The Alice Chronicles Volume 1

The Alice Chronicles Volume 1

The queue to the bathroom wasn’t going down and Alice was at the point of crossing her legs. She didn’t have a good view from the restaurant table where she sat with a half-eaten burger, her empty milkshake glass and an almost full portion of chips. She tried to munch the rest but couldn’t concentrate on eating her food.

She pressed her legs together tighter, the denim of her jeans riding up giving her a wedgie. Whether it was helping her need to pee or not she couldn’t say. She could feel her urine so close to being released she wasn’t sure, even if there was no one in the toilet, she would be able to make it. She cursed herself for wanting to wait until after her meal to visit the ladies, and glanced behind her where she could see the queue hadn’t moved for a few minutes. The women already standing there were squirming just like her.

Alice was in the corner and was beginning to panic, there would be no way she would be able to hide the fact she had wet herself if it happened, not in the clothes she was in, her light coloured jeans and tan boots. She began to think about where the nearest spots would be and, excepting slipping into the nearest pub which was a good 5 minute walk away, there was no where else that came to mind she would be able to relieve her aching bladder. Time was ticking and her need became painful.

Her hand quickly slid down to her crotch, unable to hold on by clenching her thighs together. A waitress began clearing the table next to her, thankfully not stopping to ask how her meal was, or if she would like another drink. A spurt of pee left her and soaked her pants, making her pussy lips warm and her clit tingle. Alice gained control but knew she couldn’t hold it for too much longer. Another burst of piss and she could feel her jeans soaking up the moisture.

Alice examined the booth she was in, and noticed the arm ridges rose fairly high – high enough to cover her lower body. She hatched a desperate plan and figured she had little other choice, but she would need to be subtle. She took a deep breath and held it in as she moved her hand to the waistband of the jeans and shuffled the trousers down a little, taking her soiled pants with it. They were down to her mid-thigh and the material of the seats felt alien to her smooth skin.

Alice took another look around to ensure she wasn’t being watched while some more pee escaped, wetting the seat. She quickly moved her bum forward and hovered at seat level over the cheap carpet covering the floor and audibly sighed in relief when she allowed herself to release her need. The yellow rain spattered on the floor, some drops hitting the back of her leg but mostly it cascaded down to the floor.
When her pee was finished she quickly slid back onto the seat and pulled up her jeans. Grabbing her things, she left her food on the table and rushed to the counter to pay, leaving a generous tip. Relieved she wasn’t caught and feeling excited about how naughty she had been, Alice still hoped she would never be in that position again.

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  1. If I could date Alice it would be my life’s work to get her in ‘that’ position as often as I could!!!!

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