The Dirty Diaper Games – Chapter 1

This is an old story I wrote for myself a couple years ago, and was recently inspired to touch it up and continue it on. I took a some of inspiration from Captive’s stories on here, hopefully I did him justice 🙂

Chapter 1

It was a cool night in the campus park as Danny ran down one of the park trails, silently fuming to himself. He had just gotten back his final grades, only to learn that his GPA was barely skirting the edge of a 2.5. Yet another semester of less than average grades, though Danny couldn’t quite say it wasn’t his fault. He decided that a run through the park would be a nice way to blow off some steam, and it certainly wasn’t the first time he went on a run after a poor semester.

Although he wasn’t much of a runner, he had a naturally thin physique. Thanks to his roommate forcing him to go to the gym, Danny could easily call the attention of plenty of girls on campus. He was less than interested in their attention however, instead enjoying the view of a fraternity man running in the opposite direction. Danny sighed to himself as he remembered meeting the man once before at a fraternity rush event. His name was Charlie, and his good looks could instantly make Danny melt. Sporting large, defined muscles, short blonde hair, and eyes as blue as the ocean, Danny couldn’t help but stare as the attractive man ran past him.

“Man… if I could only get a guy like that…” Danny sighed to himself, continuing his run. Soon after he saw Charlie, Danny began to make out another figure further down the trail, quickly realizing that he knew that person. It was Professor Coy, the same professor which marked nearly every sentence of his research paper with red ink, and also the same professor which gave him a glaring “F” on his final exam, single handedly ruining his GPA for the quarter. He was quite the clean-cut man himself, sporting well kept brown hair of medium length, with matching brown eyes. He had quite the dad bod, and truth be told Danny did find him to be attractive. Unfortunately thought, simply because he’s attractive doesn’t mean Danny would want to be in the same room as him after the last semester.

“Fuck… no way am I gonna run past this guy.” Danny thought to himself, deciding to take a lesser run trail on the side of the road.

“If I take this path, I should end up looping around to the main trail. I might even get to see Charlie again if I hurry.” Danny excitedly thought to himself, picking up his pace in order to make sure he’ll run into the attractive man again. Suddenly, Danny lost his footing, tumbling forward slightly down the path.

“Ugh… oww…” Danny mumbled to himself as he turned around. Across the path was a small rope tied between two trees, forming an effective tripwire, especially in the darkness of the path. A sharp pain quickly echoed from behind his shoulder. As Danny reached around, he found what appeared to be a dart in his shoulder.

“What the hell…?” Danny said as he looked around the path, the tree’s suddenly rustling all around him. Slowly, Danny felt himself losing his balance, realizing he must have been tranquilized.

“Heh, just like his photo on the app…” Danny heard as he saw a pair of feet slowly walking towards him, soon to be consumed by darkness and he drift into a state of unconsciousness…

Danny slowly awoke from his deep slumber, trying to piece together thoughts of what had just happened. He became aware that he couldn’t move his arms or legs, which he felt bound tightly by rope. In addition, he felt his mouth stretched by what appeared to be some sort of gag. As the realization of his capture dawned on him, he anxiously looked around to his surroundings.

‘Wha… what the fuck is this place…?!’ Danny thought as he looked around what appeared to be a sort of dungeon. There appeared to be large baby cribs all around the room, all of which contained men bound in shackles. Upon closer inspection Danny noticed that they were naked except for what seemed to be incredibly thick diapers. From the nauseating smell which lingered in the dungeon, Danny could only assume that these men hadn’t been changed in quite a long period of time. As he began to struggle against the ropes, a door across the room opened. A large bald man dressed in black leather entered the room. As the man slowly paced towards Danny, he noticed a small badge labeled “Babysitter” on his outfit.

“Alright little guy, time to get you ready for the games.” The man said with a menacing smile. He effortlessly picked up Danny in his arms, and set him on some sort of table. As the Babysitter undid the ropes, Danny realized that his muscles were only barely responsive from the tranquilizer.

“Hope you won’t miss using the toilet, little guy.” Danny’s captor cooed as he began unfolding a massive diaper.” With his legs free, Danny mustered up all his strength and threw a kick at the man, knocking him back. Danny tried to get off the table, but couldn’t muster up any more strength to move.

“God damn, I don’t think you know your place here, boy…” The babysitter yelled at Danny as he swiftly took him off the table and placed him into some wooden stocks.
“…But don’t worry, I’ll be sure to show you where it is” The babysitter said with a smirk, as he smacked Danny’s ass with a paddle. WHAP, WHAP, WHAP, over and over for what felt like hours. In reality, it was only 30 swats, but Danny’s ass felt like it was on fire.

“You know, I think a clean diaper is too nice for a little shit like you” the babysitter taunted as he set Danny on the changing table again. “Usually we like to make the new contestants look nice for their first appearance, but I think I can make an exception for you.” The Babysitter then paced around the room looking at the broken men in their overly used diapers. He then stopped at an exceptionally messy crib. The man’s diaper was leaking all over the floor of his crib, and shit was visibly squishing out of the diaper’s leg holes.

“Congrats Jones, it’s your lucky day!” The babysitter taunted as he brought the man to another changing table. As the babysitter opened the diaper, the smell in the room became massive. The insides of the diaper were covered in excrement, and the outside was stained a dark yellowish brown.

“Phew, you sure are a messy one, aren’t you Jones? Good thing you’re diapered up, or you would’ve been so much messier.” The babysitter cooed, as the man used the diaper to wipe the feces off the man’s cock and balls. However, instead of cleaning up any residue, the Babysitter simply sprayed some powder on the man, and diapered him up once more. Once the man was bound yet again, the babysitter took the diaper and walked back to Danny’s changing table.

“Now… this is a diaper much more fitting a little shithead like you.” The Babysitter taunted as the diaper was set on the table with a disgustingly audible ‘plop.’ Danny’s legs were lifted up and the overly used diaper was slid under his ass. The babysitter wore a sadistic grin as he slowly eased Danny’s butt into the large pile of feces. Danny winced as he felt the excrement spread all across his behind, his freshly spanked ass irritated all the more by the large load of shit it was slowly sinking into. However, the feeling was incomparable to what he felt as the front of the diaper was closed over his cock. Danny could feel poop in every little inch and crevice in the diaper, covering his cock and balls in the mess. Although the sensation made him want to gag, Danny’s manhood was stimulated by the soft, squishy diaper and he began to sport a semi. Thankfully, behind the massive load bulging the diaper out, the Babysitter didn’t notice the extra little tenting.

“Phew, now aren’t you a little stinker” The babysitter taunted as he chuckled at Danny’s predicament. Danny was beyond humiliated being forced into such a disgusting diaper without any way to protest. The stench was horrendous, though less so when the diaper was open. However, the feeling of the shit and piss mix was much more uncomfortable. Every little movement that Danny made, he could feel the contents of the diaper shift and adjust, coating his crotch in more of the slop made by another man.
“Alright boy, time for your first major appearance” the babysitter sneered.

With that, he led Danny into a pedestal in the middle of the room. He chained him to the floor, wrapped a strange leather collar around Danny’s neck, and hit a button. The pedestal slowly started to rise to the ceiling, which opened to a bright light. As he passed through the ceiling, he looked around to find he was raised up into what appeared to be a large baby’s crib. Multiple other cribs with other boys appearing from the floor. The room appeared to be what looked like a game show, with “T.D.D.G.” across the top. In one side of the room, an older man dressed in an expensive suit sat on a throne with a sly smile.

“Welcome contestants, to The Dirty Diaper Games” the man bellowed as he rose from his throne. “You will all be competing for the grand prize, your freedom.”

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