The Contest


“It’s on,” read the letter mailed to the 100 members of the betting pool. “Another competition is scheduled for Saturday. Come check out the contestants Saturday morning. Remember, anonymity is essential, so leather hoods must be on before entering the arena. As always, be there early, as the start time depends on the readiness of the players. Betting must be completed by the time the competitors reach the stage. See you then.”

The organization was very secretive. They had to be, as the contestants weren’t exactly willing. Over the years, they had perfected the methods to procure their entrants. The many levels of security they adhered to had prevented them from being discovered. That, and the fact the the participants were usually too humiliated and embarrassed to go to the authorities.

The arena was actually an old barn far out in the wooded countryside on property owned by one of the event organizers. The large central area was set up as the contest arena, with a raised platform at one end, fronted by old wood benches. The dais was brightly lit from all sides, as well as above, and the rest of the area was completely unlit, leaving the spectators in the shadows. The old horse stalls were set up as holding cells for the contestants to be properly prepared. The tiny cells consisted of a single cot on the straw-covered floor. The stalls were reinforced with strong walls and secure, locking gates, making escape virtually impossible. The attached tack room served as the entrance to the building, as well as the betting area, complete with stats on each guy, odds, and a betting window. There was also a small kitchen set up in the former feed area to prepare meals for the competitors. It was a perfect set-up.

This week’s three ‘entrants’ were all procured as they left a golf tournament held that Tuesday at a remotely located country club. They were pulled over by a police cruiser with two ‘officers’ inside and arrested for DUI, as they had all been drinking during the event, the second officer getting into their vehicle and following the cruiser to the well hidden barn. Shortly after their arrest, the police car pulled over, the officer getting in the back and blindfolding each guy so they wouldn’t know where they were being taken. Only then did they make the 45 minute trek to the secluded farm.

Entrant number one was a gentleman of about 40 sporting a stocky build. Ruggedly handsome, he was dressed in a light blue polo and yellowish polyester-blend khaki golf pants, just snug enough to hug his strongly muscled thighs and beefy ass. His short-cropped dark blonde hair was covered by a dark blue cap. The hands and feet on this one were both very large, and he carried a small, firm beer gut on an otherwise nicely formed physique.

Our second contestant was much younger, probably about 24 or 25. Much thinner than the first guy, this one had a short shock of dark brown hair atop his boyish face. He also wore a blue polo, slightly darker than the first guy’s, and dark blue cotton slacks, not quite as snug, but still showing off his rounded bubble-butt. His nose was strong with a bump in it, but very complimentary of his youthful looks.

Finally, the third guy was a true redneck. A mass of thick black hair rested beneath a tattered black cap. He sported a full, neatly trimmed black beard, black striped polo shirt and loose black slacks. His face was sort of smashed in, but not in an unattractive way. He kind of looked like a boxer, or someone who got into a lot of fights. Stockier than the second guy, but not as big as the first, he also looked to be between them in age, maybe close to 30. Because of the pants, his ass appeared very flat until you watched him walk and realized that the waistband rested low on his hips. He had a charming, country- boy “aw shucks” appeal. All in all, a fine group. This was going to be a great contest.

All three contestants arrived at the barn within a few minutes of each other. The place was abuzz with activity, as it always was in preparation for a contest. About a dozen guys scurried around preparing the arena, making meals, preparing the betting pools, and setting up the stage configuration. Protesting loudly, each was led into the barn, checked over by the on-site physician, weighed, heavily sedated and secured in their respective cells. Through much practice, this was found to be the best was to handle the first night, the sedatives having the added benefit of causing the entrants to awaken the next morning quite constipated, the first step in preparation for what was to come.

Early the next morning the guys awakened to find themselves locked in small, secure horse stalls. They also discovered that their belts had been removed and replaced with heavy gauge chains, pulled tight and padlocked. As their prison cells had no toilets, they could unzip their trousers and pee in the corner, but could not remove their pants to defecate. Just as they began to yell and protest their imprisonment, a hooded gentlemen came down the hall, stopping in front of the three adjoining cells.

