The BEST St. Patty’s Day gift ever

On St. Patricks Day (Mar 17) I was at the local Irish pub, enjoying the celebration with several of my friends. After about four large “green” beers and feeling pretty good, a middle aged woman (late 40’s dressed in green, – of course), came over to me and whispered in my ear that she liked my hair. I do have a lot of hair and I try to keep it pretty well combed and neat.
I thanked her, than introduced myself. She told me her name was (of all things) “Patty”! I then started my quest to find out if she was here alone or with a boyfriend or husband. She was with her girlfriend and they were seated about 2 rows back from us. I asked her if I could join them and she said “sure”. I think she was hopeful that I wanted to join them. She was fair looking, but her body was absolute “10”. Her tittys were not real big and of average size – the kind I like to suck on. I kept looking at her body, wondering if I had any chance to get in it. She introduced me to her friend, Megan, who was very good looking and had a little bit of extra meat on her bones. Other than that, she was fine. I wondered if I might have any chance to get into that one, too. Wondered if we could maybe do a “threesome”. I’ve only ever done a threesome before about 25 years ago with a white woman and a teenage black girl. I cam into the teenage black girl easily but could not get my rocks off in the white woman after about a half hour of trying! Anyway, we stayed at the pub drinking, talking, and exchanging information for several more hours. By then I’d had about 8 beers and Patty had about 3 more or so. Patty was getting “tipsy”. Megan didn’t drink much at all. I think she sipped one beer the whole time I was with them. I was hopeful Megan would get feeling good too but that didn’t happen. Megan said she had to go home (time: somewhere around 7:30 PM) . Patty rode with her and I was sorry to see her getting ready to leave. I gave my “pitch” that I could take Patty home later if she wanted to stay. To my amazement, Patty agreed. We stayed for another half hour when I talked her into coming over to my house for a while. I stopped along the way and bought each of us a six pack of our favorite beer than proceeded to my pad. I thought if I could make Patty feel good there was a chance I could get laid. Patty drank another beer on the way over to my place and was feeling real good already and by the time we got to my front door she was in no pain. She was using the fuck word as we had conversation I guess to let me know she wanted fucked. My dick was solid rock hard. I no sooner got us inside the door when she started pulling her clothes off. Suddenly she was totally naked and started taking my clothes off as I offered to helped her. We were both butt naked and I led her back to the bedroom. I took the beer to the frig to keep it cold. When I returned to the bedroom, she was in the bed, laid on her back, with legs spread and holding her arms out. I was so hot, cum was dripping out of my dick just anticipating the nice, warm, soft, juicy, pussy I was about to fuck. I plugged it in her and I took no more than 5 strokes when I cum in her nice soft pussy . Damn, I wanted to play in her pussy for a while and now that I shot my load it wouldn’t be possible for me to get another load to go off. All I could do was tell her I already went off and I wouldn’t be ready again until a few days later. After I came in her, I pulled it out and just laid beside her kissing her, fondling her tittys, and fingering her pussy. She turned on quickly and got extremely soakin’ wet. My dick got bone hard once again. I wondered if I could get off a second time so I laid her out on the bed and put old dickie to work once again. Her pussy was so nice, so soft, and juicy. I fucked her for about 15 or 20 minutes and almost gave up but I got so excited again by her nice, soft, juicy pussy I was able to cum again – (a miracle)! She said she came, too but I didn’t get the feeling she did. I don’t think she cared and maybe she didn’t know the true feeling of cumming. But we both enjoyed it and I hadn’t been fucked for well over 6 months. This was truly a godsend! Then, after we finished fucking, we just laid there for a while in the nude holding each other, kissing, talking, and drinking our beer while watching TV, and having good conversation. Somehow, we got on the subject of fantasy’s and I told her about my top fantasy – possibly risking our relationship, because I didn’t know how she’d take to it or how she’d think of me. I told her my #1 fantasy was for both of us wear our bottom half of our bathing suit ( she didn’t have a bikini so I offered to buy it for her) me in my swim trunks and her in her bikini bottoms [or even her panty’s would do]. Then we put a dick/pussy hole in each garment so my dick and her pussy would be able to unite. Once we connect and start fucking, we would begin shitting our pants. After we had our pants full, we would both reach escasty by cumming together. I was really worried that she would reject the idea and this could ruin our relationship. To my amazement, she told me she has shit her pants several times (“accidently”???) and pissed them too. She said it felt real good and she wondered if she was to sit or slide in it, if it would clean up. I told her I have shit my pants too a few times (I lied – a few times meaning thousands literally, but not really accidently]. I told her it felt pretty good and that’s why I’d like to do it while I’m fucking. She said she might do it with me but not until we got better acquainted. I’m wondering just how many times she really did shit in her pants and if it was “accidental”. Maybe she is on the same page as we are! I can honestly say without a doubt, this has been the BEST St. Patty’s Day gift ever! I’m so glad I have hooked up with Patty! She’s the greatest!!!
I’m a happy camper in pussy heaven!!!

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  1. Go for it buddy, that’s how great friendships start. Don’t hold back, and be honest with her. If she was brave enough to tell you that she has shit her pants several times it might be a godsend. Enjoy her and have some fun, Life is to short !!!!

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