The Dirty Diaper Games – Chapter 3

Authors note: I was a tad too ambitious when planning out this chapter and didn’t realize how long it’d end up going. The following chapters will be likely way shorter than this one. Things get pretty nasty in this one though, I hope you enjoy 🙂

Chapter 3

The boys were all led out of their respective cribs by their babysitters, while they all had thoughts about trying to escape, the fresh view of Austin on the TV screen made it seem less than a good idea. The babysitters led them one by one to a brown curtain, keeping the theme of the disgusting game show. What lied on the other side, however, Danny couldn’t believe.

“Welcome to our first challenge boys, the Diapathlon!” My Coy proudly announced. Danny wanted to roll his eyes at the awful name, but he couldn’t look away from what stood before the contestants. It was a massive obstacle course, spanning about 500+ feet long. It was clear that Mr. Coy was a veteran of other game shows and took a lot of inspiration from them, but Danny wasn’t even sure how something like this could be built and kept hidden away. It appeared to be a padded pathway with platforms, jumps, and typical climbing obstacles, none of which Danny would want to do wearing such a filled diaper spreading his legs apart. Failing an obstacle was likely a punishment of its own, while the contestant would have a soft landing, the acrid smell wafting from the pits underneath the obstacles was unmistakable. They were filled up with used diapers, and the majority of them were not quite balled up to contain their contents. Falling here meant that the boys would become slathered in someone else’s shitty diapers.

Losing wasn’t an option though, and Danny knew the other boys had an advantage due to them still sporting clean diapers. While he didn’t want to write anyone else off, Danny still believed he could beat at least James and Greg, the two of them were clearly not suited for physical activity. Charlie and Brad were another story though, they clearly spent more time in a Gym than Danny spent so far at the university, Brad especially was trained for high intensity exercises like this.

“The way to win this challenge is simple, just be the first person to reach the end of the course ahead of you. To start, you must make your way through the crib mobile, swing from the hanging pacifiers, jump from baby bottle to baby bottle, over the diaper changing table, and up the front of the open diaper at the end. See, simple right?” My Coy joked, downplaying the intensity of the actual challenges.

Each contestant had their own path through the first and second obstacle which then converged later on. To start, there was a giant crib mobile spinning and jerking erratically with baby accessories hanging from hooks that were as large as the contestants themselves. If you fell on an obstacle, there was a ladder on the other end so you wouldn’t need to repeat the obstacle, but the last thing any of the boys wanted to do was fall into the pit. Next were the pacifiers, there were four pacifiers in a row extending from above. To proceed they would need to swing from the pacifier handles one to the next without falling. Danny wasn’t sure James even had the arm length to reach the next handle.
After the pacifiers came the Baby Bottles, a series of massive bottles resembling pillars were spaced apart like a ring toss carnival game. The contestant would need to jump from bottle to bottle, holding onto the rubber nipple of the top without falling. ‘those rubber nipples don’t seem very sturdy though, jump with too much momentum and it’ll collapse under your weight’ Danny thought.

Next was the ‘Changing Table.’ A long and rickety table covered in various oversized paraphernalia, such as wipes, baby powder, various baby toys, a stack of diapers and one massive oversized diaper sprawled open which took up most of the space on the table. The idea was that you simply needed to work your way climbing over the obstacles, but the table itself was constantly shifting angles, trying to get you to trip and fall off. If that weren’t enough, mechanical arms big enough to tape up the oversized diaper were swaying around and over the table, clearly just there to forcibly knock you off into the pile of dirty diapers below.

Finally, if you made it off the changing table, there was one final hurdle, or rather diaper, to conquer. It was another massive sprawled open diaper, but this one was fashioned so that the front of the diaper was curled upwards to form a sort of large ramp, about 10 feet in height. There didn’t seem to be much to grab onto, so it seemed you just had to try and run up it as fast as possible, or you’ll tumble down into a pit in the diaper’s seat which was fittingly filled to the brim with heavily used diapers.

