The chronicles of a bisexual guy

This story features Bisexual, erotic acts. I’ve never made a fictional story about Bi or gay men with a twist of scat fetish but I’ll try. Hope you guys like it.¬†My stories are usually dragging because I want you guys to visualize my characters very well so please bear with it. ūüėÄ


Evan is a 24 year old college graduate and had been¬†successfully¬†hired from an Advertising company as an online customer service representative. He wasn’t really a very attractive guy, average looking, short but self-conscious. Evan is smart and could probably write well and computer proficient, he was an Internet geek. Evan was forced to leave his town and start a new life in the big city the moment he received the message that he was hired, he will now be living on his own. By the time, he had found a boarding house to live in while working, he met the owner’s nephew named Derek, a 19 year old out-of-school guy who spends his lifetime skateboarding, drinking with friends, playing cards and computer games night and day. Derek was left to take care of the boarding house and welcome guests with his girlfriend Debbie, a 22 year old waitress/college student. Every night, Evan notice that his neighboring house always have guests and sounded like there’s a get together party going on every night. One day, Evan asked Derek what’s always going on at the other house at night as he could not sleep well sometimes because of the noise. Derek explained that his middle school bestfriend Ian lives there his wife Katya, a 21 year old dancer, Derek explained that Katya is a fun loving girl who always invites some of her friends in the house to make “hardcore fun”.

“What? Hardcore fun?” Evan asked

“You know, sex” Without hesitation, Derek gave out the right word.

“Oohh…” Evan agreed with a hidden excitement and weird curiosity.

Back when Evan was young, his conventional parents wouldn’t let him watch explicit scenes in movies and was strictly prevented to watch porn even at the age of 21, therefore Evan suffered from Sexual repression. He used to think he was asexual when he began to show signs of disinterest in Sexual activities, but Evan was forced by many to become a straight man even without being forced, Evan was interested in women but not prepared enough to perform sex with them. However by the time he reached the age of 15, Evan began to acknowledge his attraction to men. he thinks being attracted to the same sex is normal whilst keeping the fact he was born and raised to be a straight guy. Evan started to launch his curiosity with porn, he secretly enters porn websites and stumbled into scat porn sites. Evan knew he had also been attracted to scat fetish but didn’t know there was a site for this. At the age of 20, Evan began to ask himself what about trying sex with men. From that time, Evan began to fantasize himself sleeping naked intimately with a male buddy and making out with him. Evan’s curiosity was finally answered when he met Derek, Katya and Ian…


One day, Evan was eating his dinner when Derek arrived with AJ, Derek’s 32 year old cousin with their food. Evan asked where are the other girls (referring to Evan’s girl housemates), Evan gestured that he didn’t know their whereabouts.

“Cool! I have an idea” AJ uttered while munching his burger. “What if we’ll just borrow the camera from Dennis?” AJ asked Derek.

“Dennis won’t let us borrow it, I swear!” Derek replied

“He will, I’ll tell him what we’re gonna do with it, he’s probably gonna give it” AJ told Derek with excitement.

“This is gonna be a fun shot, dude!” Derek quipped while giving AJ a high five.

“Uhmmm wanna join us?” Derek asks Evan with full grown confidence and convincingly natural elation asking Evan like his older brother.

“Ahh what’s your activity about?” Evan asked

“We’re going to the other side, Ian and I had decided to make a record of it” Derek slightly whispered to Evan, then he asked “What’d you think?” along with a seductive smirk.

An awkward pause followed then Evan began to think deeply.

“Ohhh That!! damn Sorry I was fucking slow” Evan replied followed by a laugh of embarrassment. Evan pretended not to get what Derek meant as he had actually felt they’re doing a Porn video by noticing Evan bringing a camera with him everytime he goes out at night.

“What the hell, dude Sure I’ll just watch that’s no problem with me then” Evan tells AJ and Derek with excitement as he finish his dinner.

“awesome, You can come with us anytime if you’re not busy” AJ replied.

One day after lunch, Derek invited Ian and Katya to meet Evan telling them that Evan was interested to work with them.

