The Coach Trip

A few weeks ago, I took a coach trip from Sydney, Australia up to Rockhampton in Queensland. The coach was a new modern one and very comfortable, a great improvement from other coaches that I had traveled in.
My companion, who sat in the window seat, was a middle-aged man who looked as though he had come from Central Europe. He was pleasant enough and an easy person to talk to and get to know. He was traveling up to Cairns, further north.
We exchanged names and I got to know him as Edward and he knew me as William (Willie for short). After we had been on the road for an hour or two, I noticed that Edward kept adjusting the front of his shorts. He must have seen me noticing the fact and offered the explanation that he frequently gets an erection when he is in a car or a bus. This information interested me and it became the basis of a topic that we talked about. Eventually we discovered that we both enjoyed fetish activities.
After a few hours, we stopped for a rest break for 45 minutes. I told Edward that , due to my arthritis, I had a fold-up wheel chair that I found useful when traveling, and that I would get it out of the storage bay on the coach. Inside the rest area, we both went to the men’s room for a pee and Edward asked me if I needed a hand in the disabled toilet. I took up his offer and he pushed me into the spacious toilet. After I had finished peeing, Edward pulled out his enlarged penis and completed his pee, before we went into the restaurant for a bite to eat. After seeing each other’s dicks, a closer bond was formed between us.
To cut a long story short, the coach rolled on into the night and we settled down to get some sleep. In the early hours of the morning, while it was still dark, I felt something touch my groin and found that it was Edward’s hand feeling the front of my shorts. I let him know that I was awake and he asked me if he could touch. I assumed that he wanted to put his hand down the front of my pants and I undid my belt and unzipped my fly. His hand slid into the top of my waste-band and I felt him fondling my penis and balls. The feeling turned me on as he was arousing me. All this took place under the cover of a traveling blanket.
It was only fair that I would have the same opportunity and I slid my hand into his pants. It was so good to massage the loose skin of his scrotum and the under side of his penis. Reaching down further towards his anus, I touched something that was a bit sticky and I asked him if he had pooped his pants. He confessed that he had allowed a little to come out, as he said he was horny and wanted to push a bit out. This really turned me on and I started to stroke his erection. In a minute or two, I felt the warm liquid of his cum on my hand and wiped it off on his pants before removing my hand. “It’s OK, he said, “I will clean it up at the next stop.”
At about 8.0 am, we stopped for an hour and a half at a good rest area. We were both glad of the stop as I needed a poo and I am sure that Edward wanted to finish the poo he had started and wanted to clean up the mess in his pants.
As before, Edward pushed me into the disabled toilet and he offered to let me use the toilet first. He helped me pull down my pants, although I did not really need his help, and he watched me take a dump for a few seconds. He went over to the wash basin and pulled down his shorts, the he asked me to watch as he wanted to show me something. Soon, I saw a bulge in his pants that grew bigger and bigger. He had just pooped himself with me watching him. He turned round and asked me if I had enjoyed that, which I had.
After I had finished, I got up to wash my hands as Edward stood there with this load in his pants. Before washing my hands, I pulled back the waste band of his pants and saw a huge, firm load. He emptied the load into the toilet, cleaned the worst of the poo off his butt and threw his soiled undies into the waste bin. He came over to the sink for a final wash which I offered to help him with. I soaped up my hands and washed his butt and penis which, again became hard until his cum squirted out onto the floor. With some fresh water and a few paper towels, he was clean again and he put on a clean pair of underpants.
Washing my hands again, we both went out to get some breakfast and chat about fetish events.

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