“This can’t be happening… oh god…” James’s eyes widened. It was clear he was the odd one out in this contest.

“Oh please, get a grip little dude. I could do this course in my sleep.” Brad retorted. “Not like I’m in any danger of losing this one anyway with you around.” James wanted to fire back, but couldn’t find any words. It’s not like Brad was wrong…

“Can you two quit it? We’re all in the same boat here.” Greg chimed in, trying to play the peacekeeper. “If we start fighting each other, how are we supposed to get out of here?”
“…Well, apparently we don’t…” James sighed to himself. Charlie looked at him with pity. “I can’t help but feel bad for him, it’s like he never had a chance.” Danny knew it was true, the kid was basically done for here, but what was he supposed to do? None of them had any power here.

“Hey, we gotta make it through this, okay?” Charlie directed towards Danny. “I don’t want to see you end up like that Austin kid.”
“Uh, we? I, uh, I mean… sure! I’ll have your back if you watch mine.” Charlie grinned watching Danny stumble over his words.

“Ha, as long as I’m not in charge of watching below your back.” Charlie joked back, making Danny blush profusely, snapping back to the reality of his disgustingly filled garment puffing outwards from all of the waste trapped inside. “I… uh… wasn’t the one that used this diaper…” Charlie raised an eyebrow with a half-smile.

“Well, considering what I’ve seen so far from this place, it wouldn’t surprise me. Besides, if you actually needed diapers, I would’ve noticed the extra padding under your running shorts by now.” Charlie teased. “Yeah well… if I knew you were into guys, I would’ve asked you out on a run by now.” Danny flirted back, though… Charlie seemed suddenly taken aback. ‘Maybe I was a little too forward…’ Danny sighed to himself.

“Hey, this isn’t a dating game show you know.” Mr. Coy yelled with annoyance. “Babysitters, get these boys in starting position already.” The babysitters then led all the boys each into yet another crib, but on the far end of them lied the obstacle course.

“At the end of a count down, the far ends of your cribs will rise and the race will begin. By the way, try not to get too messy, we don’t usually do showers here.” Mr. Coy advised.


Danny got ready into position to run. He looked to the crib on his right and saw Charlie doing the same.


“Hey.” Charlie called to Danny. “No time like the present, right?”


‘Wait, did he just say he’d go out with me…?’ Danny thought to himself.


A horn sounded and the crib doors slid down. Still slightly reeling from Charlies sudden comment, Danny ran down the path towards the first obstacle. At least, he was trying to run, the diaper pushing his legs apart made it seem more like a waddle than anything else. As if that wasn’t bad enough, all the movement started to make the diaper’s mess leak out the sides and down his legs. Danny cringed at the feeling, but pressed onwards. At least it didn’t smell any worse than the rest of the room.

It was then that Danny saw it, the Crib Mobile, spinning like some sort of weird carnival machine. The path that he had been waddling down had also slowly shrunk until there was about a foot width left. Clearly Mr. Coy didn’t want to leave any room to save yourself. Taking a quick look to the right and left, Brad was already halfway through the obstacle, while Charlie seemed focused on timing his entry on the path to dodge the mobile. Greg and James seemed to be only just arriving down from the cribs, at least the diaper didn’t weigh Danny down too much.

“Don’t overthink it, there’s a pattern to it” Charlie yelled over to Danny. “Right, thanks!” After assessing for a few more seconds, Danny made a break for it and successfully slipped through the Mobiles swinging arms. Only as he tried to stop his momentum however, did he realize he made a mistake. Instead of firmly planting his right foot down, instead he slipped on the seeping mess from within his own diaper.

“Ugh, fuck!” Danny reached out and tried to grab the platform to save himself, but the liquid shit that leaked onto the path stopped him from getting any sort of grip. Danny wanted to yell out, but he figured he would be better of keeping his mouth closed as he fell into the diaper pit.

