbing Greg’s shit covered head, forcing the humiliated lad to give him a blowjob. Mr. Coy pumping his cock faster and faster as Greg, clearly choking on the massive member, winced in pain. After a minute, Mr. Coy pulled out his cock and busted his silver load all over Greg’s’ head, speckling his shit covered face with semen.

After taking a second to recuperate, Mr. Coy then picked up a filled diaper laying on the pit, and used it’s shit covered padding to wipe off his cum. Danny knew he just wanted another excuse to smear Greg’s poor face with even more shit though. Finally, Mr. Coy took the rubber nipple of Greg’s pacifier, stuffed it in the back of Greg’s diaper to give it a healthy coating of his own mess, and then forced it back into his mouth. Danny couldn’t hear any sounds from the room, but he knew Greg was screaming by the way he thrashed and struggled in his bonds, no doubt the acrid taste of his shit covered dummy tainting the inside of his mouth. Mr. Coy visibly laughed and said something to the lad, and then left the room. Danny swallowed another mouthful and turned his head towards Charlie, his fears confirmed. The torment by Mr. Coy’s wheel of punishment was only the beginning of the hell that was being a slave here. Charlie swallowed his own bag of mush and returned an understanding gaze; he must’ve witnessed the events of Greg’s cell too.

The flow of mush seeping through the gag tapered off, and Danny could finally take a breather. His belly felt massively full, looking down he was clearly bloated, his belly pressing against the tightly taped diaper. The Babysitters came back and removed all the boy’s feeding bags and tubes, everyone was sure to finish their meal in order to keep their diapers clean just a little longer – save Brad’s already packed diaper that is.

“Alright boys, the Professor says it’s showtime. Don’t crap yourselves too quickly.” Brad’s babysitter announced, while being sure to give a hard smack on Brad’s lumpy diapered ass in order to smush his mess around. Another babysitter flipped a lever and the cribs began to rise up above the floor again. Danny looked up as the floor above him opened up into a new room. Mr. Coy was standing at a podium across of four baby bouncers which were large enough to fit adults.

“Welcome again contestants, your second challenge is… Diapardy!” Mr. Coy announced in his usual showman’s tone. “Did you come up with that name all on your own?” Charlie heckled to an irritated Mr. Coy. “I’d like to see you come up with witty names… can we get these boys set up already?”

Mr. Coy snapped his fingers and the Babysitters lifted the boys out of the cribs and into the oversized baby bouncers. Danny felt the rubber bouncer pressing hard against his crotch as he hung in the air, meanwhile Brad cringed as he felt the mess in his diaper shift and squeeze around his crotch each time the bouncer bobbed. He could feel the shit seeping well up the front and over his cock and balls now, no part of the diaper remained clean as the mess stained even the outside of the diaper now.

“The aim of this game is quite simple you see; we’re going to be playing a simple trivia game. All you need to do is answer enough questions correctly and you’ll move on to the next round.” Mr. Coy explained. Danny felt relieved, Trivia seemed more doable than something physical, especially when comparing himself to Charlie or Brad, shit filled diaper or not. For the first time in this contest, James’s still shit covered face lit up. Mental games were definitely the lads forte.

“Although, it wouldn’t be one of my games if we didn’t spice it up a bit, now would it?” Mr. Coy wore his sadistic grin as he pressed a button on his keypad, now connected to the podium rather than his throne. The boys heard a whirring below, and then 4 large dildos each attached to a small table rose from the floor, right under each of the boys suspended in their baby bouncers. “We’ll start with you all halfway down the dildo or so, and then as you answer questions right or wrong, you’ll slide up or down your dildo. If you’re able to get off the dildo, you’ll win the challenge, though anyone who remains on it will – as our young football player had eloquently put it – get fucked.”

