Thanksgiving diaper mess

Family was out of town for turkey day this year. I decided to spend it alone and have some naughty fun.

Woke up the day off and had a huge breakfast consisting of 3 breakfast burritos, some chili and a big glass of prune juice. For dessert, I had two 500 mg marijuana brownies and four chocolate laxative tablets. I had also forced myself to eat an entire pizza the night before to prepare.

After I was done eating I strapped on a nice thick diaper and got myself into my feety pajamas to await the fun.

I started drinking beer and took a few shots of rum as I watched tv. Soon after I felt the buzz of the alcohol and high of the brownies kick in. My tummy began feeling grumbly and my bladder felt a strong urge as well. I also became incredibly horny, and had to prevent myself from jerking off.

After about four beers I needed to pee. As I sat on the couch I let loose. A flood of pee filled my diaper and brought a warm sensation with it. My diaper was soggy and squishy and loaded with piss.

I squished it back and forth on the couch and my dick became rock hard. I peed two more times after, leaving a squalid mess in my diaper, pajamas and on the couch unfortunately.

My diaper was so flooded that the straps almost tore off when I got up. It had swollen to at least twice it’s original size.

I got to my room and strapped on three more diapers over top of it. This made my bum big and poofy, while the inside was warm and squishy. My head was spinning from the booze and weed, but also I got a huge urge to poop.

I waddled into the bathroom with my new mega diaper on and zipped my jammies back up. The pressure on my bowels was more intense than I had ever felt before in my life.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I opened the floodgates. A massive flood of squishy poopy flooded into my diaper. I moaned as the squishy load entered my diapey.

There was so much that I felt the diaper running out of space. I pushed again and felt the stinky mess overflow in my diaper and drip down my pajam legs.

It kept going, pushing more and more poopy out. Finally it finished and I was honestly relieved by that point. It felt like I had ten pounds of gooey mud in there by that point.

Slowly I sat down on the ground. The diaper compressed and gushes of poop squirted out of the leg holes and soiled my pajamas further.

I was in heaven. Drunk, high, horny with a fully loaded diaper. I squished back and forth with my hands. Feeling the warm poopy cover everything inside.

I hopped up and down on my butt, my diaper squishing, sloshing and squirting with each impact.

Finally I lay on my chest and began humping the ground in my soiled diaper. I felt the mess squish and slide around, and within a minute I shot a hot load of sticky cum into the mix.

Another lengthy piss then filled me up even more. I just lay there for hours. Filthy, stinky and incredibly satisfied.

Eventually I got in the shower as the mess leaked from my pajamas. I shit myself again there, and peed a couple more times as I squished around in my stinky mess. Another round of humping and I busted a nut again.

Best experience ever. In fact, it was sooooo hot that I shit my pants again just now as I wrote it. I’m all stinky again, and I just came in my pants too.

Hope you enjoyed 😉

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  1. I f only you had a friend to share that with. I would have loved to be with you side by side or even hugging you as we both made a mess in our diapers. and then for the finale we jump in the shower and clean each other up. hugs buddy and your story made me nice and hard.

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