The day I pooped my pants at Mexico City Central Park

I’m a guy from Mexico City, I am 30 years old, white, 59″ (1.75 m), 176 pounds (80 kg), brown hair. 
I will tell you the story of one day when I had some diarrhea, I thought it already had taken off and went out to the street. Wandering in the central park of Mexico City I felt the need of cut a fart, and I wanted to let it out as I usually do pushing hard. Then I felt how my briefs filled with stinking hot diarrhea. I walked slowly into a store to go to the bathroom and clean up my mess. I take a long time there and spend a lot of toilet paper, I took off my underwear and I put it in a plastic bag inside my backpack to take it home and wash it later. I finally went from there, thickness no one has noticed what happened to me…

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