“Wait, you can’t just force us down on these!” James pleaded, clearly worried about the massive member awaiting below. “Oh, all right, I suppose we can give you some lube.” Mr. Coy snapped his fingers, and two Babysitters came over to him. Mr. Coy pulled down his pants revealing his own diaper once again. Judging from the its puffiness in the back, Danny had assumed the professor also like his diapers well used. The Babysitters gave him a noticeably higher quality change than Danny had just received, being sure to wipe all of his waste off his ass, powdering him, and snugly taping him into place. The boys awkwardly watched on, not sure what prompted the change, though Mr. Coy’s rock hard cock was hard to look away from anyways. “Ahh, much better. Had been stewing in that for quite a few hours now. Now, about the lube situation, I think I have a nice solution. Be careful what you wish for.” The Professor wore his sinister smile one again as the other Babysitter took Mr. Coy’s loaded diaper and began smearing the dildos with his shit. James wanted to protest, the last thing he wanted was to get fucked by a dildo covered in another man’s shit, but it was still likely better than trying to fit on it dry. Once they all received a healthy coating, another Babysitter came out and brandished a knife.

“Whoa whoa hold on, what’s that for?” Danny asked nervously. He knew the Professor had messed up kinks, but how far was he planning on taking this? “You should hold still.” The Babysitter commanded, and he methodically cut a small hole into the back of each of the contestant’s diapers. Brad’s diaper began to drip down more liquid poop over his dildo, coating it even further. Then, the bouncers began to descend, the Babysitters guiding the boys and their holes onto the two-inch-wide dildo’s below. Brad cried out in pain as the rubber tip forced his asshole open, clearly not used to having something up his chute. Charlie moaned and winced, but was able to handle its initial invasion after a little bit of time. Danny yelped a bit, but was able to take a few deep breaths as he was eased down a few inches. James however, seemed unfazed as he was able to slide down without any pain. ‘I guess we found the power-bottom…’ Danny thought to himself as Brads eyes widened in a confused surprise.

“You each have four buttons in attached to the front of your bouncer. Just press the letter to pick your answer.” Danny looked down and saw a small high chair table within arm’s reach, the buttons were stylized to look like baby blocks with colored letters on them. He’d be impressed with the commitment to the theme and the craftsmanship of all these challenges if they weren’t such a literal pain in the ass, Danny thought as he slid down another inch on the dildo. In spite of the predicament, all the boys began sporting hard-ons in their padding with the dildos pressing hard against each of their prostates.

“Now that you’re all standing at attention…” Mr. Coy sure to tease the aroused boys “Question one: What is the shape of the Babysitter Badge? A: A Baby Bottle, B: A Diaper, C: A Pacifier, or D: A Diaper Pin”

Danny wanted to kick himself. He knew he took a look at the badge when he first arrived, but the shape was lost to his memory. The Babysitters that were in the room turned away for this question too, making sure not to give any free hints. James pressed in his answer confidently, while Charlie gave it a bit of thought and locked his in. Brad appeared to be in the same boat as Danny though as the two debated the choices. “Fifteen seconds left to answer, unless you just want to be impaled by your dildo that is.” Mr. Coy taunted. ‘Well… It’s called the Dirty Diaper Games for a reason.’ Danny thought as he pressed down B. Brad also locked in his answer, though clearly unconfident.

With all four locked In, the attention turned back to Mr. Coy. “Well boys, the answer is C, a Diaper pin. It’s meant to be an homage to the Babysitter’s lovely job of changing diapers.” Mr. Coy pressed a button on is keypad, and the baby bouncers began to shift. Danny slid down another inch on the dildo, letting out a small moan as he did, with Brad doing the same with a much more pained sound. Charlie let out a small gasp as he slid in the opposite direction, though James seemed like he was enjoying the feeling and wore a small smile as he slid upwards as well.

“Next question: How often are diaper changes given to slaves at the games? A: Twice a day, B: Once a day, C: Twice a week, D: Once a week”
Danny found the second question unsettling, being forced to sit in a shitty diaper for any longer than a few hours was cruel, but Mr. Coy was definitely not above that. He thought about the slave that had been stewing in his crib when Danny was first diapered up, the padding was utterly packed and smeared on the inside and was leaking out into his crib. Danny pressed answer D while shuddering at the thought that he was forced to wear another man’s week-old shitty diaper. The other boys seemed lost in thought, though they seemed equally disturbed by the implications of the question as they pressed their answers.

“The correct answer for this question is D. Clean diapers in my games are a privilege, and one that most of the babies here aren’t deserving of.” Brad seemed unamused by Mr. Coy’s answer. “You mean to tell me you’re keeping me stuck in this thing for a whole ‘nother week?” Mr. Coy rolled his eyes and pressed the button on the keypad again. Brad let out a yelp as he slid down another inch or so. “At the rate you’re proceeding at, you’ll be lucky to get one at all.” Mr. Coy replied with a stern look. Danny gasped as he ascended off the massive rubber piece, James once again raising alongside him. Charlie however dipped lower, his stimulated cock twitching from the sudden movement.

