The Dare



Best friends Martin and Kevin were relaxing in Martin’s flat with some beers watching a movie. Both guys shared some kinky interests and while they were genuinely bored and had decided to watch a movie, they both felt stirrings in their jeans when they both picked out ‘The 24th Day’. They watched transfixed as James Marsden’s character was kidnapped and tied to a chair in Scott Speedman’s apartment and gagged.

As the film went on, Martin said “Its a little far fetched that he wouldn’t be able to break that wooden chair if he struggled hard enough, I’d get out of that…” he boasted. Kevin snorted into his Budweiser and replied “The guy is handcuffed, it would be a little hard even in he broke out of the chair”! Kevin shook his head but didn’t press the issue.

The film progressed and Scott Speedman’s character awoke the the stench of James Marsden’s character who during the night had shit himself while tied to the chair. “I’m sitting in shit, man! SHIT!” James cried. Both Kevin and Martin rubbed the crotch of their jeans as they watched the scene unfold.

“Mate, I totally would have been able to hold my load for a few more hours until the next morning, thats just lame.” said Kevin. Incredulous, Martin poked Kevin’s arm.

“Dude its only a story, for all you know he’d been holding his load for over a day beforehand. The stress of being fucking kidnapped might have brought it on.” Kevin shook his head again. “No dude, I know for a fact that if it were me that wouldn’t happen.” “Is that so??” Martin retorted. Knocking the back the last of his beer, he paused the film and turned to Kevin.

“I dare you to let me to that to you then and we’ll see how you handle it.”

Kevin froze, part in shock, part because he was hoping Martin would say that. He genuinely wasn’t sure if he could actually hold out but the thought of it being done to him, by his best friend no less, made him randy.

“But that would mean you’d be keeping me tied up until tomorrow! Thats a bit much dude.” Martin grinned. “Are you saying you’re chickening out of my dare?” Sighing and steeling himself, Kevin replied “So what do I get out of it if I go through with this dare?” Reaching forward to caress Kevin’s bulging denim crotch, Martin said “I’ll give you a reward mate, but you’ll have to go through with it first. And theres no backing out.”

Before Kevin could say another word, Martin jumped up and walked over to the side of the room and rummaged through a drawer, before beckoning Kevin into the spare bedroom. When Kevin stood up he trembled a little as he saw two rolls of silver ducttape in Martin’s hands. Reaching the doorway Martin paused. “Oh, go and get one of the kitchen chairs mate.” Kevin turned back and went to retrieve one of the high-backed metal dining chairs. Thinking back to his comment about breaking out of a wooden chair, Kevin knew his hopes of getting out of this were almost zero.

Martin was standing with his arms folded, ducttape in both hands as Kevin brought the chair in. Positioning the chair at the back of the room away from the window, Martin grinned. “Have a seat my friend” Kevin felt very nervous now despite his boasting and horny thoughts. This was going to be a long night.

The leather cushion creaked a little under Kevin’s ass as he sat down. Martin immediately went to work, tearing tape off the roll and grabbing Kevin’s hands behind the chair, he began crisscrossing tape around his wrists, winding it round and round thickly. He then tore the tape off, moved around and began taping around Kevin’s torso, pinning him to the chair. Another taping around his stomach. Moving down he taped each of Kevin’s ankles to the chair legs and then more taping his shins to the chair. Kevin could only sit there, almost trembling with fear and excitement, listening to the almost constant sound of tape tearing off the roll and feeling Martin imprison him tightly. Eventually Martin stood back to admire his handywork. Kevin could barely move, the tape has tight and secure. His wrists wouldn’t give no matter how much he strained. After waiting for several minutes to ensure he wouldn’t need to tie up Kevin any more, Martin tousled Kevin’s messy blonde hair. “Thats it, you’re mine now dude. Tape tight enough?” Kevin managed a slight smile. “Fuck you mate, I’m surprised you didn’t need the second roll, I can’t believe you used so much!” Tutting, Martin walked over to the washing basket at the other side of the room and pulled out some of his worn socks.

“Such a potty mouth mate. Those jeans of yours will be a potty enough so I think you’re done talking.” With that, he stuffed the sweaty socks into Kevin’s mouth then picked up  the tape and wound it around Kevin’s head about 8 times. Kevin squirmed in the chair but only succeeded in making the tape crackle a little with his exertions, it didn’t give. “Mmmmppphhhhfffff”! Kevin muffled weakly from behind his gag. He began bucking now, struggling furiously. Martin stood and watched Kevin’s futile attempts. Suddenly Kevin stopped and groaned, then his pale blue jeans started to darken around his crotch area as he began pissing himself. It shot along his right leg almost to the knee and dribbled down to his ass. Fascinated, Martin simply watched Kevin flooding his jeans with piss. Dejected, Kevin shook his head, annoyed that all the struggling had brought it on and made him wet himself so early, he had only been tied up ten minutes!

