The babysitter

As the morning broke Joe woke from a deep sleep to the sound of birds in the trees, when he shuffled in his bed to stretch it hit him. The cold dampness off the bed that he hadn’t felt in a years since a child. He had wet the bed. For years after being taken out of diapers Joe had longed to be put back in them but couldn’t find away to get hold of any, but that may all be about to change. A twist of the door handle and Joe slumped back down into his bed his little brother came in whilst Joe was hoping it would be his parents that find him in his wet state his brother actually did which lead from a loud scream ‘MOOOOOM JOES PEED THE BED’ his parents came running in like a flash to see for theirselves if in fact what Peter was saying was true. To their disappointment it was true and Joe sat there embarrassed ‘Joe honey we can’t go through this phase again especially after we went through it with your brother, morning after morning bed changes, we’re too busy working at the office to be doing 2 loads of laundry a day, you know what that means don’t you Joe?’ I knew exactly what that meant, I hid my excitement by arguing but I wasn’t annoyed that I would be put into diapers again I was excited, really excited.

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