The Dirty Diaper Games – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

“Our freedom?!” one of the other boys stuck in a crib yelled. “What the fuck man, I want out of your fucked-up wonderland.”

“Oh, you want out of the games? Well, that could be arranged…” the man on the throne teased. “Unfortunately, there’s only two ways out of here. Either you win the games and I set you free, or you lose… and I’m not sure you want that to happen.”

One of the Babysitters walked on stage towards a machine with covered by a cloth. Danny couldn’t quite make out what it was, but it seemed round at least. After some slight showmanship, the man yanked down the cloth, revealing a wheel spinning game… or at least something similar. The colors on the wheel were limited to brown and yellow, which Danny guessed to be alluding to the game’s disgusting theme of excrement. The pin in the middle of the wheel made him shudder and he finally realized the true function of the carnival game.

“You see, anyone who loses the game must spin this wheel. Unfortunately for you, you’ll have to endure whatever degradation is decided by the fates. I’ll be sure to enjoy every moment though” The Ringleader jeered towards the 6 caged boys.

The Wheel of Punishment read the pin. Each and every option on the board relayed a disgusting punishment relating to diapers or the excrement inside of them. Some were worse than others, but none were pleasant. ‘Not to mention, once you spin the wheel, you’re trapped as a diaper slave here forever.’ Danny realized.

‘Diaper Pail’, ‘Pig Stye’, ‘Toilet Training’, ‘Babysitter Seat’, the list went on with strange witty titles. Danny could only imagine what these punishments actually entailed, no doubt all of them meant to please the Ringleaders sick pleasures…

“You see boys, you’ve all been specifically chosen for this. You’re all affiliated with the University that I’m employed at, and you’re also all patrons of a specific phone app for gay men. You practically led us to you.” The boys all exchanged looks as they all realized their predicament. “Not to mention, I find you all particularly attractive.” The man said coyly.

“Well, now it’s time to introduce the players!” The Ringleader jeered towards the babysitters watching the show.

“First up is an old student of mine, Danny.” The Ringleader said while moving towards the crib. As he got closer, Danny finally put the pieces together. The Ringleader was the professor: Mr. Coy himself.

“We’ll see how this slightly scrawny guy matches up against the rest of the competition, but judging by the horrendous smell from his crotch, he’s already giving in to a life in his dirty diapers… and enjoying it too if his little bulge is any indicator!”

Danny cringed as the babysitters laughed and jeered, he shifted uncomfortably in his diaper. The mess inside gurgled and smeared around his crotch further with each move. How was he supposed to compete in any sort of contest with this heavy, excrement filled garment stuck around his waist?

“Next up is Charlie, the clean-cut fraternity guy with quite the chiseled chin and body. Although, I’m sure he won’t be looking and smelling quite so clean by the end of these games”

True to the Ringleaders description, Charlie was trapped in the crib next to mine. Although his diaper was in a much more pristine state, he was also naked other than the padded underwear. Danny looked at him and saw Charlie matching his gaze.

“I guess you got caught up in this too, huh?” Charlie whispered towards him. “I knew something was odd when I didn’t see you when I turned back…” Danny blushed, maybe Charlie paid more attention to him than he originally thought… and he was also gay. Though trapped in an absolutely loaded diaper was the last way Danny wanted Charlie to be seeing him.

“Now we have Brad, another one of my former students. Unfortunately, after the failing grade I gave him, this jock lost his spot on the football team. I’m sure we could have him reinstated… that is if he can prove he’s ready not to poop his football padding.” Brad was quite the looker; due to his football training he had massive muscles and could easily overpower anyone else in this depraved contest. He has short brown hair kept in a buzz cut, and piercing gray eyes that Danny could see all the way across the cribs. If the situation were different, Danny wouldn’t mind the sight of this handsome jock naked in nothing but his underwear.

“Yeah, well once I can move these muscles again, then we’ll see who’ll be unable to control themselves” Brad threatened back, though Mr. Coy didn’t seem fazed.

“Next up, we have James. This little guy might be top of the class at the university, but I think its pretty clear that his adorable little stature suits those diapers. I’m sure he’ll be well suited to receive top marks at our daycare here.” True to the description, James was quite the small guy, barely over five feet tall, and scrawny to match. Danny was pretty sure Brad could do dumbbell curls with him. His red hair was relatively unkempt and messy over his head, suggesting he wasn’t one to care about fashion, but his twink body would probably drive some people wild. He meekly sat in his crib, clearly nervous at his surroundings.

