The adventures or pooperpants place

  Our story begins on an early morning in the fall. Marilyn Brown, a long time resident of the neighborhood is seen standing in the front window of her home. Marilyn is dressed in her brown sweater and her loose fitting brown corduroy pants. Marilyn is divorced and in her early 40’s. She has short brown hair and a wonderful figure. she stands peering out the curtains and waiving to the other ladies as they head off to work. but that’s not all miss brown does. as she sees her 19 year old niece, Kelly jean Brown head off to class Marilyn slightly bends her knees. As Kelly gets into her car a log pushes it’s way into the back of Marilyn’s pants. Marilyn blushes and waives to her as the lump forms in her corduroys. Marilyn realizes that she has no panties on so she quickly moves her thighs together so the poop stays in her pants. Marilyn pushes again and soft crap fills her pants seat and slowly spreads down her thighs forming a lump in both of them. Marilyn stands still letting the shit find it’s way into her pants as she whispers to herself “oh Marilyn you bad pooper pants” She blushes again and slowly pisses down the legs of her already loaded corduroys.
  Marilyn stands still pissing down her pooped pants and grins. The feeling makes her tingle. Marilyn reaches back and pats the mound in her pants and brings her hand back to her nose and sniffs it. mmmmmmmmm I’m such a pants stinker, she moans. Marilyn puts her hand on her soaked pants front and it only takes a few good strokes before she has brought herself to an orgasm in her pooper pissed pants.
  Marilyn slowly moves away from the window and enjoys the messy feeling as she walks toward her bedroom. Miss stinkerpants lays down rocking back and forth and again achieves a tremendous orgasm. Marilyn closes her eyes and falls into a blissful sleep in her messy pants. What a way to start the day she whispers to herself as she wakes up an hour later in her piss soaked packed corduroys. Another quick orgasm and off to the shower to get the day started.

This is the first entry in a long list of stories about the pants pooping ladies and men of “pooperpants place

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