The Curse

So once again here I go making that long walk back to my dorm room in shame.  Pants are totally soaked in front and sticking to my skin.  Shoes and socks making squishy sounds with every single step I take.  Other students pointing and laughing and calling me every derogatory name in the book.  All the while I try and hold back the tears of shame and ridicule I received as I make the long walk.  I think to myself “why does this keep happening?  Why at 23 years of age and a college student, why do I continue to have trouble holding my pee inside me and end up soaking my pants in class?”  My parents told me as a kid that I would eventually grew out of it, but it just never happened.  I was never able to keep any friends or even any girlfriends for that matter.  I considered trying to be gay, but that was even worse because boyfriends treated me even worse than girlfriends all because if the simple problem of wetting my pants and bed and I know for a fact I’m not the only one in the world who does it still at my age because I have seen so on the internet.  I can understand why I would have to pee so much if I drank a lot, but I always have tried to limit how much I drink, but that never seems to help.  Well, I might as well just take the abuse for the rest of the walk back to the dorm so I can get changed and maybe take the rest of the day off to get my self-esteem back.

So, I get back to my dorm and am already bombarded with texts and Skype calls where students are feeling the need to make fun of me even more.  You would think that if I was such a freak, people wouldn’t feel the need to antagonize me so much, but I guess it makes them feel better about themselves.  So I shower and get changed and wouldn’t you know it.  I have to pee again.  So I quickly did my business the way I should do it in the toilet.  Rather than take a nap like I wanted to or play around on the internet, I decided to go to a local bar for a few drinks and drink away my sorrows.  As I am walking to the bar, I passed by an empty lot that had been empty for years, but for some reason there was a house there and sitting on the porch in a rocking chair was a very elderly looking woman and she locked eyes with me in a very creepy manner and I just kept walking and thinking what a crazy old bitch.  I get to the bar and am greeted right away by the regulars there and after I told them what had happened yet again, they all bought me drinks.  That was the greatest thing about those guys was that I could tell them ANYTHING and they would never judge me.  Maybe it was because they were older than the other students at school and have matured or maybe it’s because they are glad to hear about someone having a more miserable day than theirs.  Who knows.  All I know is I always feel safe there unloading my problems onto them.  So after a few beers and a couple tequila shots, I decided I better get back home and sleep off the alcohol.  Of course everyone tried to keep me there because they wanted to talk longer, but I managed to escape. 

As I’m walking back home, I decide to stop at the liquor store and pick up a couple of freshly made spicy beef jerkeys.  While paying for them, I started to feel the beer filling my bladder and knew I might be in a bit of trouble, so I tried hard not to think about it and left the store and continued my walk home.  As much as I tried I just couldn’t stop thinking about the urge I was feeling and that was making the urge worse.  I tried walking faster, but that cause a squirt of pee to shoot into my undies.  Not a very good idea I thought to myself and I continued walking at the normal pace.  I kept having to stop like every 15 feet to physically hold myself with my hands.  Luckily no one was around to see me grabbing my crotch and think I was some pervert or something.  I tried my best to keep walking and holding, but I eventually had to stop all together and stand still.  I knew the end was coming because there was no way I could move.  I just stood there helplessly when the inevitable happened and I totally soaked my dry pants uncontrollably.  On one hand, I didn’t want this accident to happen, but on the other hand I’m glad it happened where it did and there was no one to make fun of me and I would have a straight shot right back home with no one to see me and my soaked pants.  That happiness was shortly lived when I looked back up to start walking again and realized I had stopped in front of the mysterious old lady’s house and she saw what I had done right in front of her and she locked eyes with me once again.  Some unknown force then cause me to approach her and try as I could, I couldn’t stop myself from walking towards her.  When I reached her, she took me into her house and made me take off my wet pants and undies.  She then pulled out and exact pair of pants and undies from her closet.  I put them on and sat back down and she then made me some tea that I didn’t recognize the smell, but it was very strong.  When she poured me a cup, she said some words that I didn’t recognize.  I figured maybe she was just overly religious and was blessing it or something.  After I drank the tea I felt really funny and started getting light headed.  Next thing I remember was the woman saying in a creepy voice “lock eyes for a big surprise” and then I woke up in my bed in my dorm. 

I got out of my bed thinking with all the beer I had drank, I would have wet the bed really good.  But my bed was dry as a bone and so was I.  I then started thinking about what the old woman said to me.  I just blew it off as probably just some old lady who saw my shameful act and felt sorry for me and wanted to help me out.  I didn’t give it another moments thought and I went to play on the internet for awhile and then got a Skype call from one of the few guys who is sort of my friend.  He invited me over to his dorm to hang out for a bit and play PS3 while his roommate was gone.  I accepted and went right over there and was greeted by even more beer.  I was a little scared at first to have another repeat, but realized that the bathroom was only a room away and no chance I would have another accident.  So we drank and gamed for about an hour.  I only had to pee once during that time, but oddly enough I didn’t feel bad urges until I got into the bathroom and safely had my dick pointing into the toilet.  I told my friend I’d be back in a bit because I was going to get a game from my dorm and he stopped me to talk about another game he heard about and wanted to try and as I was looking at him while he was talking, he stopped out of nowhere and grabbed his crotch and said “what the fuck!?”.  I looked down and pee was soaking through his hands and down his pants and puddling on the floor.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Did he do that as a joke to me?  Did he have a legit accident from all the beer?  Or was it something else?  Without giving it another thought, I left and walked to my dorm to get the game.