“Well dude, that was hot but I have a film to finish…” Martin said, heading towards the door. “…and I think I’ll leave you here to think about your situation. Don’t worry, I’ll stop by later to check on you before I go to bed.” He then switched off the light and closed the door on Kevin’s furious gagged moans.


Two hours later…. 


Kevin tried shifting his ass in the chair a little, unsuccessfully. Being seated had made his ass a little numb, and his gut was churning. The tape wasn’t giving as Martin had made it so thickly layered. He really was trapped. He was so turned on that his cock had been almost constantly hard in his jeans since Martin had tied him up. His only frustration was that all the struggling wasn’t rubbing his cock hard enough against his denim, leaving him unable to shoot his load. During his captivity he had pissed himself again thanks to the several beers he and Martin had shared, plus he was now cutting some rather pungent farts. Dropping his load wouldn’t be far off. He sat in the darkness hoping to get it out before bedtime, wondering if Martin would let him go after he shit. While he enjoyed this feeling of being held captive and made to mess himself, he didn’t relish the thought of being left there all night. However Kevin never chickened out on a dare which Martin knew full well, and so he was maneuvered into staying this way until tomorrow.

Cutting another muffled fart, Kevin suddenly felt his load move. This was going to happen shortly. Minutes passed and just as he started touching cloth, the door opened and Martin entered.

“Hey dude, hows it going?" Switching the light on, Martin sniffed the air and screwed his face a little.”Say, have you crapped yourself yet?” Kevin shook his head but made muffled grunts and nodded down at his crotch. Martin walked over and heard a small, hissing fart. “Are you about to do it now?” Nod. “Great timing!” Kevin strained now and tried to buck his ass and body of the chair as much as possible but the tape didn’t give him much room. As he groaned the load began to bulge out into his jeans, squashing down the seat and piling around his cheeks down to his balls. Martin crouched down to Kevin’s crotch area and listened to the crackling sound as the first log ended and Kevin bore down on another softer load as it rushed out to fill space unoccupied by the first. Martin reached under Kevin’s denim-clad ass and lightly caressed the shitbulge even as Kevin was adding more to it. Finally Kevin gave a muffled sigh of relief, Martin withdrew his hand and Kevin sat in the load, feeling it squish under his weight. A heady smell of shit permeated the air like manure. Kevin felt very aware of the hot load plastering his ass as well as the tight tape that still held him. Hard as a rock, both guys remained silent for a moment before Martin spoke.

“That was fucking awesome mate.” he remarked. “Does it feel good?” Kevin nodded. “I’ll go get you a glass of water, you must be thirsty after that.” Kevin sighed with relief, he would have been a lot less thirsty had those socks not been stuffed into his mouth, soaking up moisture. Moments passed and Martin returned with a tall glass of water, then picked up a pair of scissors and began cutting the tape from around Kevin’s mouth and head. As the last of the tape peeled from Kevin’s head, he yelped as the sticky tape pulled as his hairs and skin. The socks were removed and Kevin spat fluff and licked his lips. “Fucking hell…” he murmured. Martin held the glass to Kevin’s lips and he drank greedily. Finishing the glass, Kevin moved his head away from the glass and said “I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself you twat, I stink!” Grinning, Martin cupped his chin and replied “Mate, this isn’t over yet. I’ve got a surprise for you before I go to bed.” Before Kevin could reply, Martin turned and backed his ass up towards Kevin, straddling the chair a little. Suddenly a muffled fart erupted from Martin’s ass and a bulge poked out of the dark blue denim. Gasping with shock, Kevin sat and watched as Martin pushed out a huge soft load into his jeans. Muffled farts accompanied the mushy load as it filled Martin’s pants and bulged out noisily. Martin groaned with pleasure as he shit himself. Kevin’s eyes almost popped out. “Wow dude!” Martin reached back and put his hand on the load, squashing it into the seat of his jeans. He then turned around and straddled the chair properly facing Kevin, and sat on his lap. As Kevin could only sit there all tied up, Martin grabbed his face and began to kiss Kevin as he slowly shifted his ass, grinding the load into Kevin and the sounds of the denim rubbing together made both guys even more horny. Eventually Martin pulled back and stood up. “Mmm. Well thats enough of that mate. You”ll get your reward tomorrow.” With that he picked up the socks and tape again and proceeded to regag Kevin who, resigned to his fears, didn’t protest as his mouth was taped back up again.  

“Time for a quich shower before bed. Well this has been hot as hell mate but I’m tired out. I hope you didn’t think I’d take pity on you though, dare is a dare. You’re staying there. Oh, and by the way, when I said I’d let you go ‘tomorrow’, I didn’t say what time did I…?” Realisation dawned on Kevin that he might be staying in the chair longer than he thought. Groaning and renewing his futile struggles, Martin turned his back on his smelly helpless captive, enjoying the thought that Kevin might be there long enough to add a load or two more before letting him go.

“Nighty night mate!” And the door closed.


The end….?

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