The Alton Towers Outing (continued)

This is the continuation of the story started here:

Danny’s joy was short-lived. As Steve and the others watched from their respectful distance behind the barrier, Danny was seen to jump out of the compartment, turn back to his brother who failed to follow him immediately, then freeze in apparent horror as he looked at the still seated Pete. The attention of various others who had just got out of the roller coaster train was at that moment also drawn to Danny and Pete, and both Toby and Gary could be seen peering over at Danny’s brother, then turning away and doubling over in astonishment before turning back and looking again. Gary in particular was hooting with laughter. In no time numerous other people, both those in the group and complete strangers, were staring at Pete as, helped by his now much more serious-faced younger brother, he slowly rose from the cramped carriage and staggered out onto the ground. Virtually everyone who had been on the ride stole at least one curious glance at the cause of the rumpus near the front carriage. Some strangers could be seen laughing and sharing their amusement with their friends as they walked away from the ride, others seemed embarrassed. At least one complete stranger, a man in his mid thirties, could be seen giving Pete an apparently sympathetic slap on his back and saying something to him as he passed by. Another stranger, a young woman, was seen to speak to the staff member who was supervising the evacuation of the roller coaster, pointing at the group round Pete. This member of staff left Pete and his friends alone but went over to look inside the train carriage which the woman had indicated and then started speaking to someone on his mobile telephone, evidently calling for some sort of assistance.

Meanwhile, the Real Ale Club members who had been on the ride had now formed a protective group around Pete, blocking him from view. Toby and Gary were still both laughing, but others were apparently helping in a more practical way as the group round Pete moved away from the train to the shrubbery by the side of the track and stood there in a protective bunch around the slightly older lad in the motorbiking jacket and pale jeans for a significant length of time. At one point Danny was seen to turn round and snap something angrily at the still giggling Gary, but his main attention remained on his brother as he continued to help him.

“What the hell’s going on?” said Graham, voicing the sentiments of the mystified club members who were watching the scene at a distance from behind the barrier.

“Has Danny’s brother puked on the ride, do you think?” said Steve. “You know, been sick?”

“Yeah, that’s what it looks like,” said Ben.

“Surely Pete hasn’t gone and done an Adrian?” This was Tommy.

“Whoo-hoo, do you reckon he has?” hooted Chaz. “I think he might have, you know!” Graham and Richard giggled and crained their heads inquisitively in an attempt to see Pete.

Steve and Ben both looked blankly at Tommy and Chaz, although everyone else seemed to know what they were talking about. “What do you mean, ‘done an Adrian’?” asked Ben.

“Where is Adrian, anyway?” added Steve, suddenly remembering the reason why his friend Jonathan, who had been friendly with him once again since returning from the toilet with the others, had sat elsewhere during the bus journey. Adrian, the lad in the smart shirt, tie and red chinos, was friendly with Jonathan but not with him, Steve. And Adrian, along with Tom and possibly one or two others, was not here now.

“Oh shut up about Adrian, it isn’t funny,” said Jonathan to Chaz and Tommy, ignoring Ben’s and Steve’s questions. “Yes, I reckon Danny’s brother’s might have been sick,” he added to everyone as a whole.

The babble died down as the group still in the vicinity of the roller coaster, and forming a protective barrier around Pete, was then seen to disperse and everyone attempted to see what the fuss was about. As the group approached where Steve and the others were standing, Steve could clearly hear Danny’s angry outburst of “Sod off, Gary!” to the club member in the white jeans who was still doubled over with laughter. Pete was walking dejectedly along behind his younger brother, clearly trying to ignore the stares of many people. His black leather jacket, which he had up until now been wearing normally, was tied strangely around his waist, its arms knotted sloppily behind his back. The garment was slightly inhibiting his progress as he walked slowly towards the waiting group, his brother and friends still clustering around him.

“Are you alright, Pete?” asked Jonathan as the two groups reunited. “Has something happened?”

Gary, despite Danny’s recent angry outburst, squeaked with laughter once again. Toby, the fat lad, snorted with amusement again and replied to Jonathan’s question: “Yeah, you could say that.”

A babble of questioning noises arose as others indicated their curiosity about what had happened to Pete, but their answer was almost immediately provided when the crudely tied knot in the arms of Pete’s jacket on his backside suddenly gave way and the jacket fell to the ground exposing Pete’s groin. Pete instantly dropped down and scrabbled on the ground to grab the garment which he now laid awkwardly on his lap as he continued to squat, but what he had been attempting to conceal had already been seen.

