The best experience I’ve had in a while…

About 10 minutes ago, I had an amazing experience. I was doing an assignment on my laptop when I suddenly got that feeling that told me I needed to go to the bathroom without hesitation!

So I duly went there, shut the door to give myself maximum privacy, and seated myself on the toilet.

First I peed a bit – not too much because I’d already been earlier on – and then I felt my poo getting ready to make its appearance. I knew intuitively that it was going to be a very good one, because I had been holding it in since yesterday morning.

I started to push and a few “rabbit pellets” came out, and then all of a sudden I felt something really, really massive making its way out slowly. It seemed as though it would never end – and I wished it wouldn’t. The width of it was stretching my anus and making it tingle a bit… oh my word, what an amazing feeling! Eventually it slid out and landed in the water with a loud “plop”, and I remained where I was, heart racing.

When I stood up, I had a look at what I had done, and I was amazed. There were about six big dark brown clumps (the “rabbit pellets” I mentioned earlier) and a fat tan-coloured smooth sausage that was at least half the length of my arm. I flushed quickly because it was quite smelly…

… but it was, without a shadow of a doubt, the best thing that’s happened to me today and one of the best bathroom experiences I’ve had in a long, long time!

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