The day from hell

Disclaimer* this story was a huge fantasy of mine but I never actually wanted it to happen … Names and locations were changed for privacy.

I was driving back to school with my friend jack. Today was really cold so I put on my footie pajamas under my jeans and sweater so no one could tell I was wearing them. As the drive went on I realized I needed to pee. I finally broke and asked jack (who was driving) to stop when he could. He said the next rest stop was about 50-60 miles away. I didn’t want to seem like a baby in front of him so I said of course I can hold it that long. By this point I had completely forgotten that I had my footie pjs on. We were about 10 miles away and I was getting reallllly desperate. We finally got to the rest stop, it was a welcome center for a state so there was a decent amount of people there. By this point he needed to pee so he said he’d come in with me but I jumped out and ran in quickly. I got to the urinals and unzipped my pants. To my horror I had my footies on and I couldn’t hold it anymore. I started to wet myself and at that moment jack walked in as my pants were getting wet. I was so embarrassed (and a little turned on, but mainly embarrased). He also found out I was wearing footie pajamas and started laughing even more which drew more attention to me and others started to look as I wet. I ran out to the car and waited for jack. By the time he got out I was soaked. He told me that his briefs were wet because he started to pee while laughing (but I think he was just saying that to calm me down). He asked me if I wanted to go change but I didn’t want to go back in there. I asked him to stop at the next McDonalds so I can sneak in and change.

At this point we were pretty behind schedule and were now set to run into rush hour so jack said the first place and that’s it no where else.

My day went from bad to worse. We pulled over at the next exit and pulled into the McDonald’s, it was pretty big so I thought I could sneak in and sneak out without being noticed. I walked in, wet pants and all without noticing the school bus parked on the opposite side of the building. So they were sitting out of everyone’s way a high school boys basketball team (who I’m guessing was coming or going to a winter tounent) was seated right by the bathroom. I rounded the corner and one of them spotted me and said something to the other guys who all started to turn around and snicker. Finally one of them said “looks like this wtitle guy couldn’t make it and had an accident in his pants, did someone pee their pants?” Everyone started laughing so loud and I hurried past them to go change. I head them making jokes while I was changing but I was ignoring them. Don’t worry, it got worse. I walked out and one of them was walking towards me from the soda fountain. He “tripped” and spilled his water all over my dry pants. I just ran out and got in the car. Jack didn’t believe what happened but I had to sit in my wet pants the whole way back to school. But because I was already wet I just kept wetting the whole way there. So I guess I showed him …

Ugh, in my head this was so hot. In real life I wanted to crawl into a hole and hide in my wet pants. Before he dropped me off at my dorm jack made a joke about is wearing diapers next time we make the trip. Little does he know that I am totally down for that :).

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