“I knew it!” yelled Chaz. “He’s peed!!”

“He has!!” screamed Tommy in confirmation.

“Yeah, you’ve got it,” confirmed Gary gleefully. “Mister Tie-a-knot-in-it-and-think-about-something-else has wet himself!”

“He did it on the ride,” announced Hugh, who had been in the carriage behind Pete’s and Danny’s. “Couldn’t hold it in! I thought he was going to wet his pants, you know, and I was right!”

“Yeah,” agreed Toby. “The rest of you should have seen him earlier. He was squirming about and squeezing himself like a little kid in that queue for the ride,” he added to the enthralled audience. “And after what he said to us in the bus, too. You know, about not behaving like schoolgirls and holding our piss in like real men. And now he’s weed in his jeans. Unbelievable!”

Danny swore angrily at Toby, and glared at Gary and Hugh. His face was red with humiliation and embarrassment on his brother’s behalf, even more so than Pete himself who just looked stunned, as if he still could not believe what he had done. “Just put the jacket on properly, Pete,” said Danny. “You look ridiculous anyway, no point in making it worse.”

“Look, come and sit on the wall over there in the sun,” said Steve suddenly to the brothers as Danny helped Pete back into his leather jacket and gently raised him to a standing position. “Pete might dry out there!”

Ben glanced anxiously at Steve, scared for a moment that Steve would reveal what had happened to him, considering that the two of them had recently spent half an hour doing exactly what Steve was now suggesting and for just the same reason. Steve revealed nothing about that to the others, but Ben’s anxiety was further heightened when Mark said “You’re not the only person this has happened to today, you know,” to Pete, but Ben then relaxed again as he realised that Mark was hardly likely to know that he, Ben, had also wet himself. Ben’s black tracksuit showed no evidence of his accident despite his soggy, uncomfortable underclothes still now constantly reminding him that he had been unable to hold his bursting bladder any longer and had peed himself at the point when they had finally been able to alight from the bus. Assuring himself that no-one except Steve knew about this, Ben wondered idly what Mark could possibly mean.

Danny smiled warmly at his friend Steve, grateful that not everyone around them was making cruel fun of his beloved brother who had impressed everyone so much several hours before when he had arrived at the pub but was now the object of ridicule. Now here was his best mate Steve suggesting something to help the situation. “Yeah, good idea, Steve,” Danny replied. “Let’s do that. Come on, Pete. Let’s get you sorted out.”

“It’s denim, it’ll never dry!” observed Toby, referring to Pete’s sodden jeans, but the consensus remained that they should still go and sit on the wall, if only to allow Pete to recover his spirits and cheer up for the rest of the afternoon.

Steve, Ben and Jonathan all assisted Danny in ushering Pete to an area of the wall where there were no other members of the public anywhere near, all forming a protective shield of a sort around the hapless older lad in the soaking, pale coloured jeans as they made their way. All of them offered comforting words onto which Pete was able to focus and block out the far less sympathetic remarks and responding laughter from Gary, Toby, Chaz, Tommy and a few others. The sympathetic attitude of Pete’s closest companions prevailed, and gradually the amusement which surrounded Pete’s accident abated and various lads expressed interest in going on another ride, a large ferris wheel which was visible a hundred metres away in the other direction from the roller coaster. Thus the group split up once again on arrival at the wall, Mark accompanying about eight or nine of the lads to this new attraction.

Steve, Danny and Ben had some questions for Jonathan as soon as they were all seated on the wall with Danny’s meek, wet, older brother. “Jonathan, where are Tom and Adrian?” was one question, “What took you all so long?” was another, and “What did Mark mean when he said Pete wasn’t the only one this happened to?” was a third.

Jonathan hesitated, apparently unwilling to divulge the information. But Graham, one of those who had declined to go with the group to the ferris wheel, overheard the conversation amongst the small group on the wall and butted in. “You might just as well tell them, Jonathan,” he remarked. “They’re going to see Adrian sooner or later anyway.”

“I suppose so,” sighed Jonathan. “Alright then.” He addressed Danny, Pete, Steve and Ben. “Adrian wet his pants in the queue for the toilets. And I mean totally, even worse than you, Pete. He was standing up, so it’s all down his legs.”