AT first, Katya looked at him closely up and down. “Well…we need a different show for this, do you like holding a camera?” Katya asked Evan.

“Sure, just tell me what do do and how do I take a shot” Evan replied.

“No, you’re not taking a shot, you are recording it, bro” Ian answered.

“Oh well, that’d be okay!”

That night upon arriving at Ian’s house, Evan met one of his roommates Kate, a girl his age. Evan realized Kate is participating in the video and discovered he’s not only seeing a girl-boy sex act but a boy-to-boy porn as well. Evan began to feel nervous and sweaty.

“It’s OK bro” AJ reassured Evan tapping his back and whispered nearly to his ears.¬†

“It’s fun”

¬†Evan once again pretended to feel uncomfortable especially seeing Ian and AJ naked touching each other’s dick while joking. Evan inquires Derek more on using the camera. He approaches AJ shirtless exposing his abs while texting.

Evan can’t help it but asked “Are you participating?”

“Why not? Debbie’s upstairs she’s probably stripping down and ready”¬†Evan replied with a cute wink.

The porn was successfully documented with complete, easy record of the wild bisexual and straight sexual acts in different angles. Evan was applauded but couldn’t help but openly revealed to Derek he got hard on. Derek came out with a question.

“Where did you got a hard on? On me and Debbie or me and Ian?” though Derek gave out the question as a funny joke, He was slightly serious about it only to discover Evan’s interest.

“Honestly on both acts” Evan replied.


“Damn! You need to join us then!” Derek replied with a surprising immediacy.

“Did you know, Ian might get you paid for this? He’s totally one generous ma, That only if you are willing to do it” Derek tells Evan with an encouragement to join the group.

The next day, AJ came to talk to Evan.

“You are bisexual” AJ remarked.

“Idk I am straight but I can’t help getting attracted with handsome guys, I think it’s normal” Evan defended himself.

“Yes it is, bro and nothing is wrong with it, I’m bisexual too and I just realized that when my wife divorced me 2 years ago” AJ replied.

AJ was a tall, atheltic man with a slightly handsome face. A man surely you wouldn’t believe a bisexual, he looks like a typical straight guy with a Casanova appeal.

“And in your information, Ian and Katya are good couple. Ian shares an awesome relationship with a guy your age, we call him Andrew while Katya loves making out with her bestfriend Kate by the way, Andrew is a nice guy he goes along with any guy regardless of the looks, I think you and him should give it a try tonight”.

Evan was fascinated with AJ’s stories and finally agreed to join them. At first, Ian gave Evan a week of getting along with them especially with his “partner” Andrew. For a week, Evan knew of Kate’s love for painting, an independent, open-minded girl like Katya only that katya is wilder and alcoholic. Kate thinks Katya as her lovely sister and thinks of him as his new lover. Evan was attracted with katya and one time had sex with her without letting anyone know about it. Kate and Evan kept it a secret.

“You guys are actors” Ian tells Andrew and Evan “remember you should take it to the next level as the camera turns on you, that’s why I let you guys sleep naked together and try having a good time like best buddies”.

Andrew was a 23 year old undergraduate who calls himself an Internet geek, Andrew once became a young part-time model at 17. His feminine looks and charm had sometimes given him modelling opportunities despite his height 5’4 just as short as Evan. Andrew resorted to drinking and “having fun” in the internet when he was disowned by his parents. Now living on his own, He seeks refuge with Ian who then pays him for his appearances. Andrew revealed It didn’t matter for him as long as he makes out with a guy, therefore confirming Evan he was gay. Andrew doesn’t show qualities of a gay man which then surprises Evan.

“All along I thought you were just like the others, a Bisexual guy”

“No Evan, but Ian is” Andrew laughed offering Evan more drinks.

That night was Evan’s most unforgettable, He Andrew began kissing each other, stripped each other naked and slept in one bed with Derek. Derek, Evan and Andrew woke up laughing on the mess they’ve done including Derek and Andrew peeing on bed making them all realize they’d been sleeping on piss.

“I am really jealous guys” Evan quipped referring to them peeeing on bed.

“Well you can shit here nest time” Derek joked. This joke then reminded Evan of his scat fetish.

