The Bed Bath (Fictitious)

My friend and I had been sharing a unit in town for a while and we had got to know our private needs quite well. One morning, I was not feeling too well, and decided to stay in bed, Peter had to go to work at the local hospital, but before he went, he left a container for me to use to pee in and he said that he would see me after he came home.
During the day, I was feeling too weak and unsteady to try to get up, so I used the container if I moved onto my side and I felt quite aroused knowing that I was having a pee in bed. The day dragged on and my container was nearly full and, most of all, I felt that I needed to poo fairly soon. I was still feeling too weak to try getting to the bathroom, so I had to wait until Peter got home to help me.
Finally, Peter came home and came in to check on me. He took the full container away and emptied it out before bringing it back for me. He asked me if I needed anything and I had to tell him that I was busting for a poo but was too weak to get out of bed.
He came back with a plastic sheet and asked me to lift my butt up while he slipped it underneath me. He then, pulled my shorts down and suggested that I lift up my knees and poop onto the plastic sheet. I was not going to argue about this, as it seemed like a good solution to the problem.
I lifted my knees up and started to push, and before too long, a stream of soft poo oozed out onto the sheet. Peter pulled the soiled sheet away and replaced it with a fresh one. He told me that he would have to clean me up a bit, as the poo was still smeared on my butt. He came back with a bucket of warm water and some towels. After cleaning my butt, he suggested giving me a bed bath. After pulling of my shirt, I lay naked on top of the bed while Pete sponged my sweaty body down from head to toe. He asked me if I minded him washing my private parts and I said, “Why not”. He then sponged me with warm water between my legs and soaped his hands. The feeling of him soaping me around the penis, balls and rectum, caused the inevitable result of me getting a large erection. He asked me if I would like him to continue washing this area, knowing that I might cum at the end. After allowing him to continue, I lay there in extacy while he massaged my genitals until the climax came, which he also cleaned up.
He, too, had been aroused by giving me the bed bath and admitted that he had also cum in his underpants.

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