While the landing was soft, partially due to the diaper padding but mostly due to the soft shit inside them, Danny now had at least 10 different diapers and their dumps sticking and smearing onto the outside of his body. Not only that, but he was now at least waist deep in the trash heap. “Hey are you okay?” Danny heard Charlie yell down to him. “Been better.” Danny replied as he pulled off a diaper stuck to his cheek. “Just keep going, don’t worry about me.”

Danny slowly made his way through the muck, feeling his bare feet squish down into loaded diaper seats, while being forced to use his arms to push his way through the fetid pile. Danny heard a loud thunk and a yell come from behind him and saw that Greg had also suffered a similar fate, getting knocked off the mobile. Greg picked himself up, unstuck a diaper from his bearded chin and gagged, the harsh smell clearly affecting him. His brown beard was now a noticeably different shade of brown, along with other splotches of shit smeared on his burly form from his less than graceful landing.

Finally, after wading through the pit, Danny finally started climbing up the ladder on the other side of the obstacle. Once he reached the top, he looked up to see an arm extending down to him. “I thought I told you to go on ahead.” Danny scolded. “Yeah, and I thought I told you I had your back.” With Charlies help, Danny pulled himself back onto the platform. “Last I heard, you only had the upper part of my back.” For a split second, their two gazes met. Danny was screaming internally having Charlie see him covered in literal shit wearing an equally loaded diaper, but his soft blue eyes were a comforting sight. As they started to continue the race Danny was sure to clear off as much shit as he could from his feet so he wouldn’t see a repeat.

Mr. Coy watched their progress with a noticeable bulge in his suit pants. Brad had reached the Pacifiers and was trying to swing across. Charlie and Danny ran and waddled respectfully towards the next obstacle, splitting apart once their paths diverged again. Greg was slowly wading through the pit as Danny had done just before, though he was having a harder time working his way through the muck due to his bigger size. Finally, James was slowly crawling across his beam back on the first obstacle, not even daring to stand up. While his progress was slow, he was small enough that the mobile would spin right over him so there was no way he would get knocked off at least.

After splitting up from Charlie again, Danny viewed the second obstacle before him, the Pacifier swings. Brad was already swinging to the final one. Danny noticed that Brad used his body to swing back and forth to get enough momentum to be able to reach the following swing. ‘Well, if It works for him’ Danny thought to himself. He tried to wipe the excess poop smeared on his hands as best as he could, and jumped up and grabbed the first swing. He moved his waist back and forth, grimacing as the movement forced more of the piss and shit mix to leak out and down his legs. To Danny’s surprise he was able to get a lot of movement on the swing as he realized the packed diaper’s mass helped him get moving.
‘Well… I guess this heavy diaper wasn’t totally a detriment’ Danny thought, still cringing from the waste dripping down his legs. He reached out and grabbed the next swing, now officially hanging over the dreaded pit of diapers. The smell assaulted his nostrils once again as Danny tried his best not to look down. Keeping with the momentum, Danny was able to continue on from swing to swing until the final one. With one final push, Danny swung forward and let go of the bar. Landing on his ass, the diaper left a notable splat on the platform, but Danny had successfully gotten past.

Looking over to Charlie, Danny saw him mid-jump to the platform. While he landed with his legs still hanging off the platform, Charlie pulled himself up with his raw upper body strength. Danny marveled at his toned chest and arm muscles, glistening with sweat due to the intensity of the obstacle.

“Unless you’re planning to stare at my ass the whole way, you should probably get running.” Charlie teased as he ran past Danny, his unbroken gaze clearly not going unnoticed by the frat boy. “Uh… just watching your back.” Danny replied as he followed behind him, but he did have to admit seeing Charlie’s toned ass wrapped in a thick diaper was quite a sight.

Mr. Coy rolled his eyes watching the two flirt with each other. “They’re lucky they’re both cute… but it’s not called the Diaper Dating Games.” he mumbled as he checked on the progress once again. Brad was far in the lead, currently jumping on one of the baby bottles in the next obstacle. “You know, this isn’t much of a contest with an athlete just sweeping the contest.” He said offhandedly to a Babysitter. “Yes sir, may I suggest evening the odds a tad?” He replied as a sly smile broke out on Mr. Coy’s face.