While on the way, I got stopped by a really snotty cunt of a girl who started teasing me about the accident from earlier in class and she started calling me a baby and a pee pee boy and all these other stupid names.  All the while I stared into her eyes as she verbally bashed me and then she stopped much like my friend did.  She then looked down and started crying and ran away.  I looked down and saw a yellow puddle where she was standing.  What the fuck is going on I thought to myself.  Then it hit me.  “Lock eyes for a big surprise”.  I couldn’t believe that I could possible have the power to make people wet their pants all by looking into their eyes.  I immediately decided to test it out some more and went up to about 10 more people and locked eyes with them and sure enough, they peed their pants right then and there.  I was ecstatic at my new powers.  I decided to get back to my friend’s house with the game and save my powers for later use.  I got back and noticed that my friend had wet his pants again.  I asked him what’s wrong and he just said he didn’t know and that he didn’t seem to have any control of his bladder.  I then realized that not only do people wet their pants from me looking into their eyes, but also it makes them totally unable to control their pee.  An added bonus I thought. Finally people would realize what I had to go through for so long and maybe then the next time I have an accident, they will be a little more supportive.  So my friend and I gamed for another couple hours until we decided to call it a day and I left to go back to my dorm.  On the way back I noticed that all the people I made wet their pants were nowhere to be seen.  Sure put a huge smile on my face. 

When I got back to my dorm, I quickly checked texts and Skype to see if anyone felt the need to make fun of me anymore so I could target them tomorrow.  I was planning on turning everyone who has ever hurt me into pantswetters including teachers.  Sadly, no more insults so I played around on the net until it was time to go to bed.  I awoke early the next morning needing to pee and was surprised because normally I would have just wet the bed, but once again myself and the bed was dry.  I did my business in the toilet and took a shower and played around on the net some more before classes were about to start.  Once it was time to leave, my evil thoughts ran rampant in my head.  I decided to take advantage of my camera phone and to make sure I document every single wetting I cause to happen for future blackmail usage.  All through the day both in and out of classes, I would lock eyes with random people.  A lot of which I didn’t even know and made them wet their pants.  It didn’t take long for me to fill up my phone with pics.  Another great thing was the fact that I myself didn’t have any accidents, so that made my day even better.  When classes were all over, I went back to my dorm to browse through all the pics I snapped.  I didn’t feel a single ounce of remorse for what I did.  In fact I felt good about what I did.  I then got up to go pee and before I peed, I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and started telling myself how awesome and evil I am.  I started to get my huge grin back when all of a sudden I started wetting myself.  OH SHIT!!!!!    I just locked eyes with myself!  I quickly got showered and changed and ran back to where the old lady’s house was and it was gone.  I started to cry because now because of my own selfish greed, I now cursed myself and now there was no cure.  As I goosestepped all the way back to my dorm I could feel my pants getting wet again and that made me start tearing up all over again.  I got home and went right to sleep.

I woke up to the familiar feeling of a pee soaked bed and did my usual routine of cleaning up.  Sure was nice at least having a couple days of dry nights.  While I was waiting for my first classes to start, I received a mass message from my school telling everyone to meet for a major assembly before classes start.  I knew I was going to wet again, so I waited in just my undies and sure enough I wet them.  I quickly got changed and went to the assembly.  I noticed almost everyone there had already wet their pants including the teachers.  None of the teachers knew what was going on and why everyone was having accidents.  They then told us until further notice, our tuition would cover the cost of adult diapers and we were to wear them full time until the problem is figured out.  Oddly enough myself and the rest of everyone didn’t seem to mind and were quick to pick up our cases of diapers and take them back to our dorms to change into them.  The teachers then stopped us before we could leave the auditorium with one more rule.  We were told that we were not allowed to wear any clothing over our diapers.  It was because they were worried that we wouldn’t wear a diaper and in turn wet our pants in class and this way it would be clear that we were all diapered.  I for one thought that was a funny rule and couldn’t wait until the day started so I could hear all the funny comments everyone had to say about eachother in diapers in class.  So I leave with my case of diapers and get back to the dorm and change into a diaper.  I also brought a few extras in my backpack.  Not long after I walked out with my diaper showing for the world to see, I started feeling warmth spread and absorb into my diaper.  I giggled to myself and knew this was a feeling I could get used to.  While walking to class I passed by hundreds of other students with their diapers showing as well and the cool thing was the diapers seemed to make everyone more timid and nicer to eachother.  I get to class and everyone including the teacher is in just a diaper and shirt.  There was no mischief or misbehaving in class and people were actually nice and friendly to me.  Part of me wanted to reveal the secret of what happened, but the other part felt it was best left alone because even though the curse backfired on me, it worked out quite well in the end.

The End

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  1. There are some powerful descriptions of the emotions involved here, and some clever twists which take you by surprise as you read. I enjoyed this!

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