The Accident that Started it All

i was playing video games with my friend, who i was comfortable enough to fart in front of. so i farted, then again. the third time it was wet and my friend says “sounds like you shit yourself”, i didn’t think i had so. i went to the bathroom to check. i had. one tiny log, i was trying to think of how odd it was that i didn’t feel it. my heart was racing because i was embarrassed, but also because i was so turned on. i pushed more because i knew i wasn’t finished. i farted again and with that i push out more warm poo that was softer than the log, but also i accidentally peed. i couldn’t stop the flow. now i had wetness streaked down the middle of my jeans. i panicked, snuck past my friend and ran home. that’s how it all started for me.

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  1. Wow! How old were you? Maybe you should poop your pants around him without letting him know it. You would get a thrill and you’d be suprised how easy it is to actually get away with.

  2. After reading your hot story I looked at your profile. You are one hot young stud, boy. Do you ever get around to New York State?

  3. lol I don’t know what you would expect from a site like this, Stinky66, besides anything "stinky" usually is a bit gross. That’s what most people find alluring about it, the dirtiness, the taboo.

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