“Well, I’m glad this game is such a hit with you boys. Let’s keep the ball rolling, shall we? Question three: Who at the games doesn’t contribute to the supply of Dirty Diapers? A: The Slaves, B: The Contestants, C: The Babysitters, or D: Your Dashing Host?”

Danny was confused, his first thought was the Babysitters… but was that seemed too simple? Obviously, the slaves contributed, and Danny remembered his recent change meant that the contestants must contribute too. ‘Technically the Babysitters contribute by changing the diapers, right?’ Danny rationalized. ‘Mr. Coy wears diapers, but they must give him some sort of extra treatment given his status…’ Brad, James and Charlie had already locked in, Charlie noticing Danny deep in thought.

“Fifteen seconds.” Mr. Coy warned, snapping Danny out of his train of thought. “Hey, don’t get your pampers in a twist.” Charlie said back, with a subtle inflection. Mr. Coy’s eyes narrowed and he pressed a button on his keypad. “No talking while answering or any sort of hint giving is going to be tolerated in this game.” Charlie let out a yelp as he slid down the rubber pole, the Professor easily seeing through his attempt at helping Danny. Not letting his clue go to waste though, Danny locked in C.

“Well, I’m sure this comes to no surprise at this point, but the answer is C. You see the Babysitters are the only ones here who don’t wear any diapers, although yours truly enjoys wearing and using purely by choice. Don’t forget that my own waste is helping penetrate you all right now.” Mr. Coy reminded the boys, who were now sliding up and down using his smeared poop. Danny felt some relief as he slid a bit further up with James, though Brad slid down once again matching Charlie who already forfeited his chance to answer.

“Question four of many more… What is the secret ingredient of the mush you were fed just before the challenge? A. Castor Oil, B. Babysitter Waste, C. Babysitter Urine, D. Prunes.”

Danny felt nauseous hearing the answers. He had no doubt that Prunes were heavily used in the slop, but he remembered that odd underlying taste which cut through the rest of the flavors. It also wasn’t exactly secret. It wasn’t salty so Urine didn’t seem right, and if enough castor oil was used to where he could taste it, he would likely already be explosively shitting over his dildo. Which meant he knew the answer of why the bag appeared purple and brown… and pressed B. He looked at the other boys still trying to answer, and judging by their similarly pale faces they also came to the same conclusion.

“The answer is B. What better way to bulk up our heavy fiber puree than just adding the raw fiber expelled from our babysitters? Nothing goes to waste in these games… even the waste!” Danny tried not to think about his swollen gut as he slid upwards, and to his surprise saw all the other boys rise as well. “Well, it seems we finally have some progress with you boys, even our little football flunky.” Brad scowled and replied “Yeah, well even I knew that tasted like shit.” Mr. Coy laughed. “Yes well, you would know the flavor now, wouldn’t you?”

“Question five: What is the Professor’s biggest fetish? A. Diapers, B. Scat, C. Bondage, or D. Humiliation”

Danny wished there was an all of the above answer because based off the punishments here, and his raging boner, Mr. Coy was turned on by all of these. ‘But it has to be A or B’ Danny thought. ‘… and considering this guy’s gross obsession with shit, it has to be B.’ Danny locked in his answer alongside the other boys. The sensation of sliding back down on his filthy dildo caught Danny by surprise, he was sure he picked the right answer, but…

“The correct answer is A. Truth be told, I’m much more of an AB/DL who likes getting dirty, but just simple scat play doesn’t quite scratch the same itch. I’ll be sure to give a lecture on the psychology to those of you who stick around after the games since it seems most of you answered incorrectly.” Mr. Coy explained. For a while, Danny forgot that Mr. Coy ever was one of his university professors. He was always so particular about his appearance, always in nice clothes, and never even had a hair out of place. Who would’ve guessed this man secretly held such depraved desires.

