The Day I Corrupted Her Mind

Last weekend I was hiking in Tapia State Park. The weather was cloudy, there was rain in the forecast. I was dressed in blue jeans, a wool long sleeved shirt and jacket. I decided to hike below the creek’s dam in an area for only intermediate rock climbers. It’s an area of no defined trails, big rock climbing boulders and cascading water. It is not an area for the inexperienced hiker. I drank all of my water at the park’s parking area, so I would not have to carry a bottle strapped to my hip. After reaching the dam, it took about 30 minutes of descending down a wet and muddy embankment to reach the rock grotto. At the grotto I needed to pee. While looking for a secluded spot to re-leave myself, I met a lone female hiker sitting alone on a bolder crying. I asked her if she would be OK. She told me that she was recently separated. I then asked if she would like to have a climbing partner for the balance of her hike. She said that she would look forward to having some friendly company.

I introduced myself. Stacy was her name. She was dressed in light hiking pants, a white tank top, and a ski jacket. We then started down the rock grotto together. Just as we started hiking, it began to rain lightly. Stacy told me that she hiked in the park as a way to stay in shape. After another 30 minutes of hiking and climbing in the light rain, moisture started to penetrate my jeans, jacket, and shirt. Stacy was looking really hot in her damp hiking pants. and ski jacket. Her wet hiking pants clung to her petite rain dampened body. The wetter I got, the more I had to pee. The hiking slope became muddy and slippery in the rain. We both decided it would be safer just to sit down and slide down the muddy embankments. The result was that we both became covered with slimy mud from the waist down. Stacy looked so so sexy covered in wet shinny mud. 

As we walked, we began talking about taboo experiences. It was fun to openly talk to a total stranger about the stuff that turned us both on. Stacy told me that she loved to swim fully clothed. She got hooked on it since she was a teen. I asked Stacy if she ever experienced peeing in her clothes for pleasure. She looked at me as if I were crazy. I told Stacy that she was really missing out on a very warm and erotic experience. I told her how I got hooked since age 9. Then Stacy confided that between my pee stories and the sound of the rushing creek, she really needed to find a place to pee. I told Stacy that I had been purposely holding my pee in for the last hour. I confided that I was waiting for the right moment to just let-go. I turned to Stacy and said; “Stacy think of this as your virginal pee experience. It’s as easy as this…” I then released a long spurt of pee into my underwear. Stacy watched as a quarter sized wet shinny spot soaked threw my rain dampened jeans. On my second pee spurt, my shinny spot quickly spread across my crotch and down my damp thighs. I told Stacy that my warm pee felt so good against my cold mud soaked skin. Shocked, Stacy said in what looked like amazement; “Your not kidding! Your really peeing in your jeans!” I gave Stacy a devilish smile and let the balance of my pee go. My rain dampened jeans became soaked with shinny warm pee from my crotch to my ankles. “Yep” I said; “That felt grrreat!” By then I noticed Stacy was kind of pacing around holding her crotch with her hands. I said; “Your not going to drop your pants in front of a strange guy just to pee on the ground are you? Nobody is around, just let it go. Your already soaked in mud and rain anyway. It will be great.” I then said to Stacy; “I dare you, no I double dog dare you to pee in your pants.” Stacy hesitantly said; “OK, OK, I will try just a little.”

Nothing happened. I said; “Come-on Stacy it’s your turn now.” Stacy said; “I want to but I can’t.” I then walked up to Stacy and started to tickle her at the hips. I got her giggling so much that I began to hear a hissing sound. Instead of letting a little pee go, Stacy opened her flood gates! I looked down to see a shinny wet spot suddenly develop at Stacy’s crotch. Stacy’s eyes became real big as she said; “Oh my god, I’m peeing in my pants! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” Stacy’s crotch quickly became shinny with warm pee. “I do not believe that I am doing this, and ya know, it really does feel pretty good” Stacy said. We doth watched as she emptied the balance of her pee into her pants. By the time Stacy finished peeing, her muddy hiking pants glistened with warm wetness. Then Stacy asked; “So what is next now that I have completely soaked myself in pee?” I told her that; “The next time you need to pee today, simply play the pee game: Hold it back as long as you can, and then when you can hold back no longer, just let it go. No more worrying about  bathrooms, or finding a secluded place to relieve yourself. The only person who will know how much fun your having is a fellow wetter, that likes to watch and participate. So if you need to pee again, just flood your crotch with warm pee.” 

My conversation with Stacy after wetting ourselves only got better. Stacy commented that she had confided more to me about what turned her on than with her ex-husband. At the bottom of the rock grotto, cascading water filled a natural pond pool. Stacy turned to me and said; “Now it is my turn to have some fun.” I watched as Stacy strolled into waist deep creek pool unzipping her jacket and exposing the front of her tank top. In the deepest part of the creek’s pool, she dropped to her knees so the creek’s water reached her neck. Then Stacy stood up, she looked so sexy all soaked fully clothed. With her jacket unzipped I could see threw her tank top at two perfect breasts. “Come on,” Stacy said, “we can wash the mud off each other.” Unzipping my jacket, I followed her into the water and knelt down in front of her. We both started padding off the mud from each other’s body. We were two complete strangers, feeling each other out in the middle of the pond. It all suddenly got very erotic. I pulled Stacy closer as I began to clean her off. I continued patting and squeezing the mud off her hips, butt, and crotch. As Stacy started to rub wash the mud off my jeans, she patted off mud from my jeans crotch. The moment I began to pad mud off her crotch she lightly squeezed my erect penis threw my jeans. With one hand I pulled Stacy’s hips against mine. I worked my other hand up the backside of her submerged tank top to hold her closer. Fully embraced, I felt the warmth of Stacy’s body against mine. The next thing I knew we were French kissing. 

As I French kissed Stacy, I became rock solid hard. While lip-locked Stacy wiggled her warm hand down the front of my jeans and squeezed the head of my penis. I was so turned on, and well beyond that point-of-no-return, I immediately shot hot cum into her hand. She whispered in my ear that it was payment for a great time. We continued to frolic in the creek for about 20 minutes. Upon stepping out of the creek I realized how petite and beautiful Stacy’s body was all wet and glistening. As the rain continued to fall we walked an easy hiking trail back to the park’s parking area. The drenching rain had turned away all but the most avid hikers. As we passed other rain soaked hikers we laughed about how much fun we had. Then Stacy confided that she had squirted warm pee in her pants twice while we were talking to passing hikers. We just looked at each other and busted up laughing. At her car I turned to her and said; “Ya know Stacy, your never going to be the same girl.” Stacy pulled my body close to hers and gave me another wet French kiss. She gave me her phone number and told me to feel free to call her any time I wanted to pee with a hiking partner…..And I have.


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