“Oh crikey, you mean in those brand new trendy chinos he was wearing with that shirt and tie?” said Danny.

Jonathan sighed again and nodded. His face was grim.

“Why didn’t he just nip behind a tree or something if he couldn’t wait? I would have done!” said Steve.

“Yeah, but we were already inside the toilet block,” replied Jonathan. “And then we had to wait in a queue. There was another large group of guys in there as well as us. Then suddenly Adrian starts trying to jump the queue in front of me and Mark and other blokes who we didn’t even know. We were all bloody desperate anyway, and I wasn’t too keen on letting him in front of me, I can tell you, but it was actually a teenage lad in the big group in front of us who stood his ground and refused to let Ade past. And at that point Ade just bent over in agony where he stood and his red chinos went all dark in colour all over the crotch and down the legs. And that was that.”

“Well where’s he now, then?” asked Ben. “And where’s Tom?”

“Tom’s looking for the bus driver with Rodge. Adrian’s presumably still hiding in one of the toilet cubicles where we left him,” replied Jonathan. “He’s not showing his face to anyone.”

“Looking for the bus driver?” echoed Ben blankly.

“When we had all peed and started trying to do what we could to help Adrian,” continued Jonathan, “Rodge had a brainwave. He’s just had a few free days from college and he’s been home, and this morning he came straight from home to the pub, still with his bag of overnight stuff. Anyway, Rodge was prepared to lend Ade something to change into. But the bag was back on the bus, so we all left Ade in the cubicle and went to get Rodge’s bag. But when we got to the bus it was all locked up and there was no sign of the driver. Finally we just left Tom and Rodge looking for him and came to find you lot.”

There was a short silence as the other four lads on the wall took this information in. Then Danny thought of something. “But wait a minute, Rodge is much smaller than Adrian. How is Ade going to fit into a pair of Rodge’s jeans?”

“Yeah, that may be a problem, but apparently it’s a pair of sweatpants, not jeans,” replied Jonathan. “He’ll just have to squeeze into them. It’s that or walk around the park in his soaking chinos, and he’s refusing to do that. Poor Ade. I feel really sorry for him. I hope he’ll manage to enjoy this day somehow.”

Danny was less sympathetic. “Well, Adrian’s been pretty horrible to my mate Steve here, ever since Steve wet his…” Danny’s voice trailed off as he realised that he was about to reveal something about his friend Steve which he had promised to keep secret.

“It’s okay, Danny,” said Steve. “Everyone here on this wall now knows about my accident on the bus coming back from the brewery outing. With the possible exception of your brother, that is. Just keep it quiet from people like Gary, Toby and Chaz, will you?”

“Danny’s told me about what happened to you, actually,” volunteered Pete to Steve. “But I’ll keep quiet about it too. Anyway, it looks like I’ve just joined the exclusive club of people who’ve wet themselves in front of their friends, so I now know what it feels like.”

These were the first words Pete had uttered since his accident in the roller coaster. Danny laughed, delighted at this evidence that his brother had cheered up, and wrapped his arm around him. “Of course I told you, you’re my big bro,” he remarked affectionately. “You and I have no secrets. Steve will understand that.”

Steve nodded at Danny, indicating that he had no problem with this particular indiscretion.

Ben, who was sitting on Steve’s other side, caught Steve’s eye at this point. Ben’s eyes were anxious, conveying to Steve the silent message that some things still needed to be kept secret. And Steve nodded at him too, touching his lips with one finger to show his understanding of Ben’s private, unvoiced communication. Ben held Steve’s gaze for a moment, looked deeply into his eyes, and then knew that in Steve he had a good friend who would not betray him. The information that. underneath his black tracksuit, Ben’s underwear and shorts were saturated with his urine, would be going no further than Steve.


“What a brilliant day,” said Steve to Ben as the bus trundled along the road on the lengthy journey back to college. “I haven’t had so much fun in years.”

“Yeah, I’m going to go back to Alton Towers in the summer holidays. It’s much better than I thought it would be,” replied Ben. “Maybe you and I could meet up and go there together?” he added shyly.

“I’d really like that,” replied his new friend. “Maybe we should see if Danny and Pete want to join us, and maybe Jonathan as well. We should fix a date we can all make.”