“Ah, but it looks like one of you is quite the astute pupil, congratulations James for passing my class.” True to his word, James now floated above the dildo, though his little pecker hidden behind his diaper was still rock hard. ‘If the stakes were different, I’m sure James would love being put through something like this’ Danny thought to himself. “Th-Thanks sir…” James mumbled, clearly embarrassed by being put on the spot while sporting quite the tent. Danny looked at Brad and Charlie who both seemed slightly below him. Danny was three for two on the questions, while Charlie had gotten three wrong due to his attempt to cheat. Brad only answered one of five correctly, but that still meant that he could still catch up to Charlie if he started answering correctly.

“Question Six: How does one become a Babysitter here? A: They apply, B: They do well in the games, C: The Punishment Wheel, or D: You cannot become one”
Danny was always perplexed by the Babysitters here, how did he manage to wrangle all these men into his scheme? ‘I imagine you can’t just find a posting for Diaper Slave Caretaker in the newspaper ads, so I doubt you can apply’ Danny rationalized. ‘D doesn’t even make sense; how would these men have gotten their positions in the first place? Which leaves just B or C…’ Danny roughly remembered the options on the punishment wheel, the names of the degrading choices were always pretty vague but was being a Babysitter here really a punishment? Danny instead pressed the colorful blue button for B.

“The correct answer… is B. You see, when one of my contestants does well enough here and shows a certain… attraction to what goes on here, I may give them an opportunity to work for me here. Believe me, it sure beats ending up at the bottom of one of our diaper pails.” Mr. Coy announced, not wanting the contestants to forget the stakes of losing the contest, lest they end up like Greg getting a shitty diaper smeared over his face. Danny gasped as he slid up yet again, and although his hole was still stretched wide, he could feel just the tip, another correct answer and he’d be free. Charlie, however, slid down closer to the grotesque testitcles of the rubber dildo, his face straining as he tried to handle the pain of the massive penetrator. Brad for once slid in the opposite direction, and as far as Danny could tell, they were the same height.

“Question Seven, what triggers the immense bowel movements of the contestants here? A: The Collars, B: The Diapers, C: A Laxative, or D: The Fiber Meal?”

Danny smiled, finally a question that he was sure he knew the answer of, the blinking collars not going unnoticed whenever Mr. Coy decided his contestants needed to be knocked down a peg. He confidently pressed answer A. Brad and Charlie shared his confidence in his answer, both recalling Danny’s comment after they completed the last challenge.

“The answer is A, those delightful little devices were custom made by our engineering department at the University to stimulate bowels, although I think at the time he assumed I wanted to test it on monkeys, but I think you all are quite a close second.” Danny gasped as the dildo slid out of him, the smell of Mr. Coy’s smeared shit wafting up his nose from the dildo. Charlie and Brad both rose as well, remaining tied for last. “Congratulations Danny for advancing to the next round, if only you answered that many questions correctly in my class, then perhaps you wouldn’t have ended up here, hm?” Danny looked away from his taunting captor, doubting any academic performance would’ve changed his fate.

“Well now, it’s time to separate the boys from the babies, this is our final question: What is my pet of choice? A: A Dog, B: A Cat, C: A Rabbit, or D: A Diaper Boy?”

Charlie seemed perplexed by the question, but he had to get this right, not just for his sake but Danny’s too. The answers pulled him into two different directions though, did he actually mean which animal he liked to own, or was he just being coy as usual. Danny watched him from his bouncer. He wanted to yell out, but he didn’t want to risk Charlie losing because of him. Taking a look at Brad, he seemed equally as perplexed, and then he saw him press A. Charlie began to doubt himself after hearing Brads button click, but he decided he had to go all in. If Mr. Coy was as sick as he thought he was, no doubt he’d consider keeping these slaves as keeping pets. With a deep breath, Charlie pressed D.

“Well now, wasn’t that a fun little trivia game, I know I enjoyed it. I can tell our two winners had quite a time too, still standing so cute with their little cocks pressing against their padding.” Mr. Coy chided Danny and James, as they looked away in humiliation. “But now I think it’s time to announce the final winner. You know Baby Brad, I’m not quite into pup play here, but I’m sure you’ll make quite a nice pet for me.” Charlie let out a sigh of relief, and looked up at Danny with a smile. Brad on the other hand looked out in horror, trying to struggle against his bonds, but only succeeded in bouncing further on the dildo. “Either way, I can tell our final two contestants really enjoyed being on those dildo’s, they hardly wanted to leave in fact. I think they can use a little reward for sticking it out so long.” Mr. Coy snapped his fingers, and Brads Babysitter came by and forced a Pacifier into his mouth, and handcuffed his muscular but flailing arms behind his back. Danny noticed that Charlie’s babysitter watched from a distance instead. ‘Apparently the bondage is reserved for the ones who lose’ He thought to himself.

