the boyfriend and girlfriend pooping time

the intro the story is about boyfriend and girlfriend are both into pooping and very horny people . so here we go 

boyfriend hey baby think today is gonna be a good day with this were gonna have fun time with it . 
girlfriend i know right im feeling good about it of us pooping ourselves never did for a while  do you think we should go get some food for are pooping party with each other
boyfriend yeah sure we can do that were do u want to go mcdonalds or taco bell make us poop good .
girlfriend sure we can go to both  make it more fun with us 
later on that that 
boyfriend babe im feeling im gonna poop myself anytime i have to go soon anytime  i feel it coming  . 
girlfriend i know me have to go soon to i feel it coming really soon  . how do u want to shit ourselves sitting down on the floor or pretty squat or standing up make it easier  or sitting on each other . 
boyfriend think we should sit on each other it will feel so good and fun u can go first on me . 
girlfriend  sure sit down on the floor  that me sit on you  oh oh my god her it comes can u feel it comeing on u its little hard its just coming out like crazy and soft mushy . and making me feel so good horny . im done pretty ur turn now so here u go 
boyfriend i liked the feeling of u sitting on me felt so good . now im gonna shit my pants on your lap so here we go oh ohhh here it comes can u feel it coming grunt here it comes  
girlfriend it feels so good 
boyfriend it does right  almost done just one part  grun grunt im done it felt good  we should do next time sometime maybe 
yeah maybe 🙂 
the end  
i dont know if u want me make other story or not feel free comment give ur feedback 
what should the other story be about . and i wish i had someone they were into the same thing like me 

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  1. That was pretty good mate, try making it a bit more descriptive ( more detail ) , try doing things like " she tried to hold it in , squirming on her seat " , Anotherone please 😉

  2. That was more like a poorly written script…. I couldn’t even get passed the first line due to the horrendous lack of punctuation and descriptive language…. Try again…

  3. Not very well written, but pooping your land while sitting on each other is very hot.

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