“Yes, that would be fun,” replied Ben. “Say, Steve, do you want to come back to my place tonight after we get back? I’ve got some stout in the fridge, you know, proper ale. We could share a couple of bottles, maybe watch a video, chill out, you know?”

Steve readily agreed, delighted that Ben obviously wanted to continue their new friendship. Danny would undoubtedly be spending the rest of the evening with his brother who was staying in their college town for the evening, so Danny would be unavailable. Steve might therefore have been at a loose end this evening if Ben had not suggested this.

“If you prefer, though,” said Steve, “you could come to my place instead. I’ve got some ale in the fridge too, and I’ve got a new DVD player and some great films.”

“Thanks, but I’ll really have to go home and change,” said Ben, smiling ruefully. “So maybe you can best come back with me.”

“Oh yeah, I’d forgotten,” said Steve, patting Ben’s thigh sympathetically. “I guess you’re still pretty uncomfortable in there?” He nodded at Ben’s groin.

Ben nodded and felt with one hand inside his tracksuit. “It’s still pretty damp in there, yes,” he reported. “Still, I made damn sure I peed before we left the park this time. So at least I’m not going to have a problem on this journey, even though I’m still sitting in wet undies.”

After a few more minutes, during a lull in his conversation with Ben, Steve excused himself and moved temporarily to another part of the bus. He had set his eyes on a lone figure on a seat several rows behind, and now approached this lad cautiously.

“Hi Adrian, how’s it going?” he asked gently, sitting down on the vacant seat next to him. Adrian’s friend Jonathan was sitting elsewhere in the bus next to Mark.

Adrian looked at him suspiciously. “Alright,” he said non-commitally.

“Did you manage to enjoy your day once we finally got you sorted out?” asked Steve.

Adrian had long since removed his tie, and this was rolled up together with his wet red chinos and wet socks on the floor of the bus by his feet. His pink shirt, which had looked smart with the tie during the first part of the day, was now open at the neck, and his lower half was squeezed tightly into Rodge’s grey sweatpants. Steve himself had finally managed to locate the bus driver during the afternoon, which Tom and Rodge had completely failed to do, and Rodge’s sweatpants had then duly been conveyed to the distraught lad in the toilet cubicle so that everyone could proceed with enjoying the attractions at Alton Towers. The legs of the sweatpants only came down as far as Adrian’s calves, his smart shoes looked very odd on his bare feet (he had removed his sodden ribbed socks), and he had received some weird glances at the strange, ill-fitting attire during the rest of the day. But even so, Adrian had evidently found this preferable to walking around in obviously pissed pants as Danny’s brother Pete had been forced to do.

“Yeah, I guess,” replied Adrian. His voice was a monotone, his face expressionless.

“Well, I’m glad you did finally come out and enjoy the park,” said Steve. “It would have been miserable for you if you’d just stayed in that toilet all day. Are you feeling any better now?”

“I’m alright,” said Adrian shortly.

There was a silence. Steve nodded gently at Adrian. The only sound was the noise of the traffic and the hum of conversation from others around them.

Finally Adrian turned to Steve and looked him in the eye. “Thanks for finding the driver and getting me Rodge’s sweats,” he said. “I’d have had to spend the whole day in the toilet if you hadn’t done that.”

“You’re welcome. But Rodge was your main saviour of course. Nice of him to lend you his pants. Listen, mate, Ben and I are talking about meeting up in the summer holiday for another day out at Alton Towers. Maybe with Pete and Danny if they want to come, and maybe Jonathan and Mark too. Do you fancy coming with us? You’d be very welcome.”

Adrian stared at Steve in silence for a moment.

Steve continued. “I just get the feeling that maybe you’ve had a pretty rotten day after wetting yourself like that. I’m just thinking that another day out with us at Alton Towers could make that all okay again for you. What do you think?”

Adrian swallowed and managed a semi-genuine smile. “Thanks. I’d like that,” he replied.

“Great,” replied Steve. “I’ll drop you a personal mail on the club website suggesting some dates when I’ve discussed it with Ben and the others. You take care of yourself, Adrian. See you later.”

Steve returned to his seat next to Ben and the two of them started talking about which films they fancied watching during their evening at Ben’s student accommodation.

That evening, complete with plenty of beer, was just as much fun for Steve and Ben as their afternoon at Alton Towers had been.

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