The brotherhood Part 1

Hey, here’s another fictional story. This is now about a Fraternity guy who encounters a great experience with his frat brothers. Still, about scat and pooping, Enjoy 😉
Angelo, a 23 year old College student joins a brotherhood fraternity called Beta Phi, known for their wild behavior as brothers but cool pretenses in public.
One day, Angelo was invited by a Biology classmate and a Beta Phi recruiter. He was called Devon, a 21 year old average looking guy who often wears shades.
“There’s a meeting at the restaurant across the street later after lunch, please come with us if you don’t have a class at that time” Devon tells Angelo at the locker room.
“Sure, just text me later” Angelo replied.
“I’ll accompany you” Devon yelled back as he rushes to his next class.
That afternoon…
“That’s Alex, the tall guy with the shades, Our fraternity leader” Devon points out as Alex enters.
Angelo could hardly gaze to the intimidating, athletic brotherhood lead.
Alex is 26, blonde extremely tall and well-built his looks are pertinently similar to that of College bullies. Alex stared at he neophytes, one by one…
“Just a few rules before we start.” Alex stares at Angelo while speaking.
“You will be calling your fellow neophytes, “bro” and you call us “master”, starting now, you are all living in one place treat each other like brothers and we hold the rules” Alex continued. “As soon as you have stepped in to this brotherhood, You abide with the Beta Phi law, so now if anyone wants to back out, do it now, just raise your arm and say “I quit”.
Alex continues to stand firmly, beside him was his best friend/brother and “sidekick” he called Danny, a 26 year old athletic guy. Danny has almost the same look as Alex that people would sometimes mistaken the other. Beta phi members would call them “the twins”.
“Anyone wants to quit?” Danny asked.
After a moment of silence, Alex and Danny concluded they have seen the eager new members of Beta Phi sitting before them.
“Because of that, welcome to the brotherhood” Alex announced in front of 10 boys.
“You will see your new house later after class.” Devon whispered.
4pm and Angelo just had burger and fries with Devon and Devon’s friend Caden, a 20 year old gamer, also a neophyte. Caden is confident, strong-willed and dedicated to be a Beta Phi.
“I hope they have PS3 there, I’m like dying to play everyday!” Caden said to Angelo.
Devon arrived some minutes later.
“Let’s go!” Devon said while packing their bags. “You guys are living anew, welcome to the brotherhood!”
Devon, Angelo and Caden arrived with other neophytes who are all lined up outside the Neophytes’ house with their things. The neophytes’ house is separated from the Masters. Paul, The Beta Phi spokesman arrived with the key and gave it to Aaron, a alcohol-lover neophyte. Aaron opens the door as the neophytes flocked in. Paul, a mean-spirited master forced the neophytes to enter their room. Their room consists of only 2 bunk beds, the room was small but convenient looking. The neophytes began to wonder why there are only two bunk beds since there are 10 of them. Paul announced that the bunks are for their training masters, including him. The training masters, Robbie, Rick, Paul and Austin the “fierce four” as they are called, the masters with strict rules and bizarre humiliating initiations for the neophytes. Paul stared at the neophytes with a beaming malicious smirk. Caden and Aaron appeared unintimidated with the four men but Angelo showed a slight nervousness.
Their first night was hellish. The 4 masters gave the boys a schedule.
“when we call for you to WAKE UP, everyone must move fast!” Robbie uttered fiercely.
“We will wake you up in any time we want but your sleeping time must be as early as 9” Rick added.
“We provide the food and whatever is prepared on the table regardless of how much or less, it must enter your guts. It’s the law, we extremely hate to hear anyone of you saying NO from us” Marvin said.
“From this moment, we will be your masters our commands will determine your fates as Beta Phi brother. Whether you like it or not, respect our demands!” Paul added.
The next day, the boys were awoken by Austin’s brawl. 
“Starting this day, you will be experiencing a military lifestyle, each week different themes, but for now you are all for a training military style for 7 days!”
It was as early as 4:30 in the morning when they are forced to prepare themselves for jogging. After their 40 minute jog, the boys proceed to an obstacle course then a boodle fight breakfast, a nasty mixture of foods that will probably put their stomachs in trouble. It was a long table of greasy foods mixed together. Man-sized Burgers, lasagna, chicken, etc.,
“See how lucky you guys are!” Paul sarcastically said.
“All of it please leave nothing for us” Robbie added.
A chubby but handsome looking neophyte Benny stared at the table of food with glazing eyes, extreme excitement and enthusiasm.
“What a good start, I’m gonna love this brotherhood” He whispered to himself.
Angelo couldn’t believe what he just saw. “Are we able to finish all this?” He asked.
“Shsh….just keep eating, you don’t want to be heard complaining do you?” Caden replied while pigging out like there’s no tomorrow over a huge mixture of food.
Angelo pigged out too anyway since he was also hungry. After almost an hour, most of the boys had been full, bloated and almost unable to move. Kyle a hot 19 year old freshman, Angelo and Benny are still eating and there’s still more on the table. Paul caught Angelo’s attention and let Benny and Kyle stop eating.
“OK, you finish them in behalf of your brothers”. Paul said to Angelo who was already full.
“B-but…..” Angelo discontinued his complaint while proceeding to eat more.
A minute later, Angelo began to give up as his bloated stomach began to create an excruciating pain.
Rick and Paul decided to enter Benny and Kyle back to finish the remaining food. After the table was completely clean the boys were instructed to return by 6pm sharp and that all of them should be complete by that time.
