“That walk home from school”

When i was walking home with a friend from school, we both had said that we wished we had taken a piss at school since the walk to my house is about 45 minutes to an hour. We are sixteen and seventeen years old at the time. as we started walking i saw out of the corner of my eye my friend grabbing himself constantly, trying to be subtle. as we started to head further away from school it started to get more desperate for both of us. i had my hand in my pocket holding myself while Zac was openly grabbing himself at this point. “my briefs are damp” Zac said through gritted teeth as he tried to stop himself from pissing, while at this point i was whispering under my breath “please don’t piss myself” as a couple of years earlier i had pissed myself as i had tried to finish my essay and by the time i had finished and ran down the hallway it was too late, and flooded myself in front of the toilet door. thankfully no one was home. 

Zac, now hunched over and grabbing himself, has a wet spot on his jeans, and the wet spot is growing larger, and larger and larger, while he has his hand tight around his cock. But Zac resigns to the fact that he cannot do anything and lets it all go. the piss pours out of him and there is a reasonably large puddle on the footpath. Watching Zac piss himself makes me even more desperate, and im now hunched over, with one hand in my briefs grasping my cock and the other one applying pressure on the other hand. i start leaking. the wetspot on my pants grows larger and larger. i realised i’m going to piss myself and just let go and flood myself. i was completely soaking and still had some piss in my briefs a minute after finishing. Zac and i are dumbfounded that we just did that, thankfully on a quiet street. we run to the park nearby which has large trees everywhere. “we should probably let our pants dry” Zac said, and took off his pants, revealing white jockies, which further revealed a smaller than average cock. I take mine off, revealing blue briefs and we hang our pants up. Zac laughs at the fact that i was wearing briefs on this particular day but oh well, a sharp comment about his package shut him up. 
it was a hot day and our pants were dry after a couple of hours, while in the meantime we dared each other to take our undies off, and we hung them in the trees too, so they would be dry. We later headed home and no one ever found out. but i later found out that zac said he had fun pissing himself, and secretly so did i, so we made a plan to do this more often, and next week the same thing happened. the embarrassment turned into fun

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  1. Superbe histoire, je n’ai jamais pisser quand j’étais à l’école, malheureusement …

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  3. nice story,tell us more, I often wet my self going home not by accident I loved wet panties I peed a little at a time so I would feel wet and warm around my crutch my freind next door she started me she wet her panties several times a day she used to lift her skirt and show me her wet panties and pee wee in her panties while I was watching she dared me to pee my pants so one afternoon going home together from school It was raining and we were both wearing long rubber/plastic rainmacs so she sugested that this was a good chance for me to wet my self without any body noticeing so we walked into a park area and I soacked my pants with pee it felt so nice and warm I loved the naughty secret when walking home after,we spent loads of time together that summer wetting our panties I never whent far without my favorite mac in my bag, I still love wetting my pants some times wear plastic pants over my cotton pants and still love my rainmac, often wonder what happened to my freind I hope she still wets her panties my pants are very

  4. Wow, perhaps the best detailed desperation story on here

  5. I’ve totally flooded myself several times coming home from the pub, once in the morning when I got out of bed (first nice summer day) and went biking b4 taking a leak, and just last week leaving a coffee shop and didn’t realize I was so full – raced home real fast on my bike. I’m really more prone to real dribbles and wetpatches though. Am not including ‘on-purpose’ fun accidents, of course. 🙂

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