Testing something new, my dry 24/7 review

Although my favorite diaper to wear is a depends maximum protection, I recently have been trying out other brands. My latest shipment came the other day and I decided to wear a dry 24/7 to work. That morning I had showered, diapered and eaten my first meal of the day as usual, but with one extra addition. With wanting to test this thing to the max I drank some Epsom salt with orange juice and went to work. No sooner had I gotten to the office to get my paper work had I been filled either urge to mess uncontrollably. I held on, got in my car and drove to the warehouse trembling. As soon as I got out of my car the laxative took over and I messed my Diapers for what seemed like an eternity. Once I was done, the realization that this diaper was rated one of the best on the market set in. For one thing, it’s built like a tank. When you pull the diaper up between your legs it’s stiff despite the perfectly soft plastic on the outside. In fact if you open it and allow it to sit on its own, it will not lay flat until you lay on it. Once taped, it hugs your hips and legs in such a way that makes it damn near impossible to leak. After I messed to flooded my diaper to see if it would leak with all the poop nestled in my diaper. No such luck, as it filled further and absorbed every ounce it threw at it. Overall I’d give this diaper a 9/10 because the tapes some times loosen or lose their sticking power.

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  1. I am gonna have to try these since I love having Diarrhea in a diaper.

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