The Day Of The Funeral

Megan knew Howard needed to poo. They had been to the funeral of a friend of both hers and Howard. Like them he had only been in his mid twenties and she also knew that Howard and he had been much more than simply friends. The funeral had been in North London and they had driven without talking very much back to their land of North Wales. That had taken them five hours without a stop and Megan certainly needed a wee stop or it would mean wet knickers, not that she minded that in the least. She noticed Howard holding himself more frequently and then she saw the spurt burst through Howard’s grey suit trousers and smiled as the wee gushed into his pants and the familiar stain began to spread. She remembered how often he had wet his pants as a teenager and how Dad had pulled him over his knee in the evening and spanked him hard telling him he should know better, until the next time and the next time. Megan had always wanted to spank his nice tight wet bottom over his wet white soft cotton trunks. When she ironed for Mum she stared longingly at those trunks, yellow stain impossible to shift, and pale brown stains up his bum crack. She would sit on the toilet with a pair of his trunks held to her nose whilst sitting back and quietly enjoying herself. Dad’s were just as good, the difference being his were mesh and sometimes she could sit and pick poop from the little holes. Megan suspected Howard and she shared their fathers gene pool.

She sat and looked at Howard’s wet pants as they drove north heading up the A5 for Bangor. She plucked up the courage finally to slip her hand on Howard’s trousers and stroke his bulge and feel his horny wetness. He gave a low groan and smiled at her making no attempt to stop the pleasure. She undid his belt, slid his zip and opened out his trousers to reveal his wet white trunks while Howard quickly pulled over to a lay-by alongside the lake at Ogwen.

Both were breathing heavily and grinning at one another. Megan pulled her skirt up from under her bottom, grabbed Howard’s left hand and placed it on her pale blue schoolgirl knickers. She had never ceased wearing schoolgirl knickers and her boss always got hard when he saw them showing over her skirt or trousers, in the same way she did when she saw his white briefs, especially when they worked at weekends and he wore khaki trousers that showed his brief lines so well.

Howard had never experienced a girl and as her hot pee gushed all around her knickers he imagined she was Barry, his friend they had just cremated. Barry had always worn briefs and her knickers were similar and the pee felt the same! The briefs Barry wore had been double layered around his bum and crotch area and used to soak his wee up well.

When Meg had finished Howard lifted his bottom a few inches and soiled his pants with a large firm couple of healthy diet lumps and sat back down. Soon his soggy undies would make it moist and squishy. Meg would like to have done the same but the need was just not there. She settled instead for stroking Howard’s erection through his wet pants. It was good and she was pleased Howard was happy to let her enjoy herself. It was not very long before she felt his semen erupt. She would like to have tasted it but thought for Howard it may be a step too far. She did know however that in future she could do it freely with him and after all it was hardly wrong for a brother and sister to engage in ‘accidents.’

After a while, sitting enjoying quiet pleasure Howard set the car off for home. Meg dozed off thinking about her boss, his undies, brief lines and now and again a clear smell of dried pee.

Howard thought about Josh, a new good looking guy on the farm. Howard suddenly felt positive again.

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