“You are fucking disgusting, derek, Get off! you’re jacking on my blanket” AJ replied

Evan was stunned guessing their reaction if he had done it on bed actually.

“Dude I’ll just use the bathroom If anyone calls me tell him I’m using the bathroom, OKay?” Derek tells Andrew

“Ok” Andrew replied.

Derek hasn’t entered thed the bathroom yet when. “Wait!” Andrew caused Derek to stop by the door, as Andrew pushes him inside. Evan slightly leaned forward to see what they’re doing, he didn’t manage to see what they really did but reckoned they kissed and made out. Evan smiled at Andrew as he got out and Andrew smiled back with a fart.

“Sorry, that was big” Andrew quipped with a naughty smirk

Evan laughed “It’s OK”. Evan had a need to piss but waited til Derek came out. After almost 10 minutes, Derek came out shirtless with his boxers on, he just took a bath. Evan ran for the toilet desperately but ended up peeing on the wall. Evan saw Derek had poorly flushed the toilet with the toilet water being slightly colored brown. he went closer to the toilet and could smell Derek’s strong-smelling poop. He got hard on although the smell didn’t really attract him that much.

The next day, Evan, Debbie, Kate and Ian went out on a food fair with Dennis, a relatively chubby big man and their neighbor, a certified porn voyeur and a guy in the group who knows every event in town especially food fairs. Evan found an Eat all you can banner from a distance and told the group to go there. Evan munched anything he could see on the buffet table. Pizza, fries, mac and cheese, hotdogs, chicken a la king, and many more. Evan was not aware of his food allergies and therefore ate anything he could. Ian complained he was full and they met AJ who had just finished his tattoo. After talking to Ian, AJ turned to Evan and said “Let’s do it tonight”,¬†Evan smiled back with an approval look on his face. The day was almost completed with numerous drinking sessions with AJ who brought the guys to a strip club. However AJ had to sleep to overcome his drunkeness so as not to ruin the act tonight. Ian, Andrew, Dennis and Derek then persuaded Evan to come with them and have fun with the strippers. Evan was hesitant as he had kept his loyalty to Kate but remembered Kate telling him that in order to fully embrace sex is to try it with other girls. Evan agreed and kissed and made out with a girl name Tanya.

It was late at night around 11pm when Derek complained he had to sleep so bad, so Ian, who was plainly sober helped him to their room. Ian left derek with Andrew and a stripper in the room and went back to tell Dennis to prepare his camera. AJ had prepared himself and met the other boys who are still drinking, Evan was extremely drunk and got horny, he insists to have sex with Tanya but Tanya got turned off when he began to puke all over her. Ian tells AJ to accompany him back to their room. In fact, the room was prepared for their act.

“But he’s not OK, are we still doing it?” AJ complained

“Just take care of him, go” Ian replied “I’ll have to think about it”.

Evan was half aware of what’s going on but very tipsy, he told AJ he was extremely getting horny and wants to do with anybody. AJ then got horny and began kissing Evan on the hallway. A couple who passed by them showed disgust and looked away.

“It’s Okay, we’re here” AJ uttered as he helps Evan put himself together.

Suddenly a sound coming from either of the men’s stomach was heard. However, the two kept walking to the door, AJ swiped the key card to unlock this time it was clear that Evan’s stomach was the one complaining accompanied by stabbing pains, Evan held his stomach with a painful expression, eyes half close and tipsy. AJ and Evan began kissing each other erotically on bed, AJ strips Evan naked while Evan does the same to AJ. AJ’s stomach began to rumble, the two made an awkward stop. “What the hell was that?” Evan asked

“No nothing” AJ continued to kiss Evan and began stripping his pants off then Evan farts. A long loud foul smelling fart.

“Holy shit!” AJ said loudly.

Evan was caught redhanded, Diarrhea has come to interrupt their romance. But it didn’t actually, There was a long pause for both of men. Evan pushed AJ away, sweating as he holds his poop in, assuring it would not come out.