“And now, we have our cuddly poo bear, Greg. This man was one of the TA’s in my college, and was quite the sociable man, I’m sure he’ll continue to provide answers to us in this competition, such as ‘Does a bear shit in his diapers?’” Although his view was obscured, Danny could see the slightly older guy filling out the crib much more than he or James were. He wasn’t quite fat, but was definitely burly and relatively hairy. He had light brown hair of medium length that wrapped around his chin in a relatively well-kept beard. True to the teasing in his intro, he fit the bear stereotype quite well.

“Come on professor, this is insane, you can’t actually mean to keep us here right?” Greg protested, seeing if maybe he could appeal to Mr Coy’s humanity. Unfortunately, the professor kept walking over to the final crib containing the rowdy boy who yelled back at him earlier.

“And this little boy here with the potty mouth is Austin…”

“Hey fuck you man” Austin yelled back angrily. He was also a relatively average sized guy, with sharp black hair styled immaculately. Danny vaguely remembered him yelling at Mr. Coy once as he was leaving a lecture. Seems like the two also had history. “I don’t care who you are but you can’t keep us in here, much less force me to play any of these disgusting games. Once I get out of here, you’ll get fucked, do you hear me?!”

“Ha, well that’s true. I guess I can’t force you to play, but if you refuse to partake then we can just cut to the chase…” Mr. Coy gestured to Austin’s babysitter, and the leather clad man walked to the crib.
“Hey, get the FUCK away from me” Austin yelled as the babysitter pulled out some equipment attached to his belt. “What the fuck are you -oin…” The lad trailed off as the babysitter forced a large oversized pacifier into his mouth, and tying it behind his head. He then attached handcuffs to his hands and his legs, making the vulgar man immobilized. The Babysitter than lifted him out of the cage and placed him in a spotlight in the middle of the room.

“Let this unruly boy be a lesson to the rest of you gentlemen. I’m quite the strict master here, and anyone who doesn’t match up to my expectations is deserving of a punishment.” My Coy announced devilishly. “Spin the wheel would you please!” The babysitter walked up to the wheel and gave it a hefty swing. It turned for about five revolutions, the alternating brown and yellow colors mixing to quite a displeasing shade of brown and then slowed down to a crawl. Eventually it stopped with the arrow pointing to something called “Brown nosing”

“And your unfortunate punishment my dear boy, is Brown Nosing. You know what to do.” Mr. Coy ordered the Babysitter. He walked to a room to the side and returned with a gas mask colored like a sort of white diaper with a large brown streak over the face, which had yellowish brown tube which air was fed from. Despite his muffled protests, the pacifier wearing man was fitting with the disturbing mask and his air source was cut off to everything except the other side of the tube. The babysitter than took the tube, and with a sadistic smile brought it up directly next to his ass. After some slight straining, the babysitter cut a massive fart right down into the tube, soon followed by the masked lad to yell from behind the rubber, while trying to fight against his restraints. Once the babysitter was satisfied after letting out a few more trumpeting farts, he proceeded to stuff the tube into the back of Austin’s diaper. Although the smell of his own sweaty ass wasn’t very appealing, it was some relief to that of the Babysitter’s rank farts.

“Well, now it looks like the real fun is about to begin” Mr. Coy said with a smile as he sat back down on his throne. He pressed some buttons on a built-in keypad, and suddenly Danny could tell something was wrong with Austin. His body started to lurch and sway, as if he was suddenly in more distress. The strange collar that all the boys were fitted with suddenly had a red light begin to blink. The masked lad continued to struggle against the restraints but it was no use, as soon Danny and the rest of the boys heard a large muffled fart against the padded confines of Austin’s ass. Soon to follow, Austin appeared to give up a losing battle as a series of putrid farts could be heard from his behind, as the diaper unmistakably began to expand, pressing outwards wherever the large mess could find remaining space. Apparently, Mr. Coy liked his punishments to be quite literal, as the vile smell of Austin’s fresh load wafted up the tube, causing the boy to cry out in distress as all the remaining fresh air was replaced with the harsh stink of his own shit.

“Now, get this messy baby back to his crib for a nap.” Mr. Coy ordered once again, as Austin was placed back into his crib, clearly protesting behind the mask. His crib slowly descended back down into the floor where the boys were prepared for the games. A TV screen on one of the walls lit up and showed Austin clearly trying to fight against his bonds, as he tried not to succumb to the awful punishment. My Coy rubbed the front of his suit pants, clearly enjoying the sick show he just put on. He wasn’t the only one either, as some of the babysitters began openly jacking themselves off, Austin’s babysitter in particular shot his load down the hole where his slave descended, raining down on the poor boy. Danny and the rest of the men looked at the others in horror as they all realized that only one of them would be escaping without a punishment.

“Alright boys, that’s enough of that. Who’s ready for our first challenge!”

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