The cursed underwear (part 1)

It was night-time now and Tanner had just about finished packing up his things in his gym bag. He had already packed away his pads, his jersey, and all his sweaty practice clothes. He was ready to go home after a long, hard football practice followed by a shower in the locker room, when he heard something. At first, he thought it might be someone from outside, but it sounded distinctly like it was coming from somewhere inside the locker room. It sounded like metal rattling. Like someone fumbling with the door of a locker. That would be quite odd because he was the only one in the locker room at the time, so he decided to go investigate. Tanner searched around the locker room, but he did not see anyone at first. Then came the unmistakable sound of someone breathing heavily, like they were scared. The sound was close, so there must be someone nearby. At first, he could not figure out where it was coming from, but then he realized it was coming from the inside of a locker right next to him. He opened that locker to find something he really was not expecting.

Standing inside the locker in only his tighty whities, scared as hell was Jordan. Around the school, Jordan was known as a huge nerd, scrawny, and easy to pick on. As one of the strongest, most popular guys on the football team, Tanner bullied him the most. Every other day, he would give Jordan wedgies, noogies, or swirlies. Jordan always made it so easy for Tanner to pick on him because he always wore tighty whities, and these were a magnet for wedgies. Another thing about Jordan that Tanner would never miss a chance to make fun of was the fact that Jordan’s tighty whities always had noticeable skidmarks on them. Whenever he went in for a wedgie, the skidmarks would be clearly visible. Because of this, Tanner got in the habit of calling him “shit stain”. One time, he went it for the usual wedgie and saw the skidmarks, then decided to go in for a front wedgie and saw some obvious yellow pee stains on the front of his tighty whities as well. Tanner was laughing for days about that.

In this moment, Jordan was in an especially vulnerable position. Not only was he standing there in just his dorky tighty whities, but the situation was about to become a whole lot more embarrassing. Before Tanner and his teammates came into the locker room, Jordan was hanging in a locker by his tighty whities after one of the jocks stripped him down to his underwear and gave him a nasty hanging wedgie. He finally managed to get down, but right as he got down from this excruciating wedgie, football practice had ended, and all the guys came in. He knew that if they saw him in there in just his tighty whities, he would be in for the humiliation of a lifetime, so he decided to just wait it out. Unfortunately, while he was hanging up there, his situation started to get even more uncomfortable. While he was up there, all his lunch and breakfast started building up in his intestines and the urge to shit became more and more unbearable. At first, he thought he could just shrug it off and wait until everyone was gone, but this option was fading away. The urge just kept building and building and Jordan knew that sooner or later, he was going to explode. So this was how Tanner found him. He was standing there almost naked, in a desperate need to take a dump.

“What the hell are you doing here?”, Tanner asked him.

Jordan gulped and said, “I…uhhh…just got stuck in here when- “

“Ha! Like I give a crap. I think you actually arrived here at the perfect moment. I was dying to dish out a wedgie after practice”, Tanner said before grabbing onto the waistband of Jordan’s briefs and pulled, yanking him out of the locker. Jordan was helpless as he was being pulled out. All his focus at the moment was on trying not to let go of the mess brewing inside of him, so he couldn’t even put up a fight against Tanner’s tormenting.

Tanner grabbed a hold of the back of Jordan’s briefs, ready to give him a killer wedgie, when Jordan’s stomach started growling, giving away his secret.

Tanner stopped and asked, “What was that?”

“I…uhh…I just really have to use the bathroom. I haven’t gone yet, and it’s really building up in there”, Jordan responded. Upon hearing this, Tanner got a wicked idea and gave off a devilish smile.

“Oh, I think I know what I’m gonna do with you”, Tanner said.

Tanner turned him so Jordan was directly facing him and hit him a few times in some key places along his abdomen. The places and the ways he hit him were very strategic and designed to produce an outcome that a friend had taught him. Mike, one of his friends on the football team, had also practiced Karate and learned about a specific move that could make a person crap their pants if done in the correct way, which he taught Tanner. When Tanner realized that Jordan was in desperate need of the restroom, he decided that now would be the perfect time to try it out on him. Suffice to say, it worked just as planned and everything that Jordan had been holding back rushed out into his briefs. It turned the back of his briefs completely brown and even went up to the front of his briefs.

Jordan felt completely humiliated. Not only did he just crap himself like a little baby, but he also did it in front of his bully and standing in the middle of the locker room in only his underwear. Meanwhile, Tanner was just laughing his ass off at Jordan’s humiliation.

“Hahahaha! You really couldn’t hold it, could you? You just can’t hold anything, can you? Can’t hold a ball, can’t hold your own shit. So pathetic! You’re just lucky the other guys weren’t here to see this mess”, Tanner said.

Jordan’s humiliation quickly turned to anger, and he got red in the face.

“That’s it!”, Jordan blurted out, “I can’t take any more of this. I really didn’t want to do this, but you left me no choice.”

“What are you talking about, nerd?”, Tanner asked him.

Jordan looked him straight in the eye and said, “I mean I can’t stand any more of your constant torments. All the wedgies, noogies, swirlies, and taunting you give me regularly and now this. I really didn’t want to do this, but you’ve left me no other option. I’m going to have to give you…the curse.”

Tanner just laughed at him and thought he was just messing with him so he said, “What the hell do you mean, you little nerd? Some big, scary curse? You’ve been reading way too many comic books if you believe in crap like that.”

“No”, Jordan replied, “this is serious, and I mean it.”

“So how will you administer this stupid curse? Cast a spell on me haha?”, Tanner asked him.

“Like this”, Jordan said as he put his hand onto Tanner’s chest.

Jordan looked him in the eyes and said, “The curse that I carry you shall carry as well. The commands I follow you shall also follow. From this day forward, the curse will also be yours to carry and you shall be obedient to its every demand. I now declare the curse to be yours.” He took his hand off Tanner’s chest.

At first, Tanner did not quite know what to make of it. He thought that it was just a weird moment, so he said, “What the hell was that?”, but Jordan just stood there and did not respond. Then, he started to feel something weird. The loose, comfortable boxers that he casually wore most of the time suddenly felt a lot tighter. Tanner opened the front of his pants to find that his boxers had somehow changed into tighty whities.

“How did you do this?”, he asked Jordan.

“Don’t worry about how. Just be aware of what it’ll do to you”, Jordan replied.

“What do you mean?”, Tanner asked him.

“Check the waistband”, Jordan said.

Sure enough, Tanner checked the waistband of his new tighty whities and at first they was nothing on them except the usual red and blue stripe design, but soon some words in faint, black ink started to appear. In a few moments, there was one word written on it over and over again around the length of the waistband— “Wedgie”.

The new set of tighty whities that Tanner was in started to contract and wedge themselves up his backside, giving him a major wedgie. He jolted at the pain of a wedgie suddenly forming and he even grabbed between his cheeks to pick out the wedgie, but it was firmly stuck in there.

Jordan noticed this and said, “Oh yeah, I’ve gotten that one a lot. Sometimes it can get really bad.”

“Wha-what is happening to me?”, Tanner asked.

“You’ve been given the cursed underwear. You can never take it off and whatever is says on the waistband will then happen to you. I don’t know of a way to get rid of the curse, but you can transfer it to other people”, Jordan replied.

Tanner tried his best to remove the underwear, but to no avail. It just would not budge. He started to get scared that this was now going to be his whole life—dictated to him by cursed underwear. As a result of his fear, he started to sweat and fidget. Jordan just looked at his with a devilish smile, as he could see his tormentor finally feeling the impending weight of constant humiliation creep up on him.

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