The Chance Encounter

It was the day after my 19th birthday.
College classes was out early and I was on my bike heading home.Pedaling my way all alone through the backstreets of the sleepy village where I grew up. I was wearing my birthday presents. A baggy grey sweat style onesie, at least one size bigger than I usually wear. The second present was high top white sneakers. I loved that onesie and the brand new cool shoes. I felt sexy in it.
I got comments and laughs from guys at uni about wearing the onesie, but I laughed it off. It took just the first class in the morning for the insecure boys to start calling me ”onesie-boy”. If anything, it made me feel somewhat more sexy. The laughs got me exited. Like I was thriving on the humiliation.
The afternoon was still warm. Late August had been unseasonably warm, and I enjoyed biking through the forest on my own. Suddenly I saw a guy further up the path. I recognized him and stopped. He had not seen me. Yes, it was really him.
Lucas Grunden.
I had noticed him several times at college. I felt a magnetism about him. He looked like the pictures of James Deam mounted all over my sister’s walls. I wondered what he was doing here. His home was downtown by the ocean.
Yes, I knew a lot about Lucas. Three years older than me with an air of mysticism over him. Now he was here, on his mountainbike. Alone.
And he did not notice me. I hid behind a thick tree and waited. Not knowing why I was hiding. I felt a rush of excitement and my heart pounded away. What was this? Lucas continued biking and took a sudden sharp right into the depth of the forest. What was he up to? I just had to know.
I was fast to catch up to the path where ha had gone off. I followed it deep into the woods. As it became narrow I had to dismount and lead my bike. Suddenly I came upon the clearing where a fifty meter muddy pond collects runoff water from the surrounding areas. I thought I had lost him when his slim jeans clad back became visible through the leaves. He had not heard me. I saw cigarette smoke rise from him and noticed that he sat on top of a big stone,his back to me. He had on his signature outfit, jeans jacket and tight faded jeans. I knew he would have his dirty white converse sneakers and his football socks pulled up above the bottom of his jeans. He always wore it that way. I looked down my onesie and suddenly wished I was wearing something different. I noticed that my new white sneakers had melted half an inch down into the wet ground. Fuck, they were going to get dirty. I felt my heart again, pounding hard now. I was exited. Indeed, I was stiffening fast inside my boxers. This was crazy. I was hiding only twenty meters away from Lucas.
Suddenly he turned and looked my was. I was as still as I could be, but I thought for sure that he could hear my breathing. But he seemed not to. The forest was completely still and I looked at him moving on top of the stone, so that he was facing my direction. His legs stretched out along the sloping side of the stone. Drawing on that cigarette I found him absolutely fabulous. So faking cool. He had on a white t-shirt under the jacket and as I suspected blue and white striped footy socks over his jeans.My stiff cock was throbbing as I watched him.
The wet patch came from nowhere and spread along the inside of his jeans. Lucas looking to the sky, blowing smoke. First I did not understand what I saw. I stared in absolute disbelief as I realized what he was doing. Lucas was pissing himself. Yes, totally wetting his jeans. The piss flow down both of his legs into the socks and converse. And he was smiling at the sky. Closing his eyes as he went on and on. The torrent of piss seemed never to stop. And when it finally did, his pants were soaked. I saw how he touched the wet denim with his free hand. It was probably about then I felt my own fully erect cock. Rock hard, seeping pre-cum into my boxers. Jesus, I was so exited. What was it? Him wetting himself? Well, yeah that was hot. But it was his demeanor. Smiling and obviously enjoying what he did. Enjoyed pissing his pants. I looked down. Thank god, my hard on was covered by the baggy onesie. But my sneakers had sunk some more. Fuck, they were brand new. But I could do nothing. I was frozen in this mega exited state in the rising mud. It had reached the rim of the rubber and started to seep up over the white leather. Panic started to rise.
Lucas just sat there. Looking at the slowly drifting clouds. Smile still on his Jimmy Dean face. As I was sinking my hard cock would not give in. It was on its way through the rim of my boxers. I let it go where it wanted. There was nothing I could do. I needed to piss as well. I don’t know if it was Lucas wetting himself that made me need to pee, but the urge crept in fast and got hold. It made me even harder. The excitement made me feel ashamed, but there was nothing I could do.