“Are you OK?” AJ asked

“It smelled” Evan replied

“Yes, it did” AJ was gags and let the smell disperse by fanning out the cloud of toxin

They continued kissing and making at each other until Evan is on top of AJ. AJ’s stomach began to rumble too.. Evan heard it but didn’t mind asking him. Evan was about to take AJ’s boxer shorts off but a loud, painful, forceful rumble made AJ stop and feel desperate to unload.

“S-stop!” AJ pushed Evan’s chest causing their sex to halt.

AJ rushed to the bathroom and took an explosive diarrhea dump. Evan could barely hear AJ’s brawl as more shit stream down to the toilet. Evan asks AJ whats going on, AJ did not answer as he quickly pulled up his shorts and tried to flush the toilet but realized It can’t be flushed. AJ, in frustration screamed out and went out with an extremely disgusting smell of his poop.¬†

Evan gagged and asked “was that yours?!”

“Sorry I broke the toilet” AJ responded as he called for the¬†maintenance staff¬†but no found out there’s no response. Evan began farting his ass out, sweating and panicking. Evan peeked at the bathroom and saw the messed up poor toilet dirtied out by AJ’s muddy shit, completely ruined on all sides to the seat.¬†

“I think I need to go down and call for help” Evan said while ¬†pushing his stomach in pain and grunting.

“What? No, I’ll go” AJ replied “Are you OK?”

“yeah, sure It’s just nothing” Evan replied trying to hide the pain. As he was able to control his butt from pushing out a¬†stream¬†of cream shit, Evan was able to slightly feel sober again and put on his pants.

“Look, Evan I’m sorry I…..” AJ hasn’t finished his sentence when Evan quickly walked out¬†

“I said It’s OKay I got this” Evan shouted as he walk fast to the front desk shirtless.

At the front desk he asks a lazy dumb blonde girl who was on duty for help. The blonde girl was unable to speak fast and was extremely lazy she ended up saying “I don’t know” which made Evan more upset. The pressure began building up and the diarrhea poop was pushing its way out desperately. A small spurt of diarrhea vaguely exited his butt so Evan touched his backside and felt wet poop has touched his underwear.

“Are you Okay?” the girl asked

“OH SHIT!” Evan screamed as he quickly head back to the room, However Evan got lost, he was faintly still¬†under¬†the influence so he wasn’t able to remember the route back to the room. Evan began acting crazily, he was extremely desperate and decided It had been enough. He began pulling out his pants luckily in a peaceful hallway while fast-walking to nowhere. On his boxer shorts, the faster he walks, the more a gush of wet poop slither down his legs. Evan had not realized he has let go of it as shit continues to run down leaving a trail of creamy shit on the hallway to the lounging area and finally to hallway where their room was located. Unfortunately Evan had destroyed his boxer shorts before returning. Evan found AJ on bed with a hopeless look on his face.

“Fuck! what happened to you? Where’s your pants? AJ asked

Evan looked weary and desperate, without answering AJ, Evan went straight to the toilet and had no choice. He pulls down his messed boxer shorts and sat on the toilet. AJ sat down listening to the grunts and series of poop explosions, farts and wet poop pouring on his poop. The water in the toilet has turned creamy like a newly boiled champorado. Evan had a sigh of relief and leaned back like a tired man, exhausted from a trip on top of the mountain.

“Hey, Evan are you OK?” AJ asked while he picks up Evan’s extremely stained boxer shorts¬†“Why you didn’t tell me?”…

Evan tried to flush the toilet then miraculously it worked again only to clog the toilet. Water began to overflow.

“What the fuck!” Evan screamed. Evan went out of the bathroom and stood beside AJ. The two men watched as the water filled with their poop looked like a fountain from the toilet down to the floor. In minutes, the smell began to dominate the room. The next few hours was spent in cleaning the bathroom with Evan’s dick hard all the time. AJ noticed this and began asking.

“Evan, would you still like to have fun later?” AJ makes a seductive look at Evan who couldn’t control the hardness of his dick anymore. The combination of his turn on to their poop and AJ’s hot body made Evan jump on AJ and made out with him while they both lay on the bathroom ground barely cleaned with some skids of poop still lingering.

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