Mr. Coy fiddled with his keypad while Charlie and Brad looked on nervously, although Brad more so. After a couple presses, the bouncers holding Brad and Charlie started to move up and down, penetrating both of the muscular boys with the passive dildos. Brad yelled from behind his gag, clearly in a lot of pain. He might’ve been gay, but Brad was as much of a top as they come. Meanwhile Charlie wasn’t faring much better, he was moaning and his face was etched with a pained look. Danny looked at him with pity, the dildos were large enough to make anyone hurt if they went deep enough, and Mr. Coy made sure to drop the boys all the way to its rubber ball sack. The tempo of the bouncers began to speed up, faster and faster. Although they were both in pain, the two boys were sporting large throbbing erections from the sheer stimulation being given to their prostates. Mr. Coy watched with a lustful glare, once again rubbing the front of his suit pants. Danny had to admit he was also turned on watching his handsome crush be forced to submit to Mr. Coy’s dildo punishment, his body glistening with a hazy sweat from the ordeal. Charlie’s moans began to come out in a higher pitch, as the dildo was rammed faster and faster up his hole, the stimulation coursing through his whole body as he tried to thrust his cock into the padding to get any sort of release. “Aaaaah, fuuuck… Ughhhh…” Charlie exclaimed as hot silver spunk fired into the front of his thick diapered crotch, covering his now semi-hard cock and then leaking down to the bottom of his diaper. Brad cried out against his gag in heightened intensity as well, his muscles bulging as he tried to fight against his bonds, only to lose himself in his own lustful haze as waves of pain and pleasure wracked his chiseled body. “Mmpphhhhhhh” Brad moaned against his gag as his throbbing cock twitched back and forth as he ejaculated into the confines of his own diaper, his cum mixing in with his packed load of shit as waste dripped down from the hole in his diaper over the now completely brown dildo. The smell of Mr. Coy’s shit mixed with his own piss and shit mixture cut through his hazy afterglow, as he returned to the reality of his situation.

“Oh dear Baby Brad, it looks like we’ll need to train that hole of yours to be more acquainted with these dildos, it seems like you’re not quite loose enough back there to take a real cock just yet.” Mr. Coy taunted the slumped over muscle lad. “Either way, Babysitters, please return your contestants to their cribs please!”

Charlie and Brad’s babysitter came up to the two panting boys, and lifted them off their shit covered dildos, Brads diaper leaking out even more on the ground without any dildo to clog the hole in the back. Danny and James were lowered to the floor and out of their baby bouncers as they were led back to their babyish cages. Once the three remaining contestants were locked back into their cribs, the attention turned to Brad, who was forced to kneel down in front of Mr. Coy as he sat upon his throne, shit still dribbling out of the back of his diaper.

“Well Baby Brad, I should’ve known your school smarts would be holding you back once again, I don’t think you’ll be rejoining the football team any time soon, especially if you can’t keep the back of your pads clean. Don’t worry though, you might be able to join the Little League instead.” Mr. Coy taunted the muscled lad stinking in his bonds in the spotlight. “Now, if your babysitter will spin the wheel we can figure out where to go from here.” Brad’s Babysitter took the hint and walked over to the wheel. His hulking frame spinning it faster than the previous two, the color of the wheel matching the muck leaking from the back of Brads diaper. After seven rotations it began to slow, until it landed on something called ‘Pamper Packer.’

“Ah, Pamper Packer, I couldn’t pick a better punishment for this little baby.” Mr. Coy mused. Brad seemed defiant even in his humiliating state. “Wha-, are -ou -us- -onna make me shi- myshelf agai-?” Brad attempted to say from behind the large pacifier stuck in his mouth. Mr. Coy was not amused though and pressed a button on his keypad, causing the rubber nipple of the pacifier to inflate, forcing brad’s mouth open uncomfortably. “Silly Brad, little babies like you can’t talk that well yet. Maybe when you’re a little older you’ll regain the privilege.” Brad winced as his jaw stretched, unable to make a more coherent noise than a baby’s coo.

