The 3 p’s of being totally drunk

The 3 p’s of being smashed are puking,pissing & pooping. My b/f Chris & I got totally smashed the other night at the pub having drank the equivalent to a half case of beer each. We of course pissed our pants several times at the pub. On the way home we pissed some more & puked a couple times too. We got home & got out of our pissed clothes & into rubber panties which we promptly filled with beer piss. Then we fell asleep ( or passed out) on our rubber sheet. When we woke up in the morning we both had messed a huge load each in our rubber panties. Both of us had poop in our crotch & all over our ass too. We then belly fucked each other while smearing the poop load all over ourselves. We each blew our cum loads in our rubbers adding to the mess & piss in them. So we had the experience of the 3 p’s of getting totally drunk & losing control of our bodily functions. Anyone else out there had the same experience? Would love to hear about if you did.

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  1. I am Rob. I am 49 and I use an Aneos Progasm as a prostate toy. It took forever to master, but once I started having the full body orgasms, the post orgasm piss that happens comes on without warning and without control. One time being very embarrassing as I had gotten dressed and was in the kitchen with my FB, his son and my 2 boys when I fully wet my jockstrap and jeans. That took a lot of explaining……….
    Remedy is a diaper. Suggested to my by my physician who is also urinary incontinent. Has to do with the size, shape and placement of my prostate. The pleasurable feeling from it is it having minor spasms, and this is the loss of control. Wearing that silly undergarment, which is super co fortable, btw, allows me to use butt tous under clothes and if I pass them, they stay contained. This morning, I put it in, and diapered up and had several good orgasms and while I was pissing like mad, I pushed out my toy followed by a massive log. It was enough to make me cum again without touching my cock.
    Dr. Mentioned that something like this would feel very good if it happened. He was right. Need to get him a 6 pack.
    I ordered a big box of diapers as I plan on being in these more and more.
    On a side note, since I have been wearing diapers, if I go to a big party, I wear them with extra padding and piss at will where ever I am and not have to run to the bahroom. Would be fun going in just plastic pants sometime……

  2. I often fantisize about me and a womanl getting stoned drunk and pissing, shitting, and fucking until we both pass out. I’d love to do it sometime! You are so lucky!

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