The best drive home ever


College was over and all the students were heading for home,sharing rides where that was possible to save money.Debbie and Sally had managed to find a ride with Robbie Bolton,who lived in their city back in Utah so they could make the long journey together from Denver in his little Kia Soul.Luckily they all traveled light so their baggage fitted in nicely leaving enough space for Robbie and the girls.Since they were getting a free ride home,the girls had bought several snacks for the journey.Knowing that Robbie loved licorice to chew on,they had bought a whole load of licorice strips,mostly for him but some for them too and plenty of crackers with savory fillings to enjoy while driving and they had also saved enough so they could buy if they stopped for a meal break.They decided to take the northern route heading up then taking the I-80 west to Salt Lake City as it was a bit shorter,so they set off very early heading north toward Cheyenne eating sandwiches made from the last of their bread in the student quarters washed down with one of many cans of diet coke.

The cold meat in their sandwiches seemed quite tasty in spite of having been in their fridge for more than a few days.The girls just had a couple each while Robbie was allowed to eat the rest as he was being good enough to drive them home.As it was summer they all wore short sleeved shirts and light pants to stay cool on the journey and they talked about how they were going to spend their vacation time.Soon they were in Cheyenne and stopped to fill up with gas as they had set off with half a tank and that was now getting low.Robbie filled the tank while the girls went inside and bought some candy.They got into the car again and set off along I-80 heading west for Salt Lake City and then north to home in Ogden,Utah.Now,the girls had been so busy packing the last few things that they had skipped their usual bathroom detail except for brushing their teeth and a quick pee:Robbie had pretty much done the same as they all wanted an early start,so none of them had taken time to poop for the day,but there seemed to be no problem in that so far.

Scooting along the I-80 at a nice steady 70mph they girls were enjoying the scenery,then Robbie said he felt tired as he had been up late last night,so they pulled into a rest stop and Debbie took over the driving while Robbie relaxed in the front seat with Sally sitting behind him as he chewed several licorice strips.Soon Robbie dozed off,catching up on his lost sleep as the miles slipped past.As he slept the girls could hear what seemed like a thunder storm brewing in his belly as it rumbled and grumbled in his sleep.Soon they noticed a few farts were coming from Robbie,and by now they too were feeling a little discomfort in their bellies and came to the conclusion that perhaps that cold meat had been past its sell by date.Soon all three of them were farting well and the windows had to be lowered so the could breath.Sally started laughing as she had visions of the wild animals gasping for air as they drove past them.She shared her though with Debbie and they both laughed so much that Sally felt a little squirt from her butt and her panties felt damp.She told Debbie that she had pooped a little drop in her panties and Debbie said that she too had damp panties but she did not want to stop to poop by the roadside as there was too much traffic and it was 20 miles to the next rest stop.

Debbie drove on with both of the girls farting steadily accompanied by Robbie as he slept.Soon the rest stop was in sight and Debbie asked Sally if she wanted to stop or carry on.They quickly agreed that they wanted to get home as fast as they could,so no rest stop.They flew past it and saw the next stop would be 25 miles ahead,should they need it later.Just then there was a rough patch of roadway and the rumbling woke Robbie,who stretched in his seat and then held his belly and said it felt like he needed a rest room very soon,blaming his night out with his friends at a cheap restaurant where they had all filled up on Mexican food and beer.Debbie said they had just passed a stop so it would be 25 miles before the next one.The thunder inside Robbie seemed to intensify as he held his belly and a loud fart escaped from his butt accompanied by a groan as he told them he was very desperate.Sally leaned forward and whispered in his ear that he should just relax and enjoy the ride.She tickled his neck,making him laugh,then suddenly stop as the sound of a wet fart filled the car.Robbie was quiet for a minute before saying that he needed to change his pants as that had been a slight accident.

Debbie laughed as she told him that he was the third person to have that kind of accident in this car that morning.She told him that as all three of them now had slightly dirty underwear there seemed no point now in worrying about it and they might as well keep driving all the way home,and if they pooped in their panties then so what,they would all do it together and nobody should feel bad about it.Robbie said he had not pooped his pants since he was about five and the girls told him that they did it all the time and he should just relax and if it happens,it happens and he might even enjoy it.She said definitely no stops for toilet breaks,next stop home even if it is with poopy pants.Robbie answered with a fart as he agreed but said that he would feel embarrassed if he did it first.
Debbie then eased up off her seat a little and stopped trying to hold her poop inside.She gave a loud fart as she pushed and her cotton panties quickly filled up with a massive soft warm poop which spread instantly all over her butt,and as she sat down again it spread up the back of her panties well past her waistband and forward,slipping over her pussy and covering her belly as she gasped in pleasure.

Now it is your turn Robbie,she said.Sally leaned to one side and pushed and was rewarded with a flood of soft warm poop flowing into her panties as she leaned back in her seat before rocking forward to push it over her pussy too as she smiled and loved how nice it felt.Robbie heard the girls both poop in their panties and saw how pleased they were so now he stopped trying to hold it back and just relaxed.Within seconds he felt a warm wet sensation at his butt as soft poop slowly leaked out of him and filled his shorts.The smell in his car was really terrible but he had to admit that the feeling was quite pleasant.
He watched as Debbie put one hand between her legs and started to rub her pussy gently for a few seconds before she gasped loudly and laughed as she orgasmed into her pants.She looked at him and said go on I know you want to masturbate now in the warm poop,so go ahead and enjoy it fully.Sally was rubbing now and very soon shouted out with joy as she orgasmed in her pants.Why not,he thought,so Robbie began to rub his cock from outside his pants and found that in about three seconds his cock had gone from 4 inches and floppy to 9 inches and rock hard,and he could feel that he was going to explode a load of hot cum any second.Sally leaned over the back of his seat and put her hand on top of his as he rubbed and that was the spark that caused the explosion as his rigid cock shot out what seemed like gallons of hot cum which seemed to fill his shorts more than the soft poop.This was going to be the best ride home ever.

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  1. I wish I could be on that ride, too. 😀 😀

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