“You see Brad, I’m actually a little bit of a football fan myself, I’m a particularly big fan of Green Bay, that Aaron Rodgers is quite the looker you know.” Mr. Coy explained as Danny realized this was some sort of football gear themed punishment named after the Professors favorite team. “Let’s give Baby Brad his new uniform shall we?” Mr. Coy snapped his fingers and returned with what looked like a large puffy onesie. Brad’s diaper was untaped, revealing the mountain of shit which had been slowly leaking out, his cock was flaccid post-orgasm, but was smothered in a mixture of brown and silver. Brad tried to struggle, but he couldn’t seem to move his arms and legs, as if the muscle relaxant had been affecting him once again. His arms and legs were forced into the onesie, trapping his whole body in the strange material once the zipper which ran up from his crotch to his chest was zipped up. “You see that onesie there is actually a made of a special sort of padding, the entire thing is actually one large diaper. Although as promised, you weren’t quite due for a change just yet…” Mr. Coy snapped his fingers, and Brads babysitter picked up his large sagging diaper from the floor, put on a glove, and poured all of the waste from his diaper seat into the crotch of his unzipped diaper-onesie as Brad moaned, feeling the uncomfortable sensation of the soft shit seeping back over his cock, and down his taint, pooling under his muscled ass. Once the no more liquid would pour from the diaper, the Babysitter used his gloved hand to scoop the semi-solid crap, and pressed it over Brad’s shriveled manhood, making sure to squish it all over the front of his crotch. Brad tried to protest, but his moans fell on deaf ears from behind the pacifier as his Babysitter zipped up his new uniform, and secured it closed with a lock by Brads neck. Even if he could use his hands from behind the large padded baby mittens, there was no way he could undo this zipper on his own.

“There we go, we don’t want the baby boy to hurt himself, do we? He might start to cry.” In truth, Brad did want to cry, his cheeks were burning red as a flame from the humiliation. “We’re not finished yet though, there’s more to a uniform than just the pads.” Brad’s Babysitter left and returned with a football jersey, though not one Brad would ever want to be caught wearing. It was colored the trademark brown of the games decorated with a logo of a cartoon dirty diaper, complete with stink lines and flies above it. The number on the back displayed was 69 in bright yellow font, and the words ‘PAMPER’ and ‘POOPER’ were displayed above and below the number respectfully. Brad’s Babysitter swiftly pulled the humiliating garment over Brad’s head.

“Aww, look at our little man, he looks almost all grown up.” Mr. Coy chided in a tone fitting for speaking to a toddler. Brad’s eyes began to well with tears, unable to cope with the sheer emasculation in front of these boys who weren’t even close to being as manly as he was. Mr. Coy stood up from his throne and retrieved the final piece of Brads humiliation from his Babysitter. “Now all our baby needs is his helmet. Although… I don’t think this flimsy thing would protect our special boy all too well, I think it needs a bit more padding…” Mr. Coy wore his sadistic shit-eating grin as he picked up what Danny recognized as Mr. Coy’s own diaper, the one used to lubricate all the dildos in the previous challenge. The Professor flipped the helmet over and stuffed his shit-smeared padding into the helmet, a sizeable amount of semi-solid shit still remained inside the diaper seat. Brad cried out in protest, but the sounds coming from behind the gag only served to heighten Mr. Coy’s throbbing erection, without missing a beat the Professor eased the diaper packed helmet over Brads head, shit seeping in all directions over the humiliated jock’s head, liquid shit dripping down the emasculated boy’s forehead; The bright brown helmet also decorated with the poopy diaper logo on the outside along with a shit-packed diaper on the inside. Brad wanted to die, his humiliation couldn’t possibly get worse, he was dressed as the Dirty Diaper Games mascot and emitted a stink that could shatter a mirror.

“I have to say, our little Pamper Packer here looks absolutely adorable, though I think something’s still missing.” Brad’s blood froze. How could there possibly be more to this punishment? “Ah, I know what it is, I think Baby Brad needs to bulk up a bit more in his uniform, he’s not quite packing it just yet.” Mr. Coy returned to his throne and pressed on his keypad. Brad’s gut lurched as his collar lit up, he had to shit and he had to do it now. He tried to close his asshole, to try and maybe stop himself from losing the rest of his dignity, but his recent penetration from the dildo had exhausted his anus, and he couldn’t bring himself to tighten up.