Brad was holding on to the rubber nipple of the first baby bottle. It felt solid to grip, but too much force and it would just collapse. Suddenly, Brad felt his bladder cramp. “What the fuck… is happening…” he moaned as his muscles seized and suddenly released. Brad was immobile as the hot piss spilled out of his cock and into the diaper, the front quickly expanding and staining a noticeable yellow. The garment grew heavy and started sagging around the jock’s waist as the flow continued. Brad winced as he tried to stop the flow, unsure how he even had something left to piss in him. “That should slow him down a bit…” Mr. Coy smiled as the front of his suit pants throbbed watching the humiliated muscled man helplessly wet his diaper.

Meanwhile on the back end of the contest, Greg was halfway through the swings. He was using his weight similarly to Danny’s loaded diaper to press forward. Greg looked down and gagged, he wasn’t sure if he would ever get the shitty diaper smell out of his beard now. In dead last was James, trying to reach for the second bar, but clearly unable to get any sort of forward momentum. In a Hail Mary, the lad jumped for the next bar and barely grabbed it with three fingers. Time appeared to slow down for James however, as his fingers slipped off of the bar one by one, until he dropped face first into the odorous pool below. As he lifted himself up, he peeled a diaper off his head, leaving his face completely smeared in the load it contained. After taking about 10 seconds to try not to lose his lunch, he began wading towards the ladder.

“Yo, what’s wrong Brad? Scared of heights or something?” Charlie yelled out towards a frozen Brad in the middle of the third obstacle. “Fuck off, don’t even fucking look at me” Brad yelled back while being sure to hide his soaked diaper behind the nipple of the bottle. After another wince, Brad finally regained control of his bladder and angrily jumped two more bottles to reach the changing table.

“You go first, I don’t think I’ll be able to go through as fast as you.” Danny told Charlie. With a thumbs up, the two hopped from bottle to bottle. Once again, Danny was appreciative that his loaded diaper at least gave him a good center of gravity, and the two reached the other side with little issue.

“Hey, does Brad look okay to you?” Charlie asked, watching Brad make his way onto the Changing Table. “He almost looks like he’s in pain.” Sure enough, Brad was on the table, trying to keep his balance while the floor tilted sharply in all directions. His face was red as if he was straining, and he was barely avoiding the arms on both sides that were sweeping around the table. He tried hopping over one of the arms, but the in small moment of him unclenching he let out a loud trumpeting fart. Charlie and Danny looked at each other and laughed.

Brad’s face turned bright red as a cramp streaked across his gut. He knew he had to take a dump, and he could only hold it in a little bit longer. He crossed his legs and forced his ass shut, at least he could try to keep his dignity… but then another massive cramp hit him. Brad audibly moaned as a log of shit forced its way out of his ass, tenting the back of his diaper outwards. “Don’t you fucking laugh at me!” Brad turned and yelled back to the two snickering boys, but as he turned forward once again, the sweeping arm slammed him right in the face.

Brad flailed as he fell into the pit and yet another audible splat could be heard as he landed. Danny looked over the edge and watched Brad face down in the pit as his diaper expanded and bloated outwards as Brad, no longer able to control himself, filled it with a massive load of shit as more audible crackles and farts echoed. Danny noticed the blinking light on Brad’s collar and realized this wasn’t just a random bout of incontinence. Brad on the other hand, stayed face down in the pile, unable to face the two boys who just watched him utterly defile himself.

“Phew, what a stinker, guess that’s what happens when you have a high protein diet!” Mr. Coy yelled with a sinister smile from the sidelines, his eyes locking with Danny’s. “Hey we gotta finish this fast.” Danny whispered to Charlie, who looked down at the pitiful hunk now painted with soiled diapers, catching a whiff of fresh shit cutting through the rest of the vile pile’s stench. “Don’t need to tell me twice.”

