The art of peeing your pants

The art of peeing your pants

I have been engaged in my favourite pastime this morning when it occurred to me that there is a bit of an art involved when wetting yourself so that you only wet the things you want to and not everything else

So before I went to bed last I dressed in cotton briefs and two pairs of thick, close fitting boxer shorts

This morning I woke with a full bladder as usual. While sitting up in bed and crossing my legs lightly I am able to piss myself in short spurts and watch the pee soak into the material. By crossing my legs all the pee stays at the front and by leaning forward slightly, pee will begin the soak around the sides. By carefully controlling the amount pissed, it is possible to stop just before the pee soaks past the side seams of the underwear and into the bed

Now time to get up and put on tight plastic pants so i can carry on wetting while i have breakfast

Which ones to wear today? Full size clear plastic ones, bikini style clear latex, red latex boxers, soft plastic briefs – black or white.

I go for the full size clear plastic pants.

This means that I can still see what is getting wet as I continue to pee in shorts bursts while I walk around the house.

I put on a T shirt and go to the kitchen to start to do the washing up from last night.

As soon as the water starts running I get an urge to pee. I try to hold on by jumping up and down and crossing my legs. Inevitably some pee escapes, then more and another spurt and I am desperate to hold on as long as I can.

If I stand close to the sink with my tummy pressed against the work surface, it pushes the pee out even more. So I do that a few times.

When I look down I can see that my pants have got really wet by now, and by looking in the mirror I can see that the pee has soaked about halfway up my butt.

With the washing up done I push my bladder hard with both hands several times and pee starts coming out some more. It took me a while to regain control and can now see pee pooling in the bottom of my plastic pants. Every time I move I can see it sloshing around.

Then , by holding my balls and prick through the pants to stem the flow of pee, I can start to slowly push out the turd that has been building in my stomach. I like to walk around while I shit myself. That way I can control the amount of piss while crapping.

Finally all the crap is out and formed a nice lump in my pants, and I still have some pee in me.

Then into the bathroom. I lose the plastic pants and strip down to my briefs and under the shower

I pull my prick out over the top of my pants and start wanking. I pushed some pee out while I was doing that and ended crapping some more

Finally I erupted in a huge cum while rubbing and pissing and crapping.

What a morning

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