-Is anyone there?
His voice was exactly as I knew it from school. Full panic set in. I did not know what to reply.
-I can see you, Lucas said. What are you doing there? Come out.
I followed his order and stepped out of the mud and into the clearing. My bike in tow. Lucas was looking at me. Surprise showing on his face.
-Aint you a cutie, he went on.
Cutie? What the fuck was he talking about? And why did he not try to hide his wet pants. I was raging hard now.
-You got your sneaks muddy, kid.
I looked down and saw what he meant. The ground was soggy and I had stepped into new mud. But I did not care. I did not know what to say and do. I just stood there with my bike.
-Nice bike, Lucas said and felt along the inside of his wet jeans again.
-Thank you, I replied.
My voice pitching through several octaves, showing my panic. Lucas just smiled. It was a kind smile. Not like the ones from class mates. His white teeth showing. I noticed his dark blonde hair falling into his forehead and partly covering the dark eyes. I met his gaze for fractions of a second. Looking down again I saw my left foot in clay type mud creeping up over the leather, towards the opening for the laces. Close to entering the sneaker. The thought of that went straight down to my crotch and i felt the heart beats in my pulsing hard on. I did not understand why I was so horny. What was making me go crazy?
-Nice onesie, Lucas said and I noticed how he sized me up.
’-Thanks, II tried again and managed to sound on the base side of my voice register.
-You like wearing onesies? he asked.
-Yes, I replied.
Starting to gain back some of my confidence. Looking at his wet jeans again. I could not help myself. I stared at his crotch. When I finally raised my eyes he was smiling.
-You wet yourself? I managed.
He nodded.
-Yes. I pissed myself. I do that sometimes.
-Why? I asked, feeling my cock managing through the rim of my boxers.
-Your name is Linus, right?
-Yes, I replied.
-Well Linus, I like the feeling of being alone… Well, almost alone, he he. And just relax, smoke and piss myself. It makes me feel good. You understand?
I met his dark brown eyes. I managed to hold on to his smiling open gaze.
-I think so, I said.
Fascinated about how recklessly daring I was. Jeez, I was talking to Lucas Grunden. And he had just wet himself.
-Is there anything that makes you feel like that? Lucas wanted to know as he pulled his knees up on the stone.
His arms resting on the wet jeans.
-I dunno, I replied looking down on my sneakers.
They had sunk some more. Fuck. I really liked the feeling. So forbidden. To get my brand new adidas muddy. Even get my white sports socks dirty. Fucking hell, I enjoyed it. I wanted this moment t last forever. This warm clearing with the soggy, muddy, water and Lucas.
-I think you do know, Lucas laughed. You like your sneakers getting dirty in that mud, don’t you?
I looked up. Flushing red exploding on my cheeks. My god. Lucas was reading my mind.
-Maybe, I whispered.
-Nah, he said. I can see that you like it. And I agree Linus. It is a nice feeling to get dirty and wet. Have you ever done it? Got muddy on purpose?
-No man, I replied horrified. Never.
Lucas laughed and looked directly at my feet.
-You sinking in that mud?
-A little, I said.
-You like it? Like the feeling?
I did not answer immediately, and when the words finally rolled over my lips all I could say was:
-Good, Lucas said. It feels good to admit it doesn’t it? To say what you like, even if it is a bit taboo.
Taboo, I thought. Taboo, like pissing your pants.
-Like wetting yourself? I said loud.
-Yeah, I admit I like to piss myself. What do you admit to Linus?
I hesitated a few seconds before looking down on my shoes.
-I admit… I started.
-Yes, Lucas encouraged.
-I admit I like seeing my sneakers muddy. It feels good in my stomach.
-Ha, ha.
Lucas laughed and grabbed his wet crotch.
-You are cute Linus.
That word again. Cute. Suddenly it felt good that he said it. I smiled for the first time.
-Ah, look. You have a nice smile kid.
Lucas looked at me with a curious frown. His head tilted.
-How did it feel? I asked.
-To piss myself?
We locked onto each others eyes. The cock pumping inside my onesie.
-Warm, tickling, forbidden.
-Wow, I replied.
I let my bike slowly fall to the ground. Standing there without anything to hold on to.
-I think the mud is warm, Lucas said.
His eyes moving across the messy shore of the pond behind him.
-Maybe, I replied.