A long five second fart erupted from behind the padding, echoing around the main hall. Brad tried to regain some sort of control, but before he knew it a long footlong log had pushed its way into the padding, mixing in with the leftover shit from his previous diaper. Brad groaned again as a spasm wracked across his bowels, forcing a second and then a third log into the seat of his uniform. Brad’s chiseled ass was now coated in shit, and the onesie bulged outwards, trying to accommodate the accumulating mountain of poop. “Mmmmmpph” Brad cried out against his pacifier gag, as another two second fart forced another log out of him. “Peeyoo, our little stinker over here sure must’ve been eating his fiber, good thing we put him in the heavy doody protection, he didn’t even last one minute before pooping himself.” Mr. Coy laughed with glee watching the poor lad befoul himself more and more.

Brad was at a loss, he’s already crapped out more shit than he’s ever had in his life, and yet his gut still felt completely full. Another cramp struck the jock as he forced out even more shit into his new, yet already ruined suit. The suit wasn’t particularly stretchy as its main function was to be absorbent more than anything else, so the shit forced around his crotch began to seep up his back and down the back of his legs. “MMMPPPHHHH” Brad cried yet again as the flow continued, the suit holding tight to its form, causing the waves of soft shit to spread further and further, now spreading well past his cock and up his waist. It was as if the lad was wearing an inflatable suit, that was slowly being filled up from the diaper seat outwards. Each new fart sounded like a splatter, with soft shit now spilling out of his ass like a faucet, now seeping down his legs and pooling at his feet due to the sheer volume of waste he was expelling. Brad began to cry, a tear dripping down his face as yet one more spasm wracked his gut as he shot what felt like another liter of hot creamy shit into the confines of his uniform. His suit was so filled, there was not a clean spot of skin present in the suit below his waist, the suit once a pristine white was now stained a horrid brown as the liquid shit seeped into the boy’s absorbent padding. Finally, the flow seemed to slow, although Brad had the bowel control of a newborn baby and couldn’t stop any new spasm from splattering out into his suit, he might as well have been wearing a hollow plug in his asshole.

“Well, you certainly live up to the Packer name now, Baby Brad. We’ll have to display you as our little mascot to cheer on the rest of the boys with such an adorable little uniform. But, euughh, we’ll have to make sure anyone who comes near you wears a biohazard suit.” The stench from Brads uniform was overpowering, and getting worse by the minute, even making Mr. Coy recoil. It was as if someone had opened a sewer line inside of his new padding, although Danny wasn’t sure if that was too far from the mark anyways. Brad looked up at Mr. Coy who now stood before him, tears and shit from his helmet still dripping down his face. Mr. Coy lifted his right foot and pressed the lad to the ground, forcing the shit pooling towards the bottom of his suit to flow to the front, now smearing his chest and back, and pooling up his arms and in the round mittens which contained his hands. Brad’s entire body was now utterly smeared and trapped in his shit-packed diaper suit.

“Take him away to one of the solitary cribs, I think our little Baby Brad needs to spend some time stewing in his filth.” Brads babysitter managed to hoist the lad up in spite of his shattered dignity and into a nearby crib. A noticeable squelch could be heard as Brad was placed into the crib, his body sinking into the ocean of shit he just expelled. As the bars of the crib was being locked, another fart echoed and more waste packed into his uniform. “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be due for a change in a couple of weeks or so. We need to make sure we get full use out of that suit, you hear me?” Mr. Coy’s voice echoed down the shaft where Brads crib was being lowered to as Brad’s cries from behind his gag echoed back in return. Another monitor lit up in the main room where Brad could be seen laying down on his stomach in the crib, as his diaper seat expanded outwards and then shifted back in, no doubt containing another fresh load of Brad’s shit.

Mr. Coy turned back to the rest of the boys now waiting in the remaining three cribs. “Well now, we’ll take a short break and then we’ll be moving on to the semi-finals. I truly hope you all give it your best shot, or you’ll end up like Brad: currently giving his best shit.” Danny shuddered in horror as the cribs descended into the dark and putrid smelling dungeon below, locking eyes with Charlie who returned the same look Danny wore. A look of fear, of pity, of worry, and disgust.

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