Danny hopped onto the Changing Table and grabbed the oversize diaper in the middle. He was planning on sliding through the middle instead of climbing around the sides where the arms were more likely to swipe him. At least, that was the plan until the Table lurched forwards and something large and heavy landed on Danny’s back. “Fuck, I’m sorry, didn’t expect it to do that.” Charlie apologized as he rolled off of Danny, the two now laying together in the seat of the oversized diaper. “It’s okay, really don’t worry about it.” Danny fumbled over his words, flustered by the handsome guy who more or less just humped him, even if just for a second. “Well, so much for getting out of here clean though…” Charlie’s replied as he looked down at his now shit-covered chest which smeared from Danny’s backside. Taking a glance downwards, Danny noticed the front of Charlie’s diaper seemed a tad larger too, but it wasn’t because he had pissed himself. ‘Is he enjoying this?’ Danny wondered.

Danny hoisted himself over the backside of the diaper and stood up, taking Charlies hand to steady himself. Although the table was jerking intensely, Danny was able to leap off to the final platform. Charlie followed suit soon behind, after narrowly dodging an oncoming arm by ducking back into the now slightly soiled diaper obstacle.

Finally, the two stood at the base of the final large diaper obstacle. Without a second thought, Charlie sprinted up the Diaper Ramp, and while he gained a lot of vertical height, his arm was still about a couple inches away from gripping the top. “Ugh, shit!” Charlie fittingly yelled as gravity claimed him, sending him tumbling down into the pit of diapers lying at the bottom of the ramp. He could feel four different loads spreading and squishing over his back as he sunk into the soiled padding, even one slicking the back of his hair upwards slightly. Maybe it was his imagination, but Danny could’ve sworn Charlie’s crotch had twitched…

“You okay?” Danny asked as he stood over the pit. “Not really, this ramp is impossible. If I couldn’t make it with that try, I doubt any of us are able to.” Danny studied the ramp as Charlie brushed off the diapers sticking to his back. “I have an idea. Maybe give me a boost and once I’m up there I’ll pull you up too.” Charlie wasn’t as thrilled with the idea though. “So, what, you get to take the win then?”

Danny was slightly taken aback. “Well, there’s no way I can run up as far as you with this… extra weight.” Danny motioned to the destroyed diaper barely clinging to his waist. “Plus, I’m smaller, and we both know you’re stronger…” Charlie evaluated the options, and realized there really weren’t many of them. “Besides, I’m pretty sure it beats losing.” Danny reminded him curtly.

Charlie walked over to the base of the ramp and got in a position to boost. “Better make this count then.” Danny used the short platform to try and build up as much speed as his waddling would let him, and stepped on Charlie’s outstretched hands. Like a springboard, Charlie launched him into the air, and unlike his attempt, Danny got a grip on the top of the ramp. He slowly pulled himself up, using the pit of diapers below as extra motivation not to fall back off.

“Well Gentlemen, it looks like we have our winner!” Mr. Coy cheered. “The rest of you better hurry up, unless you want to end up like your gas masked friend.” Not needing the extra reminder, Charlie once again sprinted up the ramp and once again found the top ever so slightly out of reach. As he was about to tumble, Danny reached out and grabbed his arm. Although his grip slid slightly due to the smeared shit on Charlie’s forearms, Danny was able to pull him up to the platform as well. “Babysitters, go retrieve your boy once they finish the task please, I don’t want them interfering with the remaining contestants…” Mr. Coy scolded, clearly annoyed that Charlie and Danny had worked together to finish the last obstacle. Now both fully on the platform, Charlie gave Danny a fist bump.

The two diapered boys turned and saw their two babysitters waiting past the platform. They came up to them, handcuffed them, and led them to back to the main room where their cribs awaited. “You know, I’ve had worse first dates.” Danny joked to Charlie who smirked in turn. “Yeah well, gotta say I’m not too big on your cologne. It’s a tad fragrant.” The boys then saw a large monitor descend from the ceiling and light up, displaying the other contestant’s progress.