-How does the onesie make you feel? Lucas whispered.
I felt with both hands along the grey thick fabric of my onesie. Down over my flat stomach. Touching the tip of my cock on the inside. Moaning involuntary.
-Nah, I know the mud is warm buddy, he continued.
-Okey, I said.
My voice all hoarse and sounding strange.
-Take a step into it, I know you want to. I can see it in your face. in your eyes.
-Can I be your friend? I asked.
Lucas looked at me for a long time before answering.
-Yeah Linus, I would like that.
-Just good?
-Great, I admitted.
-Go ahead and walk out in the mud.
-Is it deep? I asked.
-Find out, Lucas said and smiled his kind smile.
I took a step out of the slimy ground I had been standing in.
-What if…?
But i did not finish the question.
-Say it out loud, Lucas suggested. Say what you want to do. It feels good to say stuff. To admit to it.
I looked at him. His jeans starting to look more damp then soaked.
-I want to get dirty, I surprised myself by saying.
-Ha, ha. Good mate. Go on. Say whatever comes to mind. Whatever you want to do.
-You first, I said cowardly.
-Like I really enjoy wetting myself out here? Alone. The warm piss running down into my sneakers and socks. And that I have fantasies about seeing boys do it in their pants.
-Wow, I replied.
-Your turn, he reminded me.
-Okey. Like I really like the feeling of getting really dirty in my clothes.
-Oh man, okey. Like really dirty?
I was flushing again. This was crazy.
-Walk into it, he said. Take a few steps out into the mud.
I walked right out into the area that looked mostly churned up. My sneakers sunk halt way up the shafts. I was surprised about the depth, but I went in with both feet.
-Ha, ha. Wow. Deep huh?
-Yeah, i said and could not help but touching my longing cock.
-How does it make you feel? Lucas asked as he turned around on the stone.
Watching me intensively.
-Like I’m doing something I am not supposed to.
-Ha, ha.Yeah.
Lucas was laughing again, but it sounded different. Like he was really enjoying it.
-I admit… he started. I admit I get exited watching you.
-Exited? I asked.
-Okey mate, he said. I get hard watching you.
-Wow, I repeated.
-That okey with you? That I get hard watching you get muddy.
-Its okey, I replied with my back to him.
Touching my cock again. Feeling along the hard on. Freeing it from the the boxers. Pulling them down.
-Can I ask you something? Lucas said in the new whispering tone.
-Yeah, I managed as i noticed the onesie tenting where my cock was pushing.
-Are you hard?
-Hrrm, I said.
No words possible. I heard the small splash but did not dare to look back. The squelching sound as Lucas walked through the mud. Stopping just behind me. Taller tan me. His shadow falling next to mine in the afternoon sun.
-It feels nice, he said.
-The mud.
-Yeah, I admitted scared shitless.
-God, I am sorry Linus.
-Sorry? For what?
-Getting you dirty.
I made some sort of guttural sound. Then I just said it.
-Yeah Lucas. I am hard.
Slowly turning towards him.
-Fuck. Wow kid.
His eyes were stuck on my pulsating tent.
-I know, I said. This feels so good. It is tickling me.
-Oh yeah?
-You want to do something for me?
-Yeah. What?
-Can you piss in your onesie for me?
I looked at him. His eyes begging me now.
-You want to? he asked.
-I guess I can.
-Say it Linus. Please say it.
-Okey, yeah. I want to piss in my onesie now, for you.
-Fuck, he said and grabbed at his cock over his jeans.
-It feels so good being here with you, I said. Out here in the mud.
-Fuck Linus, he stammered. I love this. I love being here with you too.
-I want to pee my onesie, I said. I really want to, honestly.
-Oh fuck, I believe you. It is so hot hearing you say it.
I smiled. It was easy now. I repeated it as a mantra.
-I love being here with you in my onesie. I want to wet myself while you watch.
-Fuck dude, Lucas went on.
He was stroking the wet denim over his clearly visible cock. God, how I wanted to see it.
-I am hard, I said loud, thinking that was what he wanted to hear.
And he did. He unzipped his jeans, looking over at me.
-Do you mind if i get it out?
-No, I replied fast, not able to take my eyes of him.
It was beautiful. Long thick and hard. Boy, that cock was awesome. Wet and glistening. I looked at it, mesmerized by the thick liquid flowing down his shaft.
-Hard, I concluded as an understatement..
-Very, he admitted. Thanks to you Linus.
-You are in my fantasies, I said.
-You are amazing, he replied. God I need to piss again. Can I…
-Can i piss in your onesie?
My heart was attempting to truly jump out of my chest.
-Yeah, I guess.
I guess? I was so disappointed by myself. Immediately I changed my wording. Before he had a chance to ask again, or change his mind.