Around 10am while on his History class, Angelo began to feel discomfort in his stomach, a raging wave started to make him feel uneasy throughout the class. He felt like farting. Beside him was Devon and on front was Caden. Angelo let out a silent fart but a deadly one. A girl behind him began to complain in disgust. “Eww! What’s that smell?” The whole class began to burst a silly laughter. Devon noticed Angelo’s embarrassed face while clenching his stomach, sitting uncomfortably. Devon leaned on his right side and whispered “I know, I know”. Angelo began to sweat and whispered back in a panicking voice. “I need to go, what should I say?” “Bro, I’m sorry the whole class is about to notice it of you leave now, better hold it there’s only a few minutes more If you could stay”. Devon replied.
Luckily, the pain subsided but Angelo still felt a bit gassy. After the class is done while walking with Caden and Devon, Angelo let out a series of loud farts with a putrid smell. Caden began to cover his nose and said “Whoa, that’s what I call blast!”
For the next several hours, Angelo didn’t feel like pooping yet and by the time they arrived at 6pm in their house, The masters introduced them to their dinner and to their surprise, it was clearly an opposite of their breakfast. The masters prepared them a food mostly eaten by jailers.
“So you all have tasted heaven this morning now it’s hell tonight” Paul announced.
After dinner, the boys are told to line up, take off their shirts, pants and leave their underwear alone. Before Rick could announce, Benny foolishly ripped off a very loud fart while Paul was behind him.
The smell began to intoxicate the whole room and Paul felt disrespected. The neophytes began to laugh while the infuriated Paul yelled “QUIET!”. The boys were silenced and Benny’s face began to change from happy to serious.
“You PIG, out of the line!” Paul exclaimed. “You’re gonna have a special task!”
Paul stared at Benny with a sharp, cold stare.
That night while on the latrine Paul, Robbie and Rick talked about what they’re going to do with Benny as a punishment while pooping. Robbie and Rick were sitting beside each other, Rick leaned beside Robbie to whisper something. Rick could smell Robbie’s stink. “hey hey, do you guys have any idea now? Paul asked after noticing Rick had somewhat thought of something.
“We’re just gonna tell you later” Robbie said. “Yah dude, It’s gonna be a bomb!” Rick added.
“Oh like this…. pffrrrrrrtttt!” Paul made a loud fart as everyone laughed.
Benny and the other boys fell asleep already as early as 10pm after an hour long chat. Benny felt some cramps before falling asleep around 12 but he ignored it. The next day, they did the same routine. They were awoken again at 4am. Benny was given a detention schedule and that by the next two days he will receive his sentence. The news made Benny feel a bit nervous.
“It’s gonna be a suspense because you are such a special one”. Paul said
The boys were on their obstacle course activity when Angelo finally felt a very painful cramp in his lower intestines, now this time an urge to explode. Angelo doesn’t feel bloated anymore but uneasiness was felt in his guts. The boys were shirtless only wearing combat pants and boots and Angelo was sweating a lot from the combination of the heat and the violent urge to poop. As the weird waves continue to ravage inside, Angelo began to feel completely nervous. Paul had come up a brotherhood test activity for the boys so they were told to line up as he gives instructions. As they were lining up, Angelo felt irritated with his upset stomach. He began to rub his stomach and made a painful expression. Angelo whispered lowly to Caden “Bro, I don’t feel good”.
“Me too, still have hangover last night” Caden replied.
“No no mine’s different, I think I gotta go” Angelo answered.
After the instructions were given, The boys sat on the ground while waiting for the next command.
“How’s your stomach, bro?” Angelo asked Kyle.
“I took a huge shit this morning real quick and still don’t feel good” kyle answered. “I think i haven’t finished that one though I had to push reallyy fast when Paul woke everyone”. He continued.
Angelo ripped a loud wet fart before he could answer back. “I can’t do the nxt activity, bro I’m not feeling good”. The fart smell made Kyle realize Angelo is indeed in a bad need to shit.
“Okay everyone line up!” Rick shouted from a distance.
“Are you all ready?” Paul added.
“YES MASTER!” the boys answered in unison.
However Paul noticed Angelo has not been focused. “ARE YOU READY ANGELO?!”
“y-yes, m-master!” Angelo replied nervously. Before Paul could utter, Angelo interrupted. “Permission to leave, master i-it’s emergency!”
“Whoa take it easy, prick! Are there any reasons for me to let you go?” Paul asked.
“I-I need to use t-the bathroom really fast” Angelo answered.
The masters laughed at Angelo’s stuttering.
“Whoa, O-ohh Okay, relax your ass I’ll just ask, Are you willing to wait for your brother here who needs a break?”
“YES MASTER!” The boys relpied. 
Angelo was dying to let go of his shit so he began to put both of his hands on his butt to stop another suspicious fart. The masters laughed again before Paul could allow him to go. Angelo awkwardly ran to the latrine with left hand on his buttcheeks. Paul stared at Angelo’s desperation while laughing hysterically.
As Angelo reached the latrine, he let go of a few diarrhea squirts accompanied by loud, disturing wet farts. He didn’t mind as he remove his belt while the masters Devon, Danny and Austin were also on the latrine taking a dump and chatting. The 3 masters were slightly shocked to see Angelo looking desperate. As he pulled down his combat pants, Angelo pushed out an explosive creamy diarrhea bubbling out of his ass ushered with crazy loud farts. Angelo’s face turned red from exerting force as neverending flow of shit continues on and on.
“Whoooo! That was…urrggghh…!” Danny gags fanning around the worst smelly poop he could ever smelled his whole life.
Devon was shocked while Austin laughed. “Dude, can you topple that?……hahahahah!” Austin asked Danny.
>>to be continued

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