The adventures of Alfie and Josh PART 1

Note! I found this one on the web and felt it needed sharing, enjoy ?

Josh was driving home after a long day at work, he had just got a promotion and was feeling very please with himself. He was also very happy to finally be going back home. Josh was 5ft 11 with long-ish brown hair. He was ripped and enjoyed going to the gym every day before work. He was roommates with a guy called Alfie. Alfie was 5ft 10 with shorter brown hair than Josh’s. He was slim but deceivingly strong. When josh got home Alfie was surprised to see him “you’re back early” Alfie said “how was work?” “Not bad” Josh replied “just got promoted” Josh said with a smug grin on his face. “Nice!” Said Alfie “lets celebrate!” Alfie said. He went to the mini fridge they had in their room and grabbed and 8 pack of larger. They both cracked one open and drank. About an hour later they were watching a movie when Josh’s stomach started rumbling. He farted. The smell filled the room, I was a pooey but nice smell. Alfie laughed and looked over “hah! Bet u can’t beat this!” He let rip a massive fart. They both burst out laughing and continued trying to best each other’s fart. Suddenly Alfie stopped “think I pushed a little hard” he said. He stood up “fuck!” He exclaimed. He had pooed his tight denim jeans. The bulge was clearly visible. Josh tried to hide is massive erection and act normal. He pretended to laugh, but he wasn’t fooling Alfie. “Dude, am I turning you on?” He said gingerly “what? No!” Josh exclaimed “you’re a bad lier” said Alfie moving over to Josh. He bent over slightly and started rubbing his bum. The smell was intoxicating, Josh was so horny he wanted to rip Alfie’s pants off and fuck him right there. Alfie moved closer to Josh who was still sitting on the bed. Josh knew why. Josh plunged his nose into the seat of Alfie’s tight jeans. A MASSIVE smell of poo hit Josh, he sniffed deep, savouring every second of Alfie’s cute stinky bum. Breathing in the warm stink inside Alfie’s pants. He moved away, Alfie smiled. He looked so cute and yet so naughty at the same time. Josh felt the urge to poo aswell, Alfie could see the look on Josh’s face and knew what it meant. He turned Josh over so his body was on the bed and legs over the edge, bum facing Alfie. He massaged Josh’s ass “good boy Josh. Let go. That’s it kiddo, just relax, poo your pants, relive yourself inside your jeans, good boy” Josh let go, a massive but soft log pushed into Josh’s pants, the squish as it hit the fabric made Alfie very horny. He sniffed Josh’s bum, taking in the sexy smelly stink of his “accident”. Josh knelt down in front of Alfie’s crotch, his bulge visible in front of Josh. He pulled Alfie’s cock out, it was about 6 or 7 inches long and was very wet, partly because Alfie had peed a bit. He started sucking, starting only with the head and the moving down the shaft untill he couldn’t fit anymore in his mouth. Eventually he made Alfie cum by sucking it to the tip and then slowly pushing him over climax, Alfie came so hard, it went all over Josh’s face and down his throat. He swallowed, Alfie’s cum was so good. He asked Alfie to turn around, Josh the buried his nose into Alfie’s ass smelling his still fresh mess. Alfie deliberately let out some farts to please Josh. Josh stood up. “Looks like my anus needs taming” Alfie said mischievously. Josh knew instantly what he meant………

PART 2 out soon!

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