“Gentlemen, please be quiet and you will be told everything you need to know. Gentlemen, SHUT UP! The three complied obediently. “Now, you will be given these instructions exactly once. I expect you to pay close attention and carefully follow every one to the letter. If you do that, you will be released without harm. If you choose to disobey, well let’s just say I wouldn’t do that.” He motioned to what looked like a plexiglass shower stall behind him. “If you fail to follow any instruction, you will be placed in the enclosure behind me. As you can see, there is an iron ankle restraint at the bottom. You will be secured inside the box and it will be sealed. I will turn this faucet…” he turned it as he spoke, “and the chamber will fill with water. You will be left to drown with your cellmates watching.” They watched in horror as the small cell filled to the top. “Fortunately, we have never had to resort to this admittedly extreme action, but keep in mind your fate if you don’t do everything required of you. Nod your heads if you understand what I’ve just told you.” The three nodded weakly, now realizing the seriousness of the situation.

“You three have been selected to compete in a contest. For the next three days you will be prepped for the event, which will take place sometime on Saturday. You will be allowed to move freely around your cell. You may not talk. The cells are fitted with microphones so we will know immediately if you break this rule. If you speak at all, you will be restrained to your cot and kept gagged until the day of the competition. I’m sure you don’t want that, so no talking. I’m sure you have noticed that your trousers are secured to your bodies. There is a reason for that. You are not to attempt to remove them. You may urinate in the corner of your cell when you need, but are not to attempt to defecate. You may be aware of a sense of constipation; that is intentional. The sedatives you were given last night are responsible. The same sedatives will be administered every night until Friday.”

“You will be brought meals throughout the day. You are to eat everything given to you at every meal. Nothing is to be left on the plate. The food will be delicious and palatable; there will be nothing disgusting or exotic. You will be provided liquids at regular times, also. They are to be drunk in full when presented. Throughout the next few days, an increasing sense of fullness and discomfort will, unfortunately, befall you. You must deal with it as best you can. You may fart to relieve pressure if necessary, but as stated before, you are not to attempt to take a dump. The sedatives should keep you sufficiently constipated to prevent that anyway. On Saturday morning, there will be some final preparation. I apologize in advance, as it will not be very pleasant for you. If you bear with this admittedly difficult ordeal, you will be sedated one last time and released near where we found you. That is all. Good luck to you. Remember, don’t disobey any instruction.”

Over the next three days, each stud, lacking any other choice, followed his instructions to the letter. Meals were brought throughout each day, which they reluctantly ate, feeling more and more full and bloated with every bite. By Friday evening, all three were groaning loudly from the extreme discomfort of a belly full of hard shit piling up in their back sides. That night they weren’t sedated, which would help to ease up the unrelenting constipation they had endured since Wednesday morning. They were secured to their cots, spread-eagle and face down. Allowed to urinate before being strapped down, they were instructed that if the need to piss arose during the night, it was to be held in and not released under any circumstances.

By early the next morning, the need to use the bathroom was almost overwhelming for all of them. They struggled mightily against the restraints holding them to the cots, their bladders distended and dicks burning with unreleased piss; their intestinal tracts stuffed with huge loads of waste, pressing hard against their sphincters. It was sheer agony and it was about to get a lot worse.

They could hear an increasing commotion coming from the rest of the barn as the betters arrived, studying pictures of the contestants in the betting room, pouring over the stats and making their wagers before moving into the arena and taking their seats, waiting for the entrants to be brought out and the contest to begin.

The cell doors opened in unison and a man in a white lab coat entered each cell with a bag. Out of these bags were brought the items for the final preparation of the three; a leather plug gag out of which came a hose, a liter bottle of what appeared to be water, a small aquarium pump attached to another hose, and a small pill container. The men put on a pair of latex gloves before attaching the gag to each of the guys. The bottle of water, laced with a powerful diuretic, was attached to the other end of the hose and hung on a nail. A small rubber plug on the bottom of the bottle was removed, causing the liquid to run into the protesting captives’ mouths. They were instructed to swallow every drop.

While this occurred, the locks holding their pants were undone and their trousers pulled down.  The pill boxes were opened and half of a fast-acting very gentle laxative suppository was pushed into their respective assholes, the doctors pushing it far into their turds with gloved fingers. The attendants plugged in the aquarium pumps and lubed the tips of the hoses. These were inserted into the overfilled butts of the three prisoners and left in for exactly a half minute, inflating the guts of the men with air. Just when they didn’t think they could take anymore, the hoses were removed, and they were instructed not to pass gas. In agony at this point and full to the point of bursting, each man was crying out in extreme pain as their shorts and pants were pulled back up and re-locked. They were told they would be taken to the arena in exactly five minutes, a time-frame that seemed to them like an hour.

