The best conversation ever

I was at the ren faire. If you have never been to a ren faire, the lines for the women’s bathroom is really long. Since i like the desperation scene alot this kind of turned me on. I don’t really like female desperation, but this was really great. I am standing in line to use the bathroom. I watch the lady in gront of me do the usual i really need to pee actions. First, she jumps up and down, then crosses her legs. In my mind all i can think is i hope she wets herself. Then another cross of the legs. That is when i notice she is drinking. She is standing in line drinking her alcoholic drink. I dont know about you but everyone knows drinking and long lines are a bad idea. Suddenly she says to the lady in front of her: ” can i go in front of you, i really need to pee.” That lady responds ” i really need to pee too.” She says this as she jumps up and down. It is too bad ten seconds later three stalls open up. I would have loved to see them pee themselves. 

On a semi-relatednote, my brother waited too long he kept grabbing his crotch because he had to pee, but he too didn’t wet himself. Sadly the ren faire did not deliver with accidents, but i think there is a really high chance for wettings. Maybe next time.

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