Brad was standing before the final obstacle, still stinking from his failure of the last obstacle, but even more so in his failure to hold his own shit in. Even from the bird’s eye view displayed, the back of his diaper was clearly lumpy and bulged profusely. In spite of it the jock sprinted up the ramp and grabbed the top, pulling himself up with raw strength while his filthy diaper sagged down a couple inches.

“And a respectable third place finish from our athlete, but maybe next time he’ll get through the challenge without having an accident.” Mr. Coy taunted the jock. Brad looked towards the suited man watching from the side, but then looked back down towards his feet. His pride was clearly shot. As the two before him, his babysitter brought him back to the cribs to join the other two stinking winners.

“Jeez, and I thought we smelled bad.” Charlie taunted as the babysitter locked Brad back in the crib. Brad glared at him, but clearly wasn’t in a mood to fire back. “You know, Mr. Coy made you… do that.” Danny told Brad. “Your collar was blinking, I think it does something to our body and makes us… well…” Brad was slightly comforted by Danny’s comment, but sitting down into his full diaper was a punishment of its own, feeling his soft load squish all over his ass and towards the front, his balls now surely covered in his mess. “Yeah well, the professor better hope he doesn’t end up in one of these collars.”

Finally, Greg and James reached the final obstacle. James was disturbingly coated in shit; Danny guessed his attempts at the other obstacles were also less than successful. Greg wasn’t in a much better state, clearly exhausted from the physical activity. Greg tried to run up the ramp as Charlie and Brad did before him, but couldn’t reach the speed required to even get close, and soon tumbled down back into the pit. James sat down and looked defeated. “This is it… isn’t it.” He sighed to the bear once again trying to peel off diapers from his body. Greg looked up at the ramp and knew there was no way he could reach the top, and he knew James wasn’t even going to get close… at least on his own.

“I think for one of us it is…” Greg looked at the poor boy nearly on the verge of tears. “I’m gonna need you to get ready to grab the ledge.” The bear ordered James, whose eyes widened by the sudden comment. “W-what does that mean?” Greg swooped up the boy in his arms, and ran towards the ramp. “Wait wait wait, what are you doing?!” James cried as Greg threw him to the top of the ramp. Luckily for James, he fell down on the top of the platform, successfully securing fourth place.

“What a touching sacrifice made by baby Greg to let James continue his stay in the games.” Greg winced at Mr. Coy’s ‘baby’ comment, as the weight of his final gambit for James sunk in, similarly to how he was sinking back into the pit of diapers at the bottom of the ramp.

Mr. Coy clapped, and the Babysitters retrieved the final two boys. James, still covered in shit looked on at Greg with pity. The husky TA was now handcuffed and bound in the spotlight where Austin was previously. Greg looked back and caught his gaze too. “Hey, its okay buddy. I decided to do this, don’t look so dow-“ Greg was cut off as another large pacifier was inserted in his mouth and securely tied behind his head.

“You know Greg, I had high hopes for you here. You really were the most mature of the group, but I guess you now see where kindness gets you in this world.” Mr. Coy said while looking down from his throne. “And we all know what happens when my baby boys don’t reach my expectations” He taunted as Greg’s babysitter walked towards the wheel, and gave it a hefty turn.

The color scheme of the wheel once again melded to the shade of yellow-brown reminiscent to Brad and Danny’s vile diapers. It circled two and then three times, until it began to slow. A cold sweat broke out on Greg’s face, clearly not ready for any of the options the wheel could land on. With one final tick of the wheel, his fate was decided. The Wheel read ‘Diaper Pail.’

“Oh boy kid, this is a rough one, you get to spend the rest of your time here in one of the Games’s diaper pails, and uh, not sure if you noticed but we get a lot of filthy diapers around here.” Greg’s eyes widened as Mr. Coy explained his punishment. “But uh, clean diapers are kind of a no-no for diaper pails, so we’ll have to do something about that.” Mr. Coy pointed to Greg’s thick padding. Although the outside had been smeared and stained by the course, the inside was still sparkling clean other than Greg’s sweaty ass musk. Greg tried to protest from behind the pacifier, but his cries fell of deaf ears as Mr. Coy smiled and tapped away on his keypad.