-I want it, Lucas. I really want that.
He took a sloppy step forward submerging his converse and bottom of the jeans. He unzipped the bottom of my onesie and let his cock slip inside touching my raging hard on. Almost immediately he started to piss. The feeling was amazing. The piss hit my cock and flooded above and inside my boxers. Along my legs. The warmth filling my socks and sneakers. As he came to an end I noticed in disbelief how I started to pee. Spraying through my hard on up over my t-shirt and onto the fabric. Making a loud hissing sound, continuing to flow down and dripping through the grey sweat fabric to the ground.
-You pissing your onesie, Linus?.
-I fucking love it, I managed. I love it.
-Fuck, Lucas replied. Jeez, you are really soaking yourself. I thought I was the only one in the world enjoying this.
-It feels so good, I said.
-I know. I know the feeling Linus.
-I can’t stop, I said.
I noticed that Lucas was holding his wild cock in his hand and how his slimy precut oozed out of his uncut opening. How he used it as lube to make his cock slide easier in his hand. His eyes gazing at my wet pants, down into the mud.
-I am going to sit down now, he said.
-Fuck, I said as I saw him sink down on his knees in the wet churned up mud.
-Oh fuck dude, he said.
I was still pissing but it had slowed to a trickle.
-Boy, you are soaked, Lucas said.
-Wow you are dirty now, I concluded.
I laughed in a couple of short hysterical bursts, my voice pitching.
-Fuck Lucas, you are really muddy now.
-Nah, he said. This is not really muddy. But this is.
He sat down backwards, flat on his butt. in His eyes locked onto mine as he leaned back in the welcoming mud. Laying his body back into the deeper area of the pond behind.
-Fuck, I said.
-Fuck, he replied.
-I admit, I said.
-What do you admit Linus?
He was scoping up some mud on top of his cock and jeans. Slippery
-I admit that you are fucking wild, I said jokingly.
-What makes you really wild? he wanted to know.
I took one step further out into the mud. I felt my brand new sneakers sink deep and my onesie legs being submerged in the mud.
-I liked it when you pissed on my cock, I said.
-Fuck yeah. Oh bro, the mud is awesome.
-Man, I said.
I felt my knees getting weak.
-Say it, Lucas demanded.
I looked at him. He had let his arms down in the mud. Making attempts at backstroking. His hair resting in the slimy mess.
-I want to join you in the mud.
-No, do better. Say what you really want. I know there is more.
-Fuck, I said.
-Yeah right bro. Say it.
-I want to get fucking messy.
-How messy?
-Like completely muddy, Lucas. I want to play like a pig in it.
-I know you do. Like this?
And he rolled over on his stomach. Trashing the front of his clothes. Crawling deeper into the pond. More and light clay type mud being churned around as he moved.
-Fuck, I said again.
My vocabulary shrinking as I stood there hypnotized by Lucas playing around in the mud.
-Oh fuck it feels so good with you watching me, he said.
-You are crazy, I laughed as i sunk to my knees.
-I am very horny, Lucas said as he was splashing around in the mud.
-I want to be a pig, I said while I felt the soft warm mud hugging my legs.
-In your onesie?
-Yeah, in my onesie.
-I admit, Lucas said. That I saw you in school today in your onesie. I think it is hot with a boy in a onesie.
-Really? I said.
-Yeah, got me horny looking at you.
-I get horny looking at you too, in school.
-Come, he said. Come and lay down with me here.
I did not really need more invitation. My piss wet onesie sunk along with me into the hands of Lucas.

To be continued… If you liked it.

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  1. I don’t usually understand the “mess” fetish, but I feel like this helps me understand it a bit better. Good writing!

  2. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

  3. Wow…that’s was one of the hottest stories EVER posted on this website. It combines my favorite fetishes (jeans, sneakers, piss and mud) in a very horny way…thanks very much for writing it….looking forward to the next installment!

  4. That sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
    I am sure they are working towards persuading each other to become dump buddies as well as piss pals.

  5. Great story–can’t wait for you to continue — and I hope they get involved in all sorts of other kinds of experimentation.

  6. Well, thank you very much for your encouraging comments. They go to heart and you should know i was a bit apprehensive about writing about mud in combo with piss. The story will continue….

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