the diaper dreamer

Well this is my first story to write on this site. This story is a dream I had. Btw little background befor the story. Im a 19 year old guy slim body 6’1 blue eyes. I am a diaper lover. My friend, who is a girl, she is 19 5’7 slim body with C size breast. She has blue eyes and she isnt a abdl or dl. I hope you all enjoy.

My dream started out with me and my friend. It was like no other. We started out in my house just hanging out as friends. We were watching movies and just having fun. Well we paused the movie to order some pizza so we did. After we took care of ordering the pizza we both had to go to the bathroom. Well turns out when we both went looking for it we couldn’t find it. We looked very desperate and needing to go. Well when we couldn’t find it we went to the store and bought some diapers. I forget what brand we bought but ik it had tapes on it. When we got back to the house our desperation grew even more. We took the diapers out of the package and she gave me a nervous look so she asked me to help her put it on her. After I did that she instantly let go of her bladder. Her diaper filled so much that it was close to leaking. Well after shd was done asked her if she wanted me to help her change. She said no. I had a confusing look on my face and asked why? She said she still had to go. So she started to fart as I said ohh. I proceeded to leave to let her take care of it but she grabbed my arm and said no. I want you to watch. As soon as she said that my dick grew hard. I was only wearing my boxers and still had to put a diaper on. Well after she got done pooing she helped me out and I let everything go at once. I had to pee and poop badly. My diaper started to leak with pee and poo because I had gone so much and my stomach was hurting. She grabbed my full diaper around my crotch and began to moan in pleasure of what she felt. She pulled the wet diaper aside snd got my dick out and made me plung it into her messy daiper into her pussy. She started to pee while i was going in anf out of her. It felt so good i didnt know what to do. Her diaper was leaking, mh diaper was leaking. It was a good messy fun we had. There was poop and pee all over the bed. As I began to get close to cumming she started cumming everywhere. I do mean everywhere it was like a fire hose. I was thrusting so hard because of what was happening as I threw the last thrust of me cumming the bed went threw the wall. ( remember it is only a dream lol). After the bed went threw the wall the pizza showed up and me and her were only wearing our messy diapers. So we tried to cover up what we could but we both think he could smell it.

This is where I woke up. Let me know in the comment section of what you think. 🙂

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