Greg’s stomach lurched as his collar started to blink. Danny could tell he was in distress, just like Austin and Brad were. He cried out behind the gag, clearly begging for anyone to help him, but the babysitters instead pulled out their cocks and began stroking, enjoying the show Greg was forced to put on. A putrid fart echoed, and then another, as Greg’s asshole was being assaulted by a load forcing its way out. James looked on with pity, as a crackles and pops could be heard alongside Greg’s cries as his load broke through his control. The diaper expanded, more and more, as hard logs pushed outwards against the padding, soon followed by a soft load of shit filling out the cracks. Shit squished its way towards the front, enveloping his balls and seeping up towards his cock as he gave out once more, and he began pissing the front of his diaper, mixing in with his massive load to create a vile mixture of liquid shit.

The smell was overpowering. “My god baby Greg, we’ll have to do something about that diet of yours, you’re clearly not eating very healthy.” Mr. Coy chided. “At least nobody needs to worry about untaping that ungodly concoction you made in there.” His babysitter chained the poor lad up to a space on the floor as it soon descended below. A video screen lit up in the main room as Greg could be seen in a wide dungeon, chained to the floor. His shit filled diaper pushing his ass up a couple of inches off the ground. Mr. Coy then tapped a couple buttons on his keypad, and a vent above Greg opened up. Shit-filled diapers rained from the ceiling, pelting the poor bear down to the floor with nowhere to run. Greg dry heaved, clearly not ready for the stink of all the diapers to assault his nose, as he tried to stay above the heavy flow of diapers still dropping over him. Shit caked the poor boy’s body as his body hair was thoroughly slicked down from the wads of shit in the used diapers which now surrounded him. His dark brown hair and beard now gelled a horrid light yellow-brown from the vile flow of padding.

“Well now, that was quite enjoyable wasn’t it.” Mr. Coy said with glee towards the other prisoners. The babysitters jacking off around the room blowing their loads once again, clearly quite happy with Greg’s ‘performance.’ “But now, lets give a small prize to our winner.” Danny jerked upwards, with the room’s attention now fixated on him. “Give the boy a change, would you? He’s stinking up the room.” The mad professor told Danny’s Babysitter.

Danny was led out of his crib and laid down before everyone in the spotlight of the room. The Babysitter growled at Danny “Better not try anything stupid, or I’ll throw you down that pit with the other Baby.” The diaper was untaped as a different yet equally acrid smell filled the room. Danny looked over to Charlie who visibly recoiled by the stench, but was sure to take a peek at Danny’s shit smeared, but quite respectably sized manhood. The Babysitter wasn’t one to give high quality changes, as he used the diaper itself to smear off the shit caking Danny’s crotch. He then unfolded another thick diaper and efficiently taped Danny up and returned him to his crib.

“I hope you enjoy your new target by the way.” Mr. Coy mentioned to the Babysitter who smiled, and picked up the disgustingly loaded garment, making sure not to spill any waste on the floor. He walked over to the pit where Greg now resided, and pitched the open diaper like a baseball down the pit. The attention shifted to the TV where Greg was shown, as the pitch landed directly right over Greg’s face, shit side down. The mess splattered all over the already covered boy, leaking down his head and face. Although his arms couldn’t reach his head due to the chains, Greg was able to shake the diaper off with some effort, though his hair and face were now fully slicked down and smeared with the signature shade of brown as drops of watery shit fell from his beard. Danny imagined he’d give anything to be able to breathe through his mouth.

“Well now, I think its time for the boys to get prepared for the next challenge. I have some… business to take care of.” Mr. Coy stood up with a raging boner visible to see, clearly he had a long overdue orgasm to attend to. The cribs then began to descend into the floor, returning the remaining four to the dungeon below.

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