Over the loudspeaker, a five-minute warning to place bets was announced to the growing crowd. After what seemed like an eternity, the attendants returned to the cells to lead the guys to the arena. They bucked violently against their restraints, trying desperately to hold their waste. They were released from the restraints, stood up (a difficult endeavor considering their predicament), hands cuffed behind them before being led to the stage. The gags remained, but the hoses were removed to allow them to breathe should their nasal passages plug up. They had no idea what was about to happen.

The lab-coated attendants took hold of the cuff chains of their respective man and led him down a corridor towards the arena area, the contestants struggling with need through the short trip to their final destination. They walked almost doubled over, their bloated guts cramping with gas from the inflation administered a short time ago. Rounding the corner they found themselves in a large open area, the front of which contained a stage containing three ordinary metal office chairs bolted to the floor and facing toward the crowd. Despite the fact that it was a bright, early fall Saturday morning, the windowless room was dark, save for the brightly lit raised platform, resting about two feet above the shadowed crowd. The stage had been designed to accommodate different restraint methods; past contestants having been restrained in every form from being locked in stocks to wrists simply chained above their heads. Other methods used were simple hog-tying as well as ankles chained to metal rings with hands cuffed. These guys were to endure the seated restraint, one of the more exciting for the crowd, but more difficult for the entrants to endure, for obvious reasons.

The men were greeted with wolf-whistles and hooting from the wound-up crowd as they were led to the chairs and forced into the black vinyl seats. Before they knew it, a pair of hinged cuffs attached to a small metal ring welded to the bar under the seat was brought up and snapped to the cuffs on their wrists, locking their arms securely behind the chair backs. The realization that they were being secured to the chairs brought screams of protest from the desperate competitors, though not much understandable came through the leather plug gags fastened in their mouths. The umpires on stage helped to complete the restraint, holding the legs of the men as they were buckled via leather restraints to the legs of the chairs. Another leather belt buckled just under their chests completed the bondage.

Unbearably desperate and securely fastened to the chairs in which they were seated, the reality of their predicament began to sink in. Each man was in agony, bladders full to bursting, bowels packed with shit being forced towards the exit by copious amounts of gas and gentle contractions of their rectums brought on by the suppositories. They were fully clothed, restrained on a brightly lit stage in front of a roomful of leering horny observers, and totally helpless to do anything about it. A more humiliating situation could not be imagined by any of them.

As the white-coated attendants left the stage, the lead umpire leaned down in front of the agonized three. “Gentlemen, your only instruction is to hold on with everything you’ve got. The one to hold on the longest will be released to use the toilet right off the stage to your left.” They turned almost in unison to see that a lone toilet stood behind a stall gate right off the stage, taunting them with its proximity, the flap-valve leaking slightly, which caused the float to kick on every couple of minutes, further torturing them. “Good luck to all of you. Let the contest begin!”

The crowd immediately went wild, the din almost deafening as the spectators yelled for their respective men. There were many different categories of betting; who would let go first, who would hold out the longest, bets on whether the same person would let go or hold out both, order on how it would happen, and many others. Lots rode on this financially for those who judged their stallions correctly. Electricity was in the air today.

They were restrained in order left to right from the crowd’s point of view; stocky middle-aged guy, young guy, and redneck with beard. Over the noise from the pit, the cries and screams of agonized desperation could barely be heard from the desperate contestants. Stocky guy was sliding down in his chair, bouncing his large firm thighs up and down and grunting loudly, the distress causing his eyes to water and squint. The young guy was working his shoulders back and forth violently as he yelled through his gag. Redneck guy was rocking back and forth, pulling against the chest strap, tossing his head side to side as he screamed, his face bright red, tears running down his cheeks into his beard.

The umpires monitored their assigned man, indicating what was happening to the riled masses. They would check closely to see if wet spots began to appear, reaching under the men’s asses to see if they were touching cloth. In addition, large video screens behind the stage projected close-up camera shots of each guy, from the front and the back, their agony in high-def on the screen behind them.

From the onset, redneck guy seemed the one that was going to fail first. He screamed louder and struggled harder than the other two, the absolute need for relief etched on his twisted face. The noise from the audience died down in expectation. Just then, the country stud cut a huge one into the seat of the chair and his pants, the crowd erupting into cheers as it echoed through the arena , assuming that the beefy stud had messed himself. The umpire assigned to him checked his crotch and reached under to his backside, turning to the audience and shaking his head. A chorus of groans was the response, with an underlying cheer from the few that had bet on this one.

