The big loud urge leaves me to poo outside

Last night it happened. The most glorious, orgasmic(literally) sexy poo of my life. But why outside you ask? Let me share some backstory.

So it had been a week and a day since I had pooped last. The last poop being a hard huge shit that I had to really push hard to get the sexy thing out. It was about a foot long. One of those plunger required to get it down ones.

Fast forward a week and a day. I’m at a cottage with no plunger. From the beginning of the day I had been farting and farting. I had already decided to shit outside seeing how there was no plunger. Well, night came. I had a few things to do around the cottage. All the while the farts grew longer and louder and the urge slowly was building. But I had to hold it because I was busy. This needed to be an event. An event starring my sexy ass and crackling asshole. So I kept holding it in. Eventually my stomach started angrily protesting such behaviour loudly. This worried me because the only time I hear that kind of angry protest is when I have a very runny poop. So I pulled down my pants and stuck my finger up my ass and felt a solid rock hard poo head. Confidence and boner restored.

Finally the time came. I made my way outside into the heavily wooded area. I pulled down my pants, felt up my ass as well as stuck my finger against my asshole and smelled them after. Smelled amazing. My dick oozing pre cum, I squatted down and let my sexy smelling ass do it’s magic. First came a very loud, very long fart. It was like my ass announcing that I’ve got a sexy one coming on.

A few minutes pass and after more farts, my asshole slowly starts to stretch open. The week of build up was starting to pay off. Crackling out my ass was a slow moving, hard yet firm, fat poo. Each passing second was sweet ecstasy: only my ass and shit mattered. After a minute, I felt resistance against my asshole. It was the tip of my masterpiece touching the ground. I knew I had to be squatting about half a foot off the ground. I got up and bent over. I reached around and felt. First the smooth cheeks of my ass. Then I ran my hand up only what can be described as a warm, smooth shaft. I made a fist and wrapped it around, and let me tell you, this shit deserved to be jerked off. I could have made two fists on top of each other and still have poo sticking out the top.

So after about a minute of me bending over, I half squatted to let the master( my ass) complete his work of art. Every intricate detail of his artistry was admired by his owner. The crackling like a full orchestra leading to a standing ovation. The smell, like a great chef hard at work filling the area with sweet aroma. The feeling, like a perfect massage being given to my asshole. Longer and longer it slid. Slowly. Finally, right before it broke off, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I needed to feel how long out it was from my ass. So I looked for the end. Longer and longer. Hard as a rock from ass to tip. I couldn’t find it. Why? I literally couldn’t reach it. It was too far out. I had to bend down a bit and found the end. Standing up straight, it would have gone down to my knees.

After breaking off, my raging throbbing dick cried ENCORE! A mass of excitement came over me as if I was giving the master a standing ovation along with my dick. In response, the master let out a large fart and a small short poop.

All was over now. The championship was won and all there was left to do was to feel up my ass cheeks to congratulate it on a medal winning achievement. But there had to be an after party right? Dear reader, there was. Trust me. For you see, I pulled my pants back up and walked back to the cottage. Couldn’t make it though.

Remember how I said this shit was literally orgasmic? Had to, HAD TO, once again pull down my pants. Only this time it was to celebrate my shit. Sat down on a step and jerked my dick hard dreaming of the show that just had occurred. Less than a minute I came huge.

I hope to have a shit like that again someday. Thank you, ass.

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