Everyone’s attention was suddenly drawn to the young, dark haired one in the center. As the youngest, he was the one the majority had bet would last the longest. Desperate screams through the gag were accompanied by a monumental struggle, his sweat-streaked red face, twisted into a torturous agony. A wild, almost inhuman moan/scream came through his gag as two things happened: throwing his legs wide apart, a hose-like spray of piss shot through his crotch, bubbling through his pants; at the same time, crackling noises came from beneath him, accompanied by trumpeting gas blasts as his bowels began to fail, a gigantic log of poop pressing into the curve of his ass crack. Throughout the entire ordeal, he cried out in humiliation, as the large crowd witnessed his accident. Disappointed betters groaned and tore their betting stubs, tossing them on the floor, as the minority that bet against him cheered loudly. Some were so turned on, they pulled out their dicks and began to masturbate; a common occurrence at this event and one that would be repeated as the other two reached their critical stage.

Down to contestants one and three, it seemed that it could go either way; both studs were pushed to their absolute limits. Each was passing gas loudly, but managing to not let anything escape with it.  Stocky guy, entrant number one, grimaced audibly as a small wet spot appeared on his ample crotch. The crowd grew quiet as another grunt came through his gag, the spot growing larger. A hissing sound began as it streaked down, puddling on the vinyl beneath his beefy ass and dripping to the floor. Despite farting twice more during the time he wet himself, he managed to hold on to his turd. All was not lost just yet.

Attention turned to redneck guy. His struggle was so violent, it almost seemed he would break the chair out of the floor brackets to which it was bolted. He continued to break wind into his trousers, but checks by the ump revealed nothing further. A gasping crowd suddenly turned back to number one as an eruption of gas and waste suddenly exploded out of his butt, the violence and suddenness of it seeming to even catch him by surprise. Obviously the suppository had affected him more than the young guy. His poop bubbled and squirted into his pants, seeming to go on for almost half a minute before subsiding; the stink of his shit filling the space, his khakis stained brown and bulging. Embarrassment was etched onto his face.

The guys who had bet on number three broke into a thunderous applause as it became aware that they and their guy had prevailed. His umpire turned to the crowd yelling “we have a winner gentlemen, contestant number three has prevailed.” The lad, remembering the promise made at the beginning, the one where the winner would be released to use the toilet off stage, was urgently, desperately motioning with his head in that direction. He was almost to the point of no return; he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer if they didn’t release him immediately. The umpire unlatched the key from the clip on his belt loop and moved behind the lad to undo the cuffs, the man desperately trying to hold it until he was unlocked. Just then the umpire looked to the crowd and yelled “should we let him go, guys, or should we keep him here and see what happens?” Feeling betrayed, the desperate stud screamed through his gag, “MMMO, MMMO, BLEAF!” He shook his head violently, indicating no, as the crowd chanted in unison, “keep him there, keep him there!”

“Well, son, I guess they want to keep you here. You’re going in your pants today.” The crowd roared its approval. The poor lad was crying, screaming for relief through his gag. He had won; he deserved what was promised. Knowing deep down inside that he wasn’t to be let up to use the bathroom, he still wouldn’t accept it, fighting even harder than he had to keep control, hoping the crowd would relent and allow him to relieve himself properly. His face was twisted and red, sweat and tears were streaking down his cheeks. He pulled fruitlessly at his bindings yet again as his body began to give up, squirts of pee dampening his black trousers and pooling between his legs. A thunderous blast burst out of his butt as he pulled his hips up off the chair slightly, the crowd going wild as a small lump appeared beneath him and began to grow. Grimacing, he bore down, pushing the still hard log into the seat of his trousers. Both ends were in full action now, piss spraying into his pants as the crackling log pressed against his shorts, bulging against the seat of his pants. Many in the audience were jacking themselves, moaning in horny ecstasy as the young man helplessly messed himself.

Finally finished, the attendees loudly applauded the three contestants sitting on stage in their own waste, completely and utterly humiliated. The theater began to empty as the losers left the farm and the winners collected their just rewards in the betting area. Soon the barn was empty, save for the staff. The white-coated men undid each exhausted man, leading him waddling back to his cell. There they were injected with a sedative once again.

The next thing each man was aware of was coming to in his own vehicle in a secluded area on a country road, still attired in the clothing they had soiled earlier. The embarrassed guys proceeded home, never mentioning